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Small yard with multiple textures of rock and mulch with small shrubs throughout.

14 Ways to Landscape a Small Yard

Have a tiny yard? Just because you don’t have a lot of space doesn’t mean you can’t design an amazing landscape! Check out these 14 landscaping ideas for small yards to get started!

Use Potted Plants

Small potted plants placed throughout landscaping.

Photo via @krissehelsinki

If you want to add more plants to your small yard but don’t have the space for intricate landscaping, use potted plants instead! You can place them along the side of your home, a fence, a walkway, or even hang them. Experiment with different kinds of plants and pot sizes to make the space your own.

Go Vertical with Plants

When landscaping a small yard, it’s important to take advantage of vertical space. Planting flowers and other greenery on the fence can open up the ground area and leave room for seating or other backyard features. Plus, vertical planters make for a fun DIY project!

Plant Some Trees

If you think there’s not enough space in your yard to plant trees, think again! Trees can be great for small yard landscaping, especially ornamental or dwarf species of trees. Try a Prairifire Crabapple or Royal Star Magnolia to add a beautiful accent to your backyard’s landscape!

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Keep It Low-Maintenance with Turf

Having a low-maintenance yard is extremely convenient and can even help you improve your home’s value! One way to ensure that your landscape will require minimal care is by using artificial turf in your yard rather than grass. Artificial turf provides you with a modern green space without the hassle of having to keep your lawn cut, watered, and fertilized every year. Better yet, pets can’t ruin it!

Skip the Grass Altogether

Do you live in a region that doesn’t get a lot of rain? When looking at small landscaping ideas, consider xeriscaping so you can avoid having to maintain a grass yard! Replacing grass with concrete, wood, or stone will keep your landscape looking sleek and makes upkeep easier. And there are plenty of ways you can still add pops of greenery, such as succulent gardens, hedges, and potted plants!

Incorporate a Variety of Textures

Multiple textures of mulch and rock placed in small yard.

Photo via @brodyplants

Using different textures in small yard landscaping is a genius idea! Not only does it create visual depth, which can help make your small yard seem bigger, but it also allows you to play with a wide range of landscape styles throughout your yard. Mix and match grass, gravel, mulch, and other greenery to break up the space and create a unique outdoor space!

Take Advantage of the Side Yard

One commonly overlooked space in small yard landscaping is the side yard. But just because it’s not as visible as your front yard or backyard doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Planting flowers along the side of your house, edging existing plants, or creating a pathway are all great ideas for landscaping your side yard!

Lay Down a Stone Path

Looking for ideas for landscaping your small yard? Think about building a stone path! Pathways and walkways are stunning, and you can use them to highlight some of your favorite elements in your landscape. Not only that, but stone surfaces are often anti-slip, making it safer to walk about the yard.

Edge Around Plants

Keep your yard looking good with edging! This is a great idea for landscaping a small yard because it helps keep lines crisp and tidy. Of course, a clean-looking yard isn’t the only reason to include edging. It can also help prevent weeds and other overgrowth from cluttering up your outdoor space!

Install a Small Patio

Small patio installed into the backyard.

Photo via @alliancegator

If you want a small landscape that’s easy to care for, consider installing a patio that takes up most of your yard space. Whether you choose a simple paver patio with concrete or a block pattern patio using stone or bricks, you can create a DIY small patio that allows you to enjoy your yard!

Try a Sunken Patio

Sunken patio added to small backyard with gray furniture.

Photo via @phillipsgarden

Thinking a traditional patio isn’t your best bet for landscaping a small yard? Go for a sunken patio instead! A sunken patio can create visual depth in your overall landscape design, helping your yard to feel larger than it is. In addition, you can add plants and shrubs around it to give it a more private feel!

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Build a Fire Pit

Want a simple way to add flair to your small. yard? Incorporate a small fire pit! This landscape element adds a source of light and warmth to your backyard space and can typically be used year-round. Not to mention, fire pits can be customized to your landscape and unique outdoor living space needs!

Add a Water Feature

You don’t need a huge yard to add a water feature into your landscape design! The best part about a water feature—whether it’s a wall fountain, waterfall, or even a small pond—is that you can build them in your front, side, or backyard as big (or as small) as you need!

Opt for a Plunge Pool

You might think having a small yard means you can enjoy the luxury of a backyard pool. But that’s not true! Plunge pools are small, rectangular landscape features that won’t overtake your whole yard, which means they can easily be incorporated with an existing patio, deck, or outdoor living space!

Want even more ideas for upgrading your small yard? These cheap backyard makeover ideas and small outdoor living space tips can help you turn your landscape into a place you’ll never want to leave!


Landscaping: 14 Ideas for Small Yards