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Organized closet with spring wardrobe

Closet Organization Ideas & Storage Tips (Including DIY Hacks!)

Not sure how to organize your closet? Check out these simple tips and tricks that will help you tidy up all areas of your house or apartment! Whether you’re searching for the perfect DIY closet organizer or space-saving storage ideas, these easy and fun closet hacks will help you declutter and get organized!

How to Organize a Linen Closet

Learning how to organize a linen closet is the key to keeping a clean and tidy bathroom! Tuck cosmetics, bath and body products, and fresh towels in your bathroom closet and keep your counters clear of clutter! No linen closet in your master bathroom or small half bath? No problem! Build your own linen closet in the bathroom with this DIY bathroom storage hack!

Try Storage You Can See Through

Towels and Linens Stored in Wire Baskets in Closet. Photo by Instagram user @remodelaholic

Photo via @remodelaholic

Bathroom storage is all about accessibility! Clear baskets or wire bins will make linen closet organization a breeze by giving hair and skincare products an easy-to-find home!

DIY Hack: Don’t have extra clear bins or baskets around? Create separation between products with DIY shelf dividers!

Remember Labels

Labeled Containers of Silverware and Kitchen Supplies. Photo by Instagram user @neatmethod

Photo via @neatmethod

Not sure how to organize your bathroom closet? Labeling containers and shelves can make smart storage easy for you and your guests!

Get a Behind-the-Door Organizer

Working with a tiny linen closet? Add behind-the-door storage racks to create more space for small toiletries and frequently used products!

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Try a Lazy Susan in Your Linen Closet

Never dig for what you need again! Adding rotating racks to your linen closet is a super simple bathroom closet organization idea. Store lotion, skin, and hair care products you use most here!

Create a System for Towel Organization

Looking for great towel closet organization ideas? Try color coordinating or arranging sheets and pillowcases by matching sets to help you easily find what you’re looking for! Plus, this linen closet idea will make it easier for visitors to find what they need!

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Utilize Floor Space

Towels and Laundry Bin Stored on Floor of Linen Closet. Photo by Instagram user @thehomeedit

Photo via @thehomeedit

Try this simple bathroom linen closet storage idea! Create more room for bath and body products by adding baskets and containers to your closet floor. Roll up towels or sheets and give them a distinct home, too!

Dress Up Your Toiletries

Towels and Toiletries Stored in Decorative Bins in Linen Closet. Photo by Instagram user @idlivesimply

Photo via @idlivesimply

Organizing your linen closet doesn’t have to be expensive or timely! Use cute wicker baskets or bins to keep similar items together while adding a decorative flair. Keep your bathroom tidy by designating a space for every product!

How to Organize a Bedroom Closet

The best bedroom organization ideas start with streamlining your closet storage! Maybe you have ample closet space in a master bedroom or walk-in closet, or maybe you’re searching for small closet hacks. Whatever your clothing storage situation may be, we have DIY tips and storage hacks for your room!

Make the Most of Your Space

No matter the square footage of your bedroom closet, making a plan and sticking to it is the key to successful organization. Not sure how high to hang double closet rods or how deep a closet needs to be for hangers? You might need to adopt your own unique guidelines to maximize closet space. Remember to get creative and have a little fun with organization!

Try a Closet Organizer System

Neatly Organized Walk-In Closet. Photo by Instagram user @ma_house

Photo via @ma_house

Just because you have plenty of space doesn’t mean you’re making the most of it! Try a walk-in closet organizer to maximize your storage opportunities. Create your dream closet with a fully customized organization system or try a more affordable option like these from Ikea. There are infinite options for any budget or closet size with expandable organizers or wire kits.

DIY Hack: Build your own shelving to create more hanging room and extra closet space! These five DIY closet systems will help organize any closet—small or large!

Build Your Own Closet

Homemade DIY Closet in Child's Bedroom. Photo by Instagram user @closetmaid

Photo via @closetmaid

If you have a bedroom with no closet, the above organizers can double as awesome closet hacks! Even if your room doesn’t have a designated space for clothes, that doesn’t mean you can’t install a wall-mounted system or hanging racks. Add curtains to create separation between spaces!

DIY Hack: Looking for an ambitious at-home project? If you have the power tools and the budget, build a closet of your own with this DIY bedroom storage idea from The Family Handyman.

Create a Shoe Storage System

Do you have a master closet with room to highlight your extensive shoe collection? Are you trying to figure out how to organize shoes in a small closet? Store everything from heels to sneakers with these closet shoe storage ideas! Choose a wall-mounted system for organization that’s as sleek as it is sturdy. Looking for shoe organizer ideas for a small closet? Try budget-friendly, versatile options like a stackable rack, hanging shoe storage, or over-the-door options.

