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Kitchen Organization: 20 Hidden Storage Ideas

Want to add extra kitchen storage that’s hidden in plain sight? Even small kitchens can have major storage potential with the right home design and organization solutions. Maximize your space with these 20 hidden kitchen storage tips!

Add a Toe-Kick Drawer

Kitchen with toe kick drawer added below cabinets. Photo by Instagram user @stewartscarpentryllc
Photo via @stewartscarpentryllc

Create more storage in the space between cabinets and the floor by installing a toe-kick drawer. This secret storage space is easy to access and blends seamlessly into baseboards. From storing wine bottles to serving trays and beyond, toe-kick drawers can hold tons of flat kitchen equipment that won’t fit elsewhere!

Go with a Tip-Out Tray

Countertop stove with tip out tray in front. Photo by Instagram user @jlcustomfinishes
Photo via @jlcustomfinishes

Like toe-kick drawers, tip-out trays make great hidden storage compartments! Making a tip-out tray is one of the easiest kitchen remodeling projects—simply turn the panel under your sink into a space-saving storage nook for sponges, dish soap, and rags.

Install a Pull-Out Cutting Board

pull out cutting board with hole for garbage. Photo by Instagram user @soorganizedsolutions
Photo via @soorganizedsolutions

Pull-out cutting boards are a practical storage solution for any kitchen. They free up cabinet space, make meal prep more convenient, and are easy to clean with materials like bamboo or plastic. You can also go the extra mile by adding a pull-out trash can beneath your pull-out cutting board for faster cleanup!


Reclaim Space with Rollout Drawers

Kitchen with large cabinet with pull out drawers. Photo by Instagram user @shoreandcountrykitchens
Photo via @shoreandcountrykitchens

Keep larger cookware and small appliances organized and out of sight by building rollout drawers into your cabinets. Instead of stacking cooking pots and pans on top of one another, use this small kitchen design tip to organize bulky cooking and baking equipment more effectively!

Keep Cooking Utensils Out of View

Pull out drawer with deep utensil holders next to oven. Photo by Instagram user @clutterbyeorganizer
Photo via @clutterbyeorganizer

Take advantage of the space next to your oven by installing a hidden drawer where you can store kitchen utensils like spoons, whisks, and spatulas! Building racks, hanging storage, and bins into these pull-out cabinets can also help keep your utensils organized and ready to use.

Make Use of Double Drawers

Kitchen drawer with double sliding drawer for utensils. Photo by Instagram user @benchmarkkitchenandbath
Photo via @benchmarkkitchenandbath

Use hidden drawers within your drawers to double up your kitchen storage! This secret storage idea is great for holding cutlery and other small kitchen items like cheese knives, lobster picks, and corn holders.

Utilize a Blind Corner Space

Hidden blind corner shelf in kitchen. Photo by Instagram user @revashelf
Photo via @revashelf

Optimize your kitchen’s storage capacity by transforming seemingly unusable corner space into a blind corner cabinet! You can make good use of this kitchen storage space with tiered shelves or a built-in Lazy Susan to hold hard-to-store items like mixing bowls and baking dishes.

Add Oversized Corner Drawers

Oversized corner drawers in kitchen. Photo by Instagram user @designcraftcabinetry
Photo via @designcraftcabinetry

Another way to add hidden storage to your kitchen’s corners is by installing corner drawers in corner cabinets! Use these drawers to store dry ingredients, baking supplies, or even a secret snack stash!

Hide Shelves Behind a Backsplash

Hidden spice cabinet behind backsplash. Photo by Instagram user @theredlobby
Photo via @theredlobby

Not a fan of open shelving? Opt for a more subtle solution—install hidden kitchen cabinets behind a fake backsplash! You can use this space to store spices near your stovetop or for hiding mugs near a coffeemaker. This secret storage space can also work well as a hidden liquor or wine cabinet!


