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11 Landscape Design Ideas to Improve Home Value

Are you looking for ways to increase your home’s value? Landscaping is one of the more cost-effective options for sprucing up your home before putting it on the market—it can even increase home value up to 20%. Use these 11 landscaping tips to improve your home’s curb appeal, boost property value, and attract more potential buyers!

Maintain a Healthy Lawn

A major factor behind making your home look presentable is to keep your lawn looking great. Overgrown grass, weeds, and dead spots are a sign of neglect and can drive the value of your home down. Fortunately, lawn care doesn’t need to be a budget-killer. Set up a fertilization schedule, mow regularly, and keep your lawn watered. And if you don’t want to do it yourself, lawn care companies are perfect to partner with!

Install an Irrigation System

One of the simplest solutions for maintaining your yard—and giving your home value a little boost—is to install an automatic irrigation system. Whether you’re looking to add a drip system or an in-ground sprinkler system, both distribute a selected amount of water so you can keep your landscape looking its best without worrying about overwatering or drying out.

Consider an Artificial Lawn

home with artificial turf photo by Instagram user @botanistllc

Photo via @botanistllc

If you live in an area of the country where an arid, dry climate is the norm, artificial grass can provide your home with a quick value-add. Artificial grass eliminates the need to buy upkeep equipment or hire lawn maintenance companies. Better yet, yard turf can last up to 20 years, so you don’t need to worry about replacement if you plan to move within that timeframe. In addition, artificial grass conserves a lot of water, which can significantly lower water bills—an attractive selling point for your home!

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Plant a Tree

green home with yellow door with large tree in front yard photo by Instagram user @jessicadoss

Photo via @jessicadoss

Is your yard looking a little empty? Consider planting a tree! Depending on where you live, trees can add between $1,000 and $10,000 to your home’s value while also helping to fill empty space. That said, planting a tree isn’t an automatic boost, as mature trees are what buyers are looking for. It can take anywhere from three to eight years for a tree to reach maturity, so try to plant trees as early as possible. You can also look into landscaping companies that can assist you with planting mature trees—keep in mind, however, that this can get costly depending on tree size, relocation, and difficulty of planting.

Trim Shrubs & Bushes

person using electric trimmer trimming shrubs photo by Instagram user @leafittomenc

Photo via @leafittomenc

If you have a lot of shrubs or bushes around your home, not taking care of them is noticeable to potential buyers. Make a point each year to prune and shape bushes in your yard to get rid of overgrowth or dead branches. Trimming shrubs and bushes down encourages healthy growth from the interior of the plant, which is vital to maintaining these landscape features long term.

Lay Down a Fresh Bed of Mulch

brick home with paved walkways with fresh mulch beds photo by Instagram user @tollbrothersaz

Photo via @tollbrothersaz

One of the best ways to keep your home landscaping looking fresh for longer is to add new mulch. Mulch helps to retain moisture in the soil. It prevents evaporation, insulates soil, and helps maintain lower root temperatures, providing plants with essential nutrients that help them look their best. Not to mention, it’s the a perfect complement to any landscape design!

Cultivate a Low-Maintenance Landscape

low maintenance landscaping with cactus in planting bed photo by Instagram user @stevevonsteen

Photo via @stevevonsteen


An excellent way to improve your curb appeal and boost home value is to opt for low-maintenance landscaping. Rock gardens don’t need upkeep beyond replacing stray rocks. Succulent gardens and xeriscaping require little to no watering and are ideal for arid climates. You can also plant perennials around your home, which come and go with the changing of the season, so there’s almost no maintenance.

Highlight Your Home with Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting has quickly become one of the most desired outdoor landscaping features for homebuyers. With good landscape lighting, you can illuminate the outside of your home, accentuate landscape design elements, and even improve home security. Keep costs on lighting low by looking for LED and solar options, both of which will be bright enough to light up the outside of your home without increasing your electric bill!

Accent Walkways with Lights

Pathway lights are a simple solution for improving curb appeal. Not only do they help light the exterior of your home and highlight its features, but they also provide safety for anyone walking up and down walkways, stairs, driveways, and other paved surfaces throughout your home’s landscape.

Design an Outdoor Living Space

backyard patio area with firepit and pergola with seating all around photo by Instagram user @jjmaterials

Photo via @jjmaterials

If you’re thinking about a large-scale update to your current landscape design, consider adding an outdoor living space! Outdoor kitchens, patios, decks, pergolas, swimming pools, and fire pits can all increase your home’s value, as buyers seek out homes with these spaces.

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Introduce a Water Feature

Looking for a way to make your front yard landscape design stand out? Add a water feature! Features like waterfalls, fountains, and even small ponds are perfect for sprucing up your curb appeal and giving your home value a boost! While some larger water features may need some upkeep, most are designed with water recycling features that require less maintenance.

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