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25 Bedroom Storage Ideas & Organization Tips

Wondering how to organize your room? Whether you live in a studio apartment, small bedroom with a tiny closet, or you just need a room refresh, these 25 bedroom storage ideas, decluttering tips, and bedroom organization hacks can help you make the most of your space!

Go Minimalist

Bed with White Sheets in Brick Bedroom. Photo by Instagram user @jojotastic

Photo via @jojotastic

Living a minimalist lifestyle typically means cutting down on your material possessions to gain more space in your home, spend less time and money on your belongings, and reduce your environmental impact. Create a minimalist bedroom by learning how minimalists declutter. One of the simplest ideas of minimalistic design that applies to bedroom organization is to get rid of items you don’t use and only purchase new belongings if they’re longer-lasting and serve necessary purposes. Fewer belongings reduce your need for bedroom storage and make organizing your remaining items a breeze!




Designate a Home for Every Item

Box with Several Different Tie Variations. Photo by Instagram user @kuzakscloset

Photo via @kuzakscloset

Ready to kick the bedroom clutter for good? Make a habit of putting your belongings in the same place every time to prevent piles of clothes on the floor and stacks of shoes in the closet. Storage products like over-the-door shoe racks are creative closet and bedroom storage solutions, while bedroom storage furniture like storage lockers can work for both style and function. Once you work out a storage system that works for you, you can make a small room look bigger and more organized no matter how many belongings you have.

Arrange Furniture by Frequency of Use

If you’re deciding how to arrange a small bedroom, try optimizing your furniture arrangement. Consider your daily routine like the paths you take while getting ready in the morning and winding down at night. Then, find bedroom layout ideas that make your routines more efficient. Try putting a laundry basket in the closet to prevent visual clutter and keep your clothes in one location. Or ditch the hamper and go for an over-the-door basket to save even more space in your closet. Place a mirror next to the dresser, or have a wall-mounted coat rack near the door to help keep your bedroom organized. Go for a Feng Shui bedroom layout to maximize your room’s energy flow for a more restorative, peaceful sleeping arrangement.

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Select Space-Saving Beds

Platform Bed with Drawers Underneath. Photo by Instagram user @laxseries

Photo via @laxseries

One of the best bedroom organization ideas is using a bed frame with storage—like platform beds with drawers or storage trundle beds. Opt for lift-up storage beds if you want to hide larger items like seasonal clothes or an inflatable mattress under your bed. If you often host guests, you’ll want extra beds on hand that are easy to access! A trundle bed allows you to simply pull out a shorter, rolling bed frame from underneath your normal sleeping spot. This and a pull-out daybed are great accommodations for an office that doubles as a guest room. Raise your bed with lifts, or use a loft or bunk bed to free up floor space for a desk or other bedroom storage furniture. Bunk beds with storage are popular for kids rooms because they help store their favorite bedtime books, pajamas, stuffed animals, and more.

Pick a Headboard with Storage

Bed with Books and a Lamp Stored on the Headboard. Photo by Instagram user @worldofnilaya

Photo via @worldofnilaya

When upgrading your bedroom furniture, don’t just look for headboards that are trendy. Find headboards with additional storage, too! Place your favorite plants and photos on a headboard with shelves, or fill a bookcase headboard with novels and keepsakes. Whether you buy or make your headboard, you’ll save plenty of space with this bedroom storage furniture idea.

Organize Items with Bedroom Storage Benches

For a more stable spot to sit and put on shoes while getting ready in the morning, consider an end-of-bed storage ottoman. A bedroom ottoman bench creates additional bedroom storage solutions for odds and ends and elevates your home’s appearance. For a more unique way to store extra linens and pillows, try wicker or upholstered bedroom storage benches, stack vintage suitcases, or attach pet stairs with storage at the foot of your bed. Alternatively, you can get bedroom storage with a customized footboard. Design your bed with a TV on the footboard, make a bookcase footboard, or add modular cubby storage to the end of your bed for blankets, pillows, bed linens, towels, and more.

Utilize Under-Bed Storage

Rolling DIY Storage Boxes Under Bed. Photo by Instagram user @grillodesigns

Photo via @grillodesigns

The space under your bed is perfect for hidden bedroom storage solutions! Under-bed storage bins and under-bed boxes with wheels are affordable ways to create an accessible under-bed wardrobe. For seasonal clothes, extra linens, and items that don’t need to be accessed year-round, consider placing them in vacuum storage bags beneath your mattress.




Reimagine Your Nightstand

Nightstand Storing Books, Plants, and a Hat. Photo by Instagram user @th2_studio

Photo via @th2_studio

Nightstands don’t have to be the same height as your bed—if you’re searching for storage ideas for small bedrooms, think vertical! Using a bookshelf nightstand instead of the traditional pillow-height nightstand can help you keep more items nearby! Don’t have enough bedtime items to fill a nightstand? Opt for a floating bedside shelf nightstand! You can place a wall-mounted bedside table close to an outlet for easier phone charging. No matter which nightstand you choose, try cable clips and cable management boxes to easily hide bedside cords.

