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Colorful Modern Kitchen with Bright Walls and Cabinets

Colorful Home Inspiration: 27 Fun Ways to Add Color to Your Home

Want your home to be more colorful? Adding some color to your interior design is a great way to give your home a fresh, new look. From cool wall color ideas to decorating with colorful decor, here are 27 colorful home design inspiration ideas!

Try a New Color Scheme

Living Space with Bright Pink Walls and Couch and Accent Rug. Photo by Instagram user @dazeyden

Photo via @dazeyden

One of the easiest ways to add some color in your home is by painting the walls and picking out home decor in a new color scheme! If you’re looking for a palette to work with, you can use color palette generators or even just choose your own color palette based on the color wheel!

Go for Jewel Tones

Living Room with Lots of Jewel Tones in the Room. Photo by Instagram user @deco.dwelling

Photo via @deco.dwelling

Popular in Bohemian-style decorating, jewel tones are a great way to include rich, deep tones in your home. To achieve a jewel-toned look with your interior design, think about adding in deep blues, dark purples, emerald greens, or burnt oranges to give your space a pop of color.

Use Pastel Colors

If you want your home to have tons of color plus an airy feel, play around with pastels! Try using a mix of paint hues with lighter-toned furniture to achieve a dreamy, light look. Pastels are also a good idea if you’re wanting to ease into a colorful home or go for more of a cottagecore aesthetic!

Mix Patterns

Take some inspiration from design trends like maximalism and use several patterns for extra color! Don’t be afraid to get creative with contrasting patterns to give your space a more dynamic look. Curtains, pillows, rugs, bedding, and wall art are easy starting points for adding unique patterns to a room.

Give Mural Painting a Try

Office Space with Bright Mural on the Wall. Photo by Instagram user @___duundich__

Photo via @___duundich__

Thinking about experimenting with paint colors? One way to make a colorful statement is by painting a mural on the wall! You can go for solid bright colors to contrast with neutrals, or get creative with a vibrant pattern. Either way, be sure you choose a design that best fits the mood of your room.

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Put Color on the Ceiling

Adding color to your ceiling is another way to help set the mood of a room. If you want to add drama and depth, try a darker color like hunter green or navy blue. Or if you’re hoping to achieve a more open and energetic space, use a lighter shade like a pastel pink or orange!

Choose a Vibrant Wallpaper

Bathroom with Vibrant, Colorful Wallpaper on Back Wall. Photo by Instagram user @nicolelbdesign

Photo via @nicolelbdesign

Make a statement in your home with eclectic wallpaper! This is a simple way to incorporate several colors at once. Depending on what kind of look you’re trying to achieve, you can search for patterns with small motifs or go for a larger design. Using wallpaper is a great way to refresh a room with new home design trends as well!

Refresh Your Doors

Bathroom Door Painted Pink with Dark Green Walls. Photo by Instagram user @nia_does_diy

Photo via @nia_does_diy

Spruce up the doors in your home by painting them! Want the space to give off happy vibes? Paint with a sunny yellow or bright orange. Trying to achieve a boho look? Try a dusty pink or sage green. Or maybe you’re going for a more traditional look? A bold red is always in style!

Paint the Molding

Living Room with Fully Painted Walls, Including the Moulding. Photo by Instagram user @flawsomehome

Photo via @flawsomehome

Baseboards, door frames, wall trim, and other moldings are often overlooked when it comes to adding color, but they’re great spots where you can give your home some life! If you’re going full-speed with color, think about painting your molding the same color as your walls and doors for a saturated look. Or use contrasting hues to give the area small bursts of color.

Think About Your Flooring

Don’t forget your flooring when looking for ways to make your home more colorful! There are many different routes you can take, like anchoring the space with a solid color or painting a tile-like design on your floor. If you want something completely new, you can install a bold-colored carpet or patterned linoleum.

Add Striking Tile

Updated Kitchen with Blue Tile Backsplash. Photo by Instagram user @mango_manor

Photo via @mango_manor

Tile can be used in many areas of your home, including kitchen backsplashes, bathroom floors, and showers. There are several types of tile, shapes, and plenty of patterns you can lay out to provide some pops of color. Try a colorful subway tile or maybe even a Moroccan mosaic tile!

Include Colorful Seating

Upgrade the seating in your home with colorful couches and chairs! Once you’ve chosen a color scheme, try to find furniture that matches it. You can even reupholster furniture you already have as an easy DIY project! Some trendy color ideas to help you get started are mustard yellow, hot pink, and turquoise!

