Modern home music room

23 Ideas for Turning a Spare Room into a Home Music Room

Whether you have an extra bedroom or a flex space, you can create a stylish and useful home music room for practicing, recording, or even entertaining guests. From how to improve the acoustics to trendy music-themed decor ideas, our guide will help you transform unused space at home into the ultimate music den!

Start with Soundproofing

Soundproofing should be your first step! You’ll see acoustic foam in most music rooms as it helps with echo and reverb; however, these tiles do little to help soundproof. If you’re looking to riff on the electric guitar or practice the drums, keep your family and neighbors happy by taking serious measures to contain your sound. Start with these simple tips for at-home soundproofing or consider hiring a contractor to add extra drywall. Just remember to include closets and ceilings, too!

Invest in a Drum Shield

If you’re a hoping to transform your extra space into a home recording studio, a drum shield or cage could greatly enhance the acoustics of your music room. Not only will this plexiglass barrier help with soundproofing, but it also supports proper room tuning for a more appealing sound.

Brick Walls Are Your Friend

Whether you live in an older building or you’re looking for good materials for soundproofing, exposed brick is your friend! Not only does it help contain sound, but it also adds an urban feel to your studio.


Invest in Sturdy Shelving

Plan ahead to create ample storage for your instruments, books, inspiring decorations, and more! Durable music room furniture and proper shelving that can support your beloved equipment will make your space look tidy and offer peace of mind.

Add Room Dividers

Trying to make the most of a spare bedroom or bonus room? Add room dividers to easily create separation in your in-home music room. Whether you want to create a flex room with multiple uses or hope to divide the space by acoustic and electric zones, dense room dividers will also help buffer sound.

Embrace Stylish & Strategic Lighting

It’s hard to pen your next great composition if you can’t see what you’re working on! Smart lighting can transform your home music room. Add wall sconces above your piano so you can easily read sheet music. If you’re playing flute, violin, or any other instrument where you regularly use a music stand, plan ahead to include strong overhead lighting.

Disguise Your Equipment

Amps, speakers, and other bulky equipment don’t have to change the aesthetic of your bedroom music room! Plan ahead and choose gear that easily integrates with your personal style, as well as with other art and furniture you already have.

Use Instruments as Decor

Music room decor ideas can be simple! Display your musical instruments by using them as wall decor. Not enough space in your guitar room? Mounting your instruments looks trendy and will help solve your storage issues.

Utilize Rugs for Style & Function

Rugs do more than one job in your bedroom music studio! They support rich acoustics by helping absorb extra sound while also adding a stylish touch.

Remember to Add Plants

When it comes to sound absorption, don’t forget the plants! Potted plants of all sizes will help absorb those extra decibels, as well as create a natural look and feel in your at-home music studio.

Buy Comfy Seating

A staple of music room design is creating a comfortable practice and performance space! You’ll want to get cozy while writing the next chart-topping hit, so invest in a cushy sofa or plush chairs for your home studio. Plus, upholstered furniture is best for dampening sound!

Incorporate Bright Colors

Vibrant colors are known to stimulate the brain! If you plan on rocking out on the drums or riffing on the electric guitar, add red and orange accents for energy. Love to play classical piano or soft acoustic music? Add blues and other cool colors to help inspire soothing tunes and soft melodies. Make sure you’re playing your best with this simple music room decor idea!

Get Posh in Your Piano Room

Your piano doesn’t have to be the only thing that’s grand! If you plan to entertain guests with your musical grandeur, embrace fancy light fixtures, plush rugs, and a simple color palette to heighten the luxury of your space.

Use Closets for Instrument Storage

Converting an extra bedroom into a music room? Closets are the perfect spot to store musical instruments, sheet music, and miscellaneous items, especially if you’re using a tiny or shared room!

Display Your Records

Your favorite records can be some of the best music room decor! Stay inspired by displaying your favorite bands and rare vinyl finds on the wall for everyone to see!

Go Kid-Friendly

Does your child play violin in the school orchestra? What about trumpet or trombone in the school band? Regardless of their preference for woodwind, brass, or string instruments, give them a space to practice after school and prepare for their next big concert!

Make a Multi-Purpose Space

Trying to find a music room setup that still offers plenty of space for guests? Make your guest bedroom do double duty with a little planning. Design a spare room where everything from acoustic guitars and ukuleles to clarinets and saxophones can become part of the decor while still offering room for visitors.

Reuse Old Equipment

Dreaming of decorating your home music room with instrument-themed furniture? Don’t let damage to your beloved instruments be the end of the road. Repurpose ruined or worn-out equipment into eclectic yet functional furniture!

Create a Listening Room

Who says you have to be making all the music yourself? Design a music room that focuses on listening to your favorite musicians by adding comfy seating and stocking up on your favorite records.

Save Room for a Stage

A DIY stage doesn’t have to be extravagant! Whether it’s a rug in the center of the room or special seating to draw attention to your performance, you can designate a space specifically for showcasing what you’ve been practicing.


Add Books for Better Acoustics

Creating a music room that doubles as a home library is stylish and functional! Books and bookshelves not only look distinguished, but they also provide awesome sound diffusion in your home music studio.

Design a Music Nook

Short on space? Dedicate a corner or a singular wall to your musical endeavors. Using a common color or theme to tie a little area together is a great small music room idea!

Build a Space You Love

You create better when you’re happy and inspired! That’s why the best decor for your practice room or home recording studio is the design that keeps you feel motivated and, most importantly, creative.

Are you ready to rock? Whether you’re hoping to create a small performance space to show off your skills or install a complete music production studio, you can easily transform any spare room into the home music room of your dreams! If you’re more interested in becoming the next Picasso, check out these ideas to convert a spare room into an art studio.