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Blue She Shed in the Corner of a Backyard

14 She Shed Inspiration Ideas You’ll Love

A craft shed, a yoga shed, a music shed, a shed where you can read a book in peace—no matter what you’ve envisioned for your she shed, there are plenty of ways to create and design the backyard escape of your dreams! Check out these 14 amazing she shed ideas for inspiration!

Make the Ultimate Outdoor Hangout

Small She Shed in the Trees with a Table and Chairs Nearby. Photo by Instagram user @cottonstem

Photo via @cottonstem

If you love spending time outdoors with friends and family, utilize your she shed as an outdoor living space where you can cook up a great meal or just kick back and relax. String up some lights and fill the space inside and outside of your she shed with cozy outdoor furniture and tables. And don’t forget to have blankets on hand for when nights get chilly!

Create the Garden of Your Dreams

Have a green thumb? Turn your she shed into a beautiful gardening workshop and greenhouse space! Add a workbench for potting plants, put in shelves for displaying plants, install hooks for hanging up gardening tools, and include some bins for storing soil and compost.

Set Up a Crafty Art Studio

Whether you’re an avid scrapbooker, sewing guru, pottery pro, or painting enthusiast, get to crafting in your she shed! Organization is key in your crafting workspace, so be sure to have plenty of shelves, drawers, and pegboards where you can keep all of your supplies.

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Give Yourself a Quiet Office Space

Distractions from inside the house can make it hard to be productive. Transform your she shed into your own office space so you can stay focused and get your work done. Along with your desk and computer, decorate the space to your own personal style with items that will keep you happy and motivated while you work!

Stock Your Own Backyard Bar

Love having your friends over on the weekends for a cocktail or two? Your she shed is a great place for an at-home bar! Build your own outdoor bar complete with bar stools, a sink, a fridge, and common bartending tools. And be sure to hang fun decorative items like neon signs, string lights, and colorful wall art!

Build a Custom Home Gym

Backyard Home Gym in a She Shed with Sliding Glass Doors. Photo by Instagram user @smartmodular

Photo via @smartmodular

By transforming your outdoor shed into a home gym, you won’t have to leave your home to get in amazing shape! Get some gym equipment like a stationary bike or treadmill, a set of dumbbells, a few exercise mats, and whatever else you need to get your workout in. Go a step further and install speakers so you can play your favorite pump-up songs and stay motivated!

Find Peace with a Home Yoga Studio

Backyard Yoga Studio in a She Shed. Photo by Instagram user @stouijer

Photo via @stouijer

Improve your health and wellness in your own mediation and yoga shed. Invest in a high-quality yoga mat, as well as some meditation pillows and blankets, to make a space where you can escape and find your center. Candles, tapestries, and a speaker to play calming sounds can all help you focus during your practice, too!

Design a Cozy Reading Escape

Backyard She Shed with a Sitting Area Out Front. Photo by Instagram user @herzenstimme

Photo via @herzenstimme

Turn your she shed into an indoor-outdoor reading nook where you can enjoy a good book! Set up bookshelves for your book collection, then install good lighting in the form of a floor lamp or overhead fixture. And most importantly, add comfy furniture and decor like a reading chair, floor pillows, and warm blankets!

Pamper Yourself in a Home Spa

Everyone deserves somewhere to unwind. Why not with a personal home spa right in your she shed! Whether you want a place to do your nails, give yourself a facial, soak in a jacuzzi tub, or rest in a sauna, you can make a tranquil spa getaway right in your backyard!

Host a Backyard Brunch

Quaint She Shed with a Dining Table and Chair Set Up. Photo by Instagram user @chairwhimsy

Photo via @chairwhimsy

Do you love to cook for family and friends? Host everything from weekend brunches to dinner parties in your she shed! Choose a spacious dining table, decorations that match your personal style, and some shelving where you can keep dishes and glassware. Also, think about installing appliances like a refrigerator or stove to avoid having to run back and forth to your kitchen when hosting guests!

Relax by a Backyard Pool

If your home has a pool, consider designing your she shed as a small pool house or backyard cabana! Not only is it a great way to store pool floats, sunscreen, and extra towels, but it can also be the perfect spot to hang out, grab some snacks, and get out of the sun!

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Have a Jam Session

She Shed Music Studio Space with Guitars on the Wall. Photo by Instagram user @sallywallick

Photo via @sallywallick

Let your creative juices flow in a backyard music studio. Whether you play an instrument, produce your own songs, or simply love to sing, your she shed can be an ideal place to jam out! Soundproof your she shed to get the best acoustics, and add in some couches and chairs to keep the space comfortable. Complete your home music room by hanging wall art like vintage records, concert posters, or portraits of your favorite artists!

Visit Your Own Personal Cinema

Backyard She Shed with Movie Projector Set Up. Photo by Instagram user @melwood.com.au

Photo via @melwood.com.au

Host epic movie nights in your she shed theater room! For ultimate comfort, put in some theater seats or a big sectional couch and set up a screen projector with surround sound for a true movie theater experience. You can also include a snack bar with popcorn, candy, and soda!

Welcome Guests to Your Home

She Shed Set Up as Backyard Guest House. Photo by Instagram user @imericahall

Photo via @imericahall

Want to create a guest space at home for the in-laws or friends when they visit? Give them their own private casita by using your she shed as a guest house! Depending on the size of your shed, you can opt for a pull-out couch, bunk beds, a daybed, or a queen-size bed. Include a large rug, a dresser, bedside tables, floor lamps, and wall art to make it feel more homey!


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