DIY Hack: Looking for DIY closet shoe rack ideas? Whether you’re organizing a narrow walk-in closet, spacious master, or small bedroom, a handmade shoe organizer can fit in any space! Try this shoe rack from HGTV and add a pop of color to your closet!

Hanging Storage Isn’t Just for Shoes

Create a neat home for jewelry with a hanging organizer! Not enough space for a full dresser in your closet? Make room for more folded clothing with a hanging sweater organizer.

Install Hooks

Create an organized area for hats, jewelry, bags, and other hanging items with closet hooks! Not only are these simple to install, but they make the most of every inch of your closet as well.

Add a Dresser to Your Closet

Closet with White Dresser. Photo by Instagram user @dawnastyles

Photo via @dawnastyles

Putting your dresser in the closet is a simple and creative storage hack. Keep all of your clothes in one space and make finding what you need a breeze! Lack the space for a small dresser in your closet? Try storage cubbies for a cheap and space-saving storage option!

Remember Bins & Baskets

Closet with Decorative Storage Basket and Bins. Photo by Instagram user @closetmaid

Photo via @closetmaid

Adding containers to your closet will help you utilize otherwise wasted vertical storage and floor space. Plus, they easily group like items together, so you can put a lid on clutter!

How to Organize a Kids Closet

Kids closets are a revolving door of new toys, clothes, and linens. Especially with nursery closet organization, you’ll constantly be buying and donating items as your child grows. Smart kids room organization ideas and closet hacks will make your life a whole lot easier.

Create Different Levels

Childrens Closet with Multiple Levels. Photo by Instagram user @elfashelvinguk

Photo via @elfashelvinguk

How do you organize kids closets? Start with creating multiple levels! When your kids are smaller, strategic planning is not as important, but as they grow, it begins to matter more. Prepare today for when they start walking by keeping only the things you want them to access within reach!

Try a Kids Closet Organizer

Closet organization systems aren’t just for adults! Whether you have plenty of room for onesies and extra diapers, or you’re trying to make the most of a tiny space, maximize kids closet storage with a custom organizer.

Group Clothes by Sizes

Closet with Clothes Organized by Size. Photo by Instagram user @serinamariani

Photo via @serinamariani

Especially with baby closet organization, grouping clothes by size will save you lots of time. Keeping newborn onesies together and 3-6 month pants by each other will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, this storage system will simplify getting rid of outgrown clothes!

Make the Most of Shelves

Shelves do double duty in your child’s closet! Not only do closet shelves provide a home for shoes and sweaters, but they also offer the perfect spot to stash toys and extra diapers. Purchase clear or wire dividers to create your own kids closet organizer and easily separate clothes by color or size!

DIY Hack: Wondering how to make your own shelf dividers? Discover a budget-friendly solution when you create your own wire or cardboard shelf dividers!

Utilize a Variety of Bins

Kid toy organization ideas don’t have to be complicated! Make storage easy by grouping like items together. Whether it’s bows, books, or baby care products, keeping these items in bins will help your child’s closet stay neat and tidy. Clear containers are an awesome option, too! Not only do they show off their colorful clothes and accessories, but they also help your kids easily locate what they’re looking for!

DIY Hack: Reuse what you already have and upcycle old shoe or package boxes! All you need is fun scrapbooking paper and Mod Podge to transform old cardboard into cute storage.

Remember Labels Are Your Friend

Hangers with Clothes Labeled by Day of the Week. Photo by Instagram user @kindercrafty

Photo via @kindercrafty

Kids closet organization isn’t just about keeping a tidy room! Help your child learn the days of the week or the names of their favorite items when you add labels to racks and bins.

Use Closet Doors for Storage

Childrens Closet with Door Hangers for Shoes and Clothes. Photo by Instagram user @projectnursery

Photo via @projectnursery

Master kid-friendly closet organization by making it easy for your child to find what they want to wear or play with! Adding shelving behind the door is a great closet toy storage idea that will also provide a space for shoes, jackets, and hats! Find a closet door organizer at the store, order one, or build your own!

DIY Hack: Working with hinged closet doors? Try this DIY project from Ana White and build rolling behind-the-door closet storage in your child’s room!

How to Organize Your Hall Closet

An entryway closet can quickly become the catch all for the extra belongings in your home. Keep your foyer tidy by maximizing the storage space in your hall closet.

Create a Coat System

The first step to coat closet organization starts with taming your jacket collection. Begin arranging them by length, frequency of wear, and similar colors! A custom closet system isn’t just for your bedroom. It could give a home to every coat in your hallway closet, too!

Include a Shoe Rack

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Photo via @horderly

A hall closet shoe organizer is an essential tool for an organized entryway! Whether you choose an over-the-door organizer or opt for an on-the-ground shoe rack, create a designated area for shoe storage.

