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Dark wood cabinets and white marble countertops in a kitchen

21 Ways to Redo Your Kitchen Cabinets

Want to spruce up or remodel your kitchen? Renovating kitchen cabinets can add personality, square footage, and resale value to your home! And no matter which decorating style you choose, bringing new life to your cabinets can make your kitchen a more inviting space for you and your guests. Check out these 21 ways to redo your kitchen cabinets!

Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets

White cabinet kitchen with hardwood floors. Photo by Instagram user @reborncabinets

Photo via @reborncabinets

Looking for a great eco-friendly project for your kitchen renovations? Consider a refresh over a major remodel and reface your kitchen cabinets instead! Opting to redo everything from cabinet paint color or stain, hardware, and cabinet accessories can help give your kitchen a facelift at a fraction of a price of a full remodel, and adds more value to your home! Structurally sound cabinets just need a light coat of paint or cabinet door upgrade to give new life to any dull kitchen.

Consider Fresh Cabinet Stain

If you’re a fan of wooden kitchen cabinets and just want to update the stain, opt to refinish your cabinets. While staining kitchen cabinets may seem like a big job, learning how to DIY stain wood can be a straightforward process! If you already have stained cabinets, you can simply update the original finish, or you can select a completely new color to breathe new life into your space! Stain colors can also drastically change the feeling of your room, from anything like small and cozy to light and airy!

Add a Pop of Color

Simply updating or changing your kitchen cabinet paint color can take your space from drab to fab. Choosing to repaint kitchen cabinets rather than replace them completely is both time and cost-effective, so you can get a new-to-you kitchen sooner! Popular color choices for modern kitchens include calm colors like white, grey, and blue, energetic colors like yellow and orange, as well as jewel tones like navy and plum.

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Mix & Match Two-Toned Colors

White upper cabinets and blue lower cabinets. Photo by Instagram user @512lifestyle

Photo via @512lifestyle

Can’t decide between two cabinet colors or wood grains? Add contrast to your kitchen with two-toned cabinets! This trendy kitchen cabinet design helps create visual interest and makes a small space look larger without requiring you to completely replace your cabinets. You can even mix and match paint colors with your refinished cabinets to create an even more distinct tone definition. Since two-toned kitchens are currently a popular trend, they can increase the resale value of your kitchen.

Try Updating Cabinet Hardware

For an easy DIY kitchen cabinet upgrade, switch out your old hardware for newer pieces! Installing cabinet hardware can add contrast to a room or pull your new look together. There are a variety of hardware options to choose from, including pulls and knobs. For a space-saving kitchen solution, remove cabinet hardware to make the area look less cluttered.When choosing kitchen cabinet hardware, make sure to choose a finish that compliments your kitchen’s overall look and fits within your budget!

Make the Most of Your Cabinet Doors

Blue cabinet with internal spice racks. Photo by Instagram user @life_kitchens

Photo via @life_kitchens

Need space for a spice rack or a place to store lids and other miscellaneous kitchen items? Redo your kitchen cabinets with these needs in mind! Hang bars, pegs, or shelves on the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors to create additional storage space. This cabinet door update is perfect for keeping small or oddly-shaped items organized and easily accessible when you need them.

Try Open Shelving

Display your favorite china, plants, decor, or simply make your plates and cups more accessible in your kitchen with open shelving! This is a great farmhouse design idea for your kitchen because removing all or some of your cabinet doors can achieve a spacious and airy feel in your kitchen. Leaving a few of your cabinet doors attached will give you a transitional kitchen feel with a mix of modern and traditional touches!

Or Replace Doors with Glass Panes

Show off your fine china or everyday dinnerware by including glass panes in your kitchen cabinet remodel. Glass cabinet doors are great for reflecting light—which can open up a small or dark kitchen—making this a common minimalist kitchen design idea. Glass cabinets also help create the feeling of a modern, open-concept kitchen, which is an incredibly popular home feature many homebuyers are looking for. If you’re looking for a cost-effective kitchen cabinet idea, a DIY glass cabinet door installation is a low-cost project that increases the value and appeal of your home!

Don’t Pass Up Chicken Wire

Neutral toned kitchen with chicken wire cabinets. Photo by Instagram user @twilliamsphoto

Photo via @twilliamsphoto

If you’re looking for an original, DIY-friendly cabinet door makeover idea, chicken wire cabinets may be perfect for your place. Perfect for rustic or farmhouse-style homes, chicken wire inserts can open up your kitchen while adding texture and contrast to your space. After adding chicken wire to your cabinets, you can attach burlap behind it, or paint the chicken wire for additional visual interest.

Feature Pegboard

Pegboard cabinets in a cabinet. Photo by Instagram user @andshufl

Photo via @andshufl

Interested in a unique and useful cabinet door design, or replacing cabinets altogether? Install pegboard cabinet doors or use pegboard in the place of cabinets! By replacing your cabinet doors with pegboards, you’ll create a one-of-a-kind cabinet remodel that will give you space to hang objects and create an eye-catching setup. Or you can save space by simply using pegboard as open storage, which leaves your kitchen with more room for activities while storing a variety of items within arm’s reach.