Customize Your Furniture

Feel like testing out your DIY skills? Paint a piece of furniture in your home to give it a customized look. You can go for a solid bright color, or play around with geometric shapes and ombre dipped effects. No matter how you decide to paint your furniture, it’s sure to give it some new life in a colorful way!

Get Colorful Appliances

Keep the color going in the kitchen with your appliances! You can swap out your plain refrigerator or stove for something with a brighter or patterned exterior to make a big difference. Or add in subtle splashes of color with smaller appliances like a colorful toaster or coffeemaker!

Redo Your Kitchen Cabinets

Give your kitchen a refresh by painting your kitchen cabinets a new color. Brighten up your space with a sunny yellow or sage green. Or go for a more dramatic look with navy or deep purple. You could even try a two-toned look if you’re having trouble choosing just one color!

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Display Your Kitchenware

If you have colorful glassware or kitchen appliances, show them off! This is an easy way to add bursts of color with items you already own. You can display your kitchenware on shelving and countertops, or remove the cabinet doors for an open-faced kitchen!

Pick Out Bright Bedding

Kids Bedroom Painted White with Rainbow Colors on the Wall. Photo by Instagram user @rowans_rainbow

Photo via @rowans_rainbow

Bedrooms are a good spot to incorporate a fresh burst of color! You can keep it simple with a solid-colored comforter or go bold with a rainbow or floral print. You can also keep things cohesive by choosing something that matches your bedroom paint colors!

Transform the Staircase

Want to try something out of the ordinary? Paint your staircase! Opt for a monochromatic look with different shades of the same color, alternating the colors of the rainbow, or painting a custom design! If you want to experiment with something less permanent, apply contact paper for a tile-like look!

Hang Vibrant Wall Art

Wall art is a perfect colorful home decorating idea that can easily give your home more personality! Whether it’s a music poster, custom print, framed photograph, or a mixture of art on a gallery wall, aim to curate colorful pieces that match the rest of your home’s color scheme!

Dress Up Windows

Kitchenette Space with Bright Wallpaper, Black and White Flooring, and Bright Seating. Photo by Instagram user @pmqfortwo

Photo via @pmqfortwo

Drapes and shades are a quick way to add a touch of character in your house. Reds and oranges can help energize a space and give it a modern look, while blue tones are often used for more calming and relaxing areas. If you don’t want a solid color, curtains with printed patterns or tie-dye sheer curtains are good alternatives!

Lay Down an Area Rug

White Room with Yellow Accents and Bright Area Rug. Photo by Instagram user @theretroflat

Photo via @theretroflat

Area rugs are an easy way to anchor spaces while including some color. The options for rugs are endless—you can choose anything from a simple, solid shade to a fun, bold print. To tie everything in your room together, consider picking a rug that features an accent color to your main color scheme. And don’t be afraid to choose mismatched patterns for rugs to give your home a more eccentric feel!

Use Colorful Throw Pillows

Whether your living room sofa is currently neutral or colorful, you can make it stand out more with fun throw pillows. Use a mix of cushions that have different tones, textures, and patterns to give your space a truly unique feel that matches your personal style!

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Install a Neon Sign

A neon sign is a fun addition to any room of your home! Not only do they add some color and brightness, but you can include a personal message or fun images on the signage to set the mood of a space. Once you install your neon sign, it’ll become a centerpiece that guests will be sure to talk about!

Add Some Lamps

One decor item that will brighten up any room is a colorful lamp! Whether you purchase bold color or patterned lamps, or you repurpose an old lampshade by painting it with a fresh color, lamps are a great way to add a pop of color to any space!

Put Books on Display

Books often have colorful spines and covers, making them perfect for decorating! Display your favorites on a bookshelf and group them together by color for a rainbow look. Even a few books stacked on a coffee table is an excellent way to add in a little splash of color!

Brighten Your Space with Flowers

Not sure how to add color to your home? Fresh flowers are the way to go! Put your house in full bloom with your favorite plants—you can even use colorful pots to make the flowers stand out even more! Tulips, hydrangeas, and roses are just a few types of flowers you can use to get started.

Add Some Color Outside

Outdoor Space Set Up with Lots of Vibrant Colors. Photo by instagram user @sare_xo_home

Photo via @sare_xo_home

Looking to give your outdoor space a makeover? Whether it’s a seating area in your yard, a patio, or a deck, you can give these areas some color, too! Use a mix of items such as bright outdoor seating and pillows, as well as a flashy rug and a variety of vibrant plants.


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