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Bed with gray bedding and twinkle lights around it.

How to Decorate a Tiny House: 19 Creative Design & Decor Ideas

Searching for design inspiration for your tiny house interior? Small space living means you’ll need to find creative ways to do more with less. Below, we share 19 tiny home design and decorating ideas that you can use!

Use Steps for Storage

Clothes in under stairs storage cabinets. Photo by Instagram user @tinyhousekusku

Photo via @tinyhousekusku

An incredibly popular tiny house living storage idea is to use the space under the stairs. Build open cubbies and store decorative items, books, hats, and more. Or add doors to discreetly tuck away shoes, clothes, and other everyday items.

Decorate with Plants

Plants are a much-needed staple of tiny home decor! Hang greenery from the ceiling, mount plants on the wall, or place succulents in otherwise unused areas to add pops of color and keep the air fresh. This is also a great way to start an indoor herb garden!

Embrace Neutral Colors

There’s a reason why light paint colors are so popular in tiny home interiors. Neutrals like whites, grays, and beiges help rooms feel airier and larger than they actually are because they reflect light well. While bold colors or wallpaper might be your design taste, use these with caution, as overly bold designs can make your home feel cramped or cluttered.

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Opt for Natural Accents

For some people, environmental sustainability is what draws them toward tiny home living. If that’s the case for you, try to use as many reclaimed or refurbished items as possible. From treating and staining salvaged wood for countertops, flooring, and stools to adding textures to walls with shiplap, look for creative ways to reduce and reuse building materials!

Include Small Patterns & Pops of Color

A key tiny house decorating idea is to mix it up. Although you don’t want to have too many competing patterns and colors, don’t miss an opportunity to show off your personal style. A fun backsplash in the kitchen, a bright accent wall in the living room, or unexpected tile in the shower are all ways to get experimental with design without going overboard.

Rethink Your Bookshelf

Just because you’re downsizing your living space doesn’t mean you have to give up all of your beloved possessions! Your bookshelf might need to shrink some, but you don’t need to give away your favorite reads. Display your books on a floating shelf, or create a DIY bookshelf that can fit in otherwise unusable spots in your tiny house.

Install French Doors

White french doors showing outside. Photo by Instagram user @tinyheirloom

Photo via @tinyheirloom

Because natural light is one of the easiest ways to expand small spaces, installing French doors is a tiny house interior design tip that’s sure to open up any layout. Whether your decor is rustic chic or minimalist, there are double doors to match any decorating style, if you’re willing to shop around!

Utilize Runners

Make your tiny home feel longer with a rug. This clever house design trick amplifies your space by keeping the eye moving. Connect your kitchen and living room with a runner. Or use a long rug in the entryway to usher guests in. Smaller rugs can also be added anywhere to boost coziness!

Add Skylights

Shed even more light on your stunning tiny house decor by installing skylights! This is one simple way to bring the outdoors in and increase natural light during the day. Not to mention, skylights will give you incredible views of the starry night skies!

Make the Most of Vertical Space

Tiny home kitchen with black walls and plant decor. Photo by Instagram user @thatgrackle

Photo via @thatgrackle

If you’ve run out of square footage to expand horizontally, look up! Tiny house decorating requires you to get creative, and one way to think outside of the box is with your walls. Maximize vertical space and get more storage by installing floating shelves, hideaway tables, and wall desks. You can also hang photos, plants, and other decor above eye level.

Include Ladders

Tiny home with white walls, black door, and lofted bedroom. Photo by Instagram user @nicolettenotes

Photo via @nicolettenotes

An excellent tiny house interior idea is to install ladders instead of steps! This is especially popular in extremely small homes where stairs would take up too much space. Not only do ladders give you access to a loft or storage space, but they can add a touch of rustic or industrial style as well.

Consider Sliding Doors

Want to create distinct rooms, but don’t want to use up all your space? Try sliding doors! Pocket doors and rolling barn doors don’t take up a ton of square footage, and they add some style to your home. This tiny house decorating idea is a perfect way to enclose a bathroom or bedroom.

Get Funky with Lighting

Furnishing a tiny home can be tricky, as you don’t want to overwhelm the space. Fortunately, lighting is the one place where you can go all out since lights won’t take up too much room! Hang a chandelier in your bedroom, install Edison bulbs in your bedroom, or make your tiny home living room stand out with a Mid-Century Modern lamp.

Build a Mesh Loft

Living in a tiny home with kids? If you’re worried about them not having enough room to roam, consider transforming some available vertical space into a playroom with a mesh loft, which can also double as fun spot for nap time or reading!

Opt for Bunk Beds

Another fun idea for families living the tiny life is to test out bunk beds! Not only does this tiny home bed idea maximize sleeping areas, but it also can be a playful way to add themed sleeping spots for children. And why stop at two? If you have a lot of vertical space, you can even triple up on beds!

Loft Your Bed

A tried-and-true tiny house layout is to loft your bed. While you may not have space for a separate bedroom, lofting your bed allows you to create some separation between your living and sleeping areas. If you value privacy and want to keep guests out of your bedroom, consider this type of floor plan.

Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture

Tiny home with white walls and wicker coffee table. Photo by Instagram user @shelbyadrift

Photo via @shelbyadrift

Good tiny house furniture should do double duty with both form and function. Fortunately, there are tons of cool space-saving furniture ideas you can test out! Look for a trendy coffee table that doubles as an ottoman, couches that fold into beds, hideaway desks, and more!

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Invest in Miniature Appliances

Tiny home kitchen with white cabinets and light blue fridge. Photo by Instagram user @shelbyadrift

Photo via @shelbyadrift

If you’re trying to live small, your appliances should also take up less square footage. Opting for compact refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, and coffeemakers are tiny home kitchen ideas that save space and money! Combined washer-dryers are another awesome way to keep hefty appliances from cutting into living and storage areas.

Invite the Outdoors In

Tiny home porch with giant glass doors. Photo by Instagram user @cargo_home

Photo via @cargo_home

Remember that the outdoors are your playground! Some of the top design ideas for tiny homes are those that maximize your outdoor living spaces. Adding a large deck, installing windows that open outwardly, and decorating with plants are all unique ways to enjoy nature at home.


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Pinterest Graphic: Tiny House Decor: 19 Interior Ideas & Design Tips

Pinterest Graphic: Tiny House Decor: 19 Interior Ideas & Design Tips
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