Create a Pull-Out Pantry

Hidden pull out pantry next to the fridge. Photo by Instagram user @accountablepropertymanagement
Photo via @accountablepropertymanagement

Fill the empty space next to your fridge or stove with another hidden storage compartment: a pull-out pantry! Dry goods, canned food, cereal, and other such items can take up a lot of your kitchen’s storage space, so condense your pantry into a single pull-out shelf to free up room in your kitchen.

Use a Sliding Rack for Pots & Pans

Sliding cabinet designed to have pots and pans hanging. Photo by Instagram user @payne.payne.renovations
Photo via @payne.payne.renovations

Fit one of your cabinets with a pull-out rack to hang pots and pans! Much like a wall-mounted rack, sliding pan racks keep your kitchenware neatly organized, and they’re designed to slide seamlessly in and out of your cabinet, making it easier to reach items!

Conceal a Paper Towel Roll

Hidden paper towel holder next to sink. Photo by Instagram user @lusobuiltusa
Photo via @lusobuiltusa

Ditch the traditional paper towel holder, and store the roll horizontally in a recessed space built into a lower cabinet or kitchen island instead! This convenient space-saving trick will help keep your counters clear without putting your paper towels out of reach.

Mount a Retractable Cookbook Stand

Hidden wire basket for holding cookbooks. Photo by Instagram user @_getkeepers
Photo via @_getkeepers

Enjoy hands-free recipe reading with the help of a retractable cookbook stand beneath one of your cabinets! This hidden kitchen storage feature can be used to hold tablets and phones for digital recipe reading, too!

Ditch the Knife Block for a Drawer

Knife drawer created instead of using a knife block. Photo by Instagram user @sandiegocustomcabinets
Photo via @sandiegocustomcabinets

Every bit of counter space counts, so get rid of that bulky knife block for one that’s built into a drawer! Stashing your knives in this convenient hidden storage spot makes meal prep easy and keeps your surfaces clear.

Swap Your Spice Rack for a Spice Drawer

Spice rack installed in a spice drawer. Photo by Instagram user @chelseagthomas
Photo via @chelseagthomas

Countertop and wall-mounted spice racks take up valuable kitchen storage space. Try switching to a spice drawer instead! Just lay the containers flat in a divided drawer for attractive and accessible spice storage.

Keep Appliances in a Built-in Garage

Built-in garage for kitchen appliances. Photo by Instagram user @chelseyhome
Photo via @chelseyhome

Constantly moving appliances like coffeemakers and toasters in and out of cabinets is a hassle. Install an appliance garage to keep these kitchen tools hidden away in a secret storage space until you’re ready to use them!

Utilize Kitchen Island Space

Large cabinets installed beneath a large kitchen island. Photo by Instagram user @heronwoodcustomcabinetryinc
Photo via @heronwoodcustomcabinetryinc

Islands add a lot of kitchen storage space, so be sure to take advantage! Build hidden storage spaces into every side of your kitchen island for storing odds and ends like pitchers, platters, plates, and more!


Add a Hidden Trash Cabinet

Garbage cans added into sliding drawer in kitchen island. Photo by Instagram user @hammonshaven
Photo via @hammonshaven

Visible trash and clutter bring a negative energy to your kitchen. Make your kitchen look and feel cleaner by keeping your trash and recycling bins hidden in a cabinet that tilts or pulls out for easy access!

Use a Pop-Out Pet Bowl Drawer

Pet bowls added into laundry room toe kick drawers. Photo by Instagram user @oberholtzer_cabinetry
Photo via @oberholtzer_cabinetry

The key to decluttering your home is finding a place for everything, and your pet’s food and water dishes are no exception. Instead of leaving pet food bowls out on the floor in your kitchen, stash them in hidden drawer that pops or pulls out!

Charge Electronics Out of Sight

Technology drawer with power supply built in for hidden charging station. Photo by Instagram user @kitchens_chelsealumber
Photo via @kitchens_chelsealumber

Keep your phone from dying while you’re in the middle of reading a recipe with this simple hidden kitchen storage idea! Install a charging drawer with built-in outlets and USB ports to charge phones, tablets, and small kitchen appliances without cluttering your countertops!

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