Finish with Beadboard

Want your kitchen cabinets to have a simple, farmhouse vibe? Consider adding beadboard! This decorative paneling is great for protecting cabinetry and can be self-installed. Additionally, beadboard for kitchen cabinets comes in a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and vinyl, and can be bought or painted in a variety of colors.

Extend Your Cabinets Vertically

White cabinets with upper-cabinet displays. Photo by Instagram user @thecabinetchic

Photo via @thecabinetchic

The space above kitchen cabinets often goes unused or becomes cluttered and unattractive. Installing stacked cabinets can add storage above kitchen cabinets and is a feng shui kitchen design that makes the room seem larger, calmer, and more balanced. Using the entirety of your wall space can give your kitchen a finished look and provide additional display areas for decor. Plus, redoing kitchen cabinets this way can give you additional opportunities to try out different color and stain options!

Utilize Toe-Kick Drawers

Kitchen with toe-kick drawers out. Photo by Instagram user @nancyfromdc

Photo via @nancyfromdc

When you redo your kitchen cabinets, consider switching out your baseboards for toe-kick drawers, which will give you additional storage for flat objects like cutting boards and sheet pans. These drawers can be disguised to match any kitchen trim, so they will blend in with your woodwork and provide hidden storage.

Install Pull-Out Drawers & Shelves

If you’re looking to add convenience during your kitchen cabinet remodel, add shelves and pull-out drawers for cabinets. These are ideal for base cabinets because they organize pots, pans, and other bulky cookware, which makes them easier to access and store while helping you declutter your kitchen! To make your kitchen even more accessible, consider installing a blind corner cabinet organizer in hard-to-reach corners.

Decorate with Trim & Molding

Gray cabinets in a dark, moody kitchen. Photo by Instagram user @paullmcraig

Photo via @paullmcraig

Wondering how you can add style to your space when remodeling kitchen cabinets? Try adding trim or crown molding on cabinets to easily elevate your kitchen design! Install cabinet trim to add depth and charm, or line the tops of your cupboards with cabinet molding to give your kitchen a polished look. Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match the color of your trim or molding with your cabinets for a more colorful kitchen!

Add Corbels for Style

Wooden corbel adorning island. Photo by Instagram user @cabinetsellerz

Photo via @cabinetsellerz

If you’re redoing kitchen cabinets and need to add support as well as flair to a French, French Country, or Traditional-style space, corbels are a fantastic design option. Plus, adding kitchen corbels is a quick, affordable DIY project, since they just need to be stained or painted and attached to a wall or lower cabinet. For a striking kitchen design, add corbels to open-shelf cabinets to spotlight the design and flourish of the corbel.

Adorn Your Cabinets with Feet

If your cabinets are built-ins, adding feet to your kitchen cabinets will create a freestanding look without a total remodel. Different foot styles are common with different design trends, so you can tailor this kitchen cabinet upgrade to the specific style you’re looking for. Try bun feet and turned legs for a classic kitchen design. Elevate your base cabinets with tapered feet for Modern kitchens, or keep your design Contemporary and install metal feet on your cabinets. Plus, doing it yourself only takes a few steps!

Spruce Up the Cabinet Interior

Interior view of cabinet that has been spruced up with dark wallpaper. Photo by Instagram user @hartley_built

Photo via @hartley_built

Using removable wallpaper, contact paper, or waterproof drawer and cabinet liners is an easy way to protect shelves from wear and tear while also adding personality to a space. This DIY cabinet refresh idea is perfect for those looking for an affordable upgrade—and it’s renter-friendly! Provide a clean look in your cabinets by attaching solid-colored contact paper. Or add flare with patterned backgrounds within solid-colored cabinets.

Consider Adding Wine Shelving

Blue and pink cabinets with white countertops. Photo by Instagram user @catrin.stuart

Photo via @catrin.stuart

Make space for a wine collection in your kitchen with a wine rack or wine cabinet when remodeling, so you can keep your wine stored nearby and in easy reach for your next party or relaxing night in. You can even DIY custom wine storage by upcycling materials like an unused wooden pallet, or transition a bookshelf into a wine rack to fit any home design!

Install Cabinet Lighting

White and bright kitchen with under-cabinet lighting. Photo by Instagram user @wilsonlighting

Photo via @wilsonlighting

Redoing kitchen cabinets with under lighting will make preparing food, washing dishes, reading recipes, or seeing inside cabinets easier. Bring more light into your space and brighten up your kitchen by upgrading to under-cabinet lights or interior cabinet lighting. If your space isn’t wired for additional lighting, don’t worry! There are both simple, affordable solutions and more complex DIY ways to brighten your space, like installing under-cabinet LED strip lighting or purchasing battery-powered dome lights.

Have a Professional Replace Them

If quick fixes and DIY projects don’t offer what you want when redoing your kitchen cabinets, or if you’re interested in an entire kitchen remodel with countertops, appliances, cabinetry, and flooring, hiring a professional to replace your cabinets is also an option. While this may be more expensive, professional cabinetry companies have a variety of cabinet accessories and storage options, as well as cupboard paint and stain choices.


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