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Woman Reading a Book in a Hammock in Her Home

19 Ideas for Designing a Reading Nook at Home

Designing a reading nook at home? Once you’ve found a quiet spot that’s free from distractions where you can set up your reading area, you’ll want to decorate it so that it inspires you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your books. Below, we’ve shared 19 reading nook design ideas that can help you create your perfect space!

Embrace Minimalism

Minimalist Reading Nook with Neutral Colors. Photo by Instagram user @breycollective

Photo via @breycollective

You want to be able to focus in your reading area, which means the fewer distracting elements, the better. When designing this space, consider adopting a minimalist decorating mindset of “less is more.” This doesn’t mean you need to completely abandon personality or pops of color in your nook—just that you should consciously think about what furniture, decor, and styling you want in your space.

Include a Pop of Color

Sun Room with Books Set Up By color and Two Green Chairs. Photo by Instagram user @melissau

Photo via @melissau

Even if the walls in your reading room are neutral, you can use furniture and other home decor accents to brighten up the space! Incorporate colorful chairs, rugs, blankets, pillows, or end tables in your nook. Get creative with bold pieces of wall art. Or arrange your books so that your library can be your pop of color!

Create Division with Paint

Setting up your reading nook in a small corner or closet that’s part of an existing room in your home? Paint the walls of your nook a different color than the rest of the room to make it feel like a unique space! Consider using bold colors on an accent wall like navy, olive, or orange—or if the rest of your room already has a bold color, go the opposite way by painting a neutral gray, beige, or white!

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Add Good Lighting

Clean Reading Nook with Comfy Chair and Overhead Lamp Set Up. Photo by Instagram user @theplyhouse

Photo via @theplyhouse

Having good lighting is an important aspect to include in your book nook, especially if you like to do some nighttime reading! Whether you go with wall sconces, pendant lights, floor lamps, or overhead fixtures, be sure to test the light when it’s dark out to ensure you’re able to read without difficulty!

Put Up Window Coverings

Reading nooks located near or in a window should always have blinds or curtains to help block out the sunlight when it gets too bright during the day. Decorate with functional pull-down blinds or hang patterned curtains to dress up your reading corner and give yourself some shade!

Get Cozy with a Fireplace

If your living room or study has a fireplace, consider placing your reading corner near it! Set up a bench seat or armchair with an ottoman by the fire and add cozy blankets and pillows to create the perfect spot for catching up on your reading with a cup of tea on a cold night!

Consider Adding Built-ins

Make sure you have plenty of storage space in or around your book nook! With built-in bookshelves or storage bench drawers, you’ll have a convenient place in your reading corner to set up cute home decor and knick-knacks, as well as store your personal library close to where you’ll be reading!

Go with Floor Seating

Reading Nook with Plants and Floor Seat Set Up. Photo by Instagram user @banilla.online

Photo via @banilla.online

When it comes to reading nook seating, there are a variety of options! Consider using soft floor pillows or even bean bag chairs, which are easy to stack and move out of the way after you use them. With floor seating, you won’t have to worry about taking up space with chairs, sofas, or other traditional seating!

Include a Reading Chair

Small Reading Area in a Living Room with Comfy Chair and Bookshelves. Photo by Instagram user @pero_homes

Photo via @pero_homes

Don’t want to read on the floor? If the space in your reading nook is on the bigger side, go with a chair instead! Get a reading chair that will be comfortable for enjoying your favorite books. Rocking chairs, recliners, armchairs, or chairs that come with ottomans are all good options!

Opt for a Daybed

Instead of using traditional seating options in your book nook, you might consider using a daybed instead! A daybed is ideal for lounging while reading. This seating option is bigger and has enough space for you to lay down while you turn pages. Another bonus of daybeds? You can use them as a guest bed if you set up your reading room in a spare bedroom at home!

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Leave Room for a Table

If you don’t have any shelves or sturdy ledges near your reading corner, get a table! Whether you opt for a small pedestal table or a traditional end table, having a place where you can set down a coffee mug and your book or store reading accessories like glasses can make your reading experience much more comfortable!

Find a Comfy Rug

Reading Chair Set Up Next to a Black Wall with Small Table Next to it. Photo by Instagram user @themccraehome

Photo via @themccraehome

Adding a rug helps define the space of your reading nook. And it’s an essential item to put down underneath your chair to rest your feet on while reading! Opt for a plush one or go with fun styles like a moroccan shag or boho fringe round rug.

Stock Up on Pillows & Blankets

If you’re planning to lounge for hours while reading, make your nook more comfortable with lots of pillows and fuzzy blankets! You can mix and match different colors or get creative by combining smaller pillows with larger ones to create the ultimate cozy hangout spot.

Set Up Your Books

When arranging your books in your reading corner, consider putting them on display in a bookcase so that they can add to the overall decoration of your space! Make your reading nook pop by organizing books based on color or size on the shelves. And don’t be afraid to add a few knick-knacks to bring in some personality!

Bring in Some Greenery

Corner Chair Set Up with a Lot of Green Plants Surrounding it Next to Windows. Photo by Instagram user @statelynomad

Photo via @statelynomad

Plants can help provide a calming atmosphere for your book nook! If your reading nook is near a window, bring the outdoors in by adding popular plants like a fiddle-leaf fig tree, peace lilies, or a fern. If your space is on the smaller side, opt for faux plants like succulents on an end table near your reading chair!

Get Creative with a Kids Corner

Kid Centric Reading Nook with Books Set Up on the Wall. Photo by Instagram user @tara_st.louis

Photo via @tara_st.louis

Decorating a reading space in a kids playroom or bedroom? Throw in some fun seating like a hammock, daybed, or rocking chair. Or consider setting up a tent with cozy blankets, pillows, and string lights. And don’t forget to add plenty of easy-to-reach shelves where kids can store their books and toys!

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Decorate the Walls

Clean Reading Space with a Gallery Wall Set Up and a Love Seat. Photo by Instagram user @tuftandtrim

Photo via @tuftandtrim

Stay inspired while reading by incorporating inspiring wall decor into your book nook! Abstract paintings, photos of family and friends, cool prints featuring your favorite literature, boho tapestries, or even travel images can make your reading corner feel all the cozier as a space just for you!

Put a Clock on Display

Worried about losing track of time while reading? Rather than keeping a distracting smartphone by your side, add a large wall clock somewhere close to your nook. This will make it easy for you to keep an eye on the time so that you can sneak in some reading during your free moments and come to a good stopping point when time’s up!

Utilize Storage Bins

If you need more storage space in your reading nook, use storage bins, wicker baskets, or cubby shelves to organize your books, blankets, and other reading corner items!


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