DIY Hack: Looking for your next home improvement project? Try this DIY from The Home Depot to create a sturdy shoe rack for your hall or entryway closet.

Utilize Vertical Space

Hallway Closet with Labeled Bins for Hats and Sunglasses. Photo by Instagram user @neatmethod

Photo via @neatmethod

This front hall closet idea only requires a container or two! Clear bins or labels allow you to know what you’re storing up high without needing to see the times. Simply pull down the tub when you need to grab a hat, gloves, a scarf, or sunglasses!

Add Hooks

Installing hooks is another great way to make the most of vertical space in your foyer closet! We love this hallway closet idea because it works for any budget and is simple to do on your own.

Get Creative with Door Space

Closet with Hangers on Inside of Door. Photo by Instagram user @reorgproject

Photo via @reorgproject

Utilizing behind-the-door space is helpful for all closet organization, but it’s especially important for keeping a neat foyer. Don’t waste an inch of storage space when you add bins and hooks to the back of your hall closet door!

Make the Most of Hangers

Hallway Closet with Hats on a Hanger. Photo by Instagram user @organizerjanet

Photo via @organizerjanet

Hall closet organization can be accomplished on any budget by reusing what you have! This simple closet hack only requires plastic rings and a hanger to give your baseball caps a tidy home.

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Reuse Sweater Organizers

Hallway Closet with Hanging Organizer for Hats and Gloves. Photo by Instagram user @penderandpeony

Photo via @penderandpeony

Have a hanging sweater organizer you’re not using? Repurpose this bedroom storage tool for your entryway closet! Don’t already have one around the house? Choose a hanging organizer that’s a fun color or pattern to add a bit of style!

Repurpose Shoe Organizers

Hanging Shoe Organizer on Door with Hats and Gloves. Photo by Instagram user @psquaredaway

Photo via @psquaredaway

Hanging shoe organizers are perfect for hall closets, too! Store gloves, hats, scarves, and other items that don’t easily fit elsewhere without needing multiple containers.

How to Organize a Laundry Room Closet

Don’t forget about laundry room closet organization ideas! This space is the perfect spot for cleaning supplies, hampers, and other household products. Whether your washer and dryer have a room of their own or live in the utility room closet, make the never-ending task of laundry and cleaning a little easier with smart organization!

Use Your Walls

Stackable washer and dryer taking up lots of space in your small laundry closet? Don’t let a lack of cupboard space keep you from sleek storage! Add lipped shelves or caddies to the wall to store detergent and other laundry essentials.

DIY Hack: Looking for small laundry closet ideas? These simple DIY Laundry Room Shelves from The Home Depot will add ample storage space while creating visual interest in your laundry room!

Install Extra Shelves

Laundry Room with Baskets and Shelves. Photo by Instagram user @thelunthouse

Photo via @thelunthouse

Don’t lose the storage space above your washer and dryer! Add floating shelves directly above your machines to utilize otherwise wasted space and keep supplies right where you need them.

DIY Hack: Build your own floating shelves with this DIY from Four Generations One Roof. These laundry room closet shelves can be modified to fit even the smallest spaces!

Go for Plastic Bins

Laundry Room with Plastic Bins for Storage. Photo by Instagram user @unboxeddesigns

Photo via @unboxeddesigns

Not sure how to organize a laundry closet? Keep it simple! Plastic bins are the perfect home for detergent pods, dryer sheets, and extra towels.

Add a Stylish Door

Stylish Wood Sliding Door to Laundry Room. Photo by Instagram user @glitterlaine

Photo via @glitterlaine

Even if you have a perfectly organized laundry room closet, you probably don’t want visitors staring at your dirty clothes. Neatly disguise hampers and household cleaning supplies with laundry closet doors.

DIY Hack: This DIY project is not for the novice builder! But if you have the time—and the power tools—build your own beautiful sliding barn doors!

Hang Brooms

Laundry Room with Broom Hanging on Door. Photo by Instagram user @zekeruelas

Photo via @zekeruelas

Whether it’s on the back of a door or on the inside of your closet, hanging brooms, mops, and dustpans is a great storage tip! Maximize your space and buy a broom and mop holder, or build your own!

DIY Hack: Modify this DIY cleaning tool holder from HGTV to fit a laundry room closet of any size.

Make the Most of Space Between Cupboards

The space above your closet washer and dryer is the perfect spot to hang and dry clothes. Simply add a bar across this area or install hooks to make doing laundry just a bit better!

Conquer the clutter in your home with these closet organization hacks! No matter if your closets are large or small, these tips will help you and create storage spaces that are as cute as they are functional! Organizational success is just a few trips to the store or DIY projects away. Get started today!

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