Use a Bedside Pocket Organizer

Pocket Organizer with Glasses and Magazine on Bed. Photo by Instagram user @askingmums

Photo via @askingmums

Don’t have room for a nightstand in your small bedroom organization plans? Don’t worry! Organize nightstand staples like glasses cases, chargers, electronics, books, remotes, and more with a bedside caddy. Clip it directly onto your bed frame to free up floor space and reach your items more easily. A bedside storage caddy is especially useful for organizing a dorm room where beds are lofted too high for traditional nightstands.

Upgrade Your Bedroom’s Window Seat

If your room already has a window seat or bench, you know it’s the perfect place to curl up with a book or call a friend, but it can also double as a bedroom storage bench. Build sliding drawers for extra bedding, cabinets for crafts, or cubbies for storage baskets filled with electronics and often-used items. Kids rooms are perfect for window seats, too! Use their bedroom bench with storage as a place to hold their toys and books. If you don’t have room for a whole window bench, use a window sill extender for added space.

Set up a Fold-Down Desk

Whether you’re working from home or simply want a space to write or create, a wall-mounted folding table gives you a functional bedroom workspace that can be stored away when not in use. This space-saving desk style is perfect for laptops and tablets. Drawers, cabinets, and cubbies in pre-made Murphy desks give you additional storage for paper, writing utensils, and craft supplies, too.

Invest in a Blanket Basket

Blankets Stored in Wicker Basket. Photo by Instagram user @elleson513

Photo via @elleson513

Don’t have the closet space for blankets or pillows? Use a cute wicker basket as a decorative storage bin. Cut the clutter in your bedroom by using your blanket baskets for miscellaneous storage, too. Baskets can work as catch-all bins for items you want to put away another time or serve as storage for dog and cat toys. Or put your extra quilts on display. Hanging beautiful afghans and handmade knits on a blanket ladder or quilt stand can add texture and personality to your bedroom.

Rethink Dresser Organization

Jeans Rolled Up into a Storage Basket. Photo by Instagram user @zenwithjulia

Photo via @zenwithjulia

You may think you know how to organize a dresser, but if you’re still folding your clothes, you’re missing out! Ditch the folding strategy and keep tidy with the KonMari Folding Method, an organization hack from the KonMari Method. If you don’t have the time for precise folding every week, clothes drawer organizers are easier to use and keep your socks, underwear, tights, and more in their designated spots.

Maximize Bedroom Closet Space

Or organize your bedroom closet efficiently and raise or lower your closet shelving to better utilize vertical storage options and get more clothes storage space. A hanging closet organizer system can include closet wall hooks for bags and jackets, or over-the-door closet organizers for scarves, belts, ties, and more. Bins and baskets are another space-saving closet storage solution, great for sweaters and shoes. This bedroom closet organization tip is especially useful in newborn to kindergarten-age closets, where hanging tiny clothes means there’s plenty of unused shelf space below for stacking bins. Put dress slacks and pants on S-hooks or try folding them at the knee crease on regular hangers.

Create an Open Closet

Clothes on a Rolling Clothing Rack. Photo by Instagram user @shopperella

Photo via @shopperella

One of the trendiest closet organizer ideas out there, an open wardrobe with drawers and shelves helps you easily select pieces while adding to your overall stylish bedroom design. With a portable clothing rack, you can keep your favorite outfits in view, making it easier to donate old pieces and curate your wardrobe year-round. Simplify your morning routine with a rolling clothing rack, wall coat rack, or behind-the-door hooks for coats, purses, and car keys. Additionally, open shelving near the bedroom door can be used to store shoes, book bags, and more.

Put Your Dresser in the Closet

White dresser in a bright walk-in closet. Photo by Instagram user @decluttrme.

Photo via @decluttrme

If you have a walk-in closet or dressing room attached to your bedroom, add a touch of luxury by centering it around a closet island and shoe storage ottoman. Or make the most of narrow closet space with a small dresser—like a tallboy dresser for socks, underwear, and accessories. No matter how you choose to do it, moving a chest of drawers out of your bedroom and into your wardrobe can really open up the floor space!

Create Wall Storage Solutions

Using up every foot of space is the basis of several small bedroom storage ideas, but many people forget to maximize their wall space. Floor-to-ceiling shelves create endless bedroom styling possibilities! Make a home library on an accent wall or line houseplants along the perimeter of your room with shelves. And for short, awkward spaces in an upstairs or attic bedroom, consider building under-eaves storage cabinets or shelves.

Stack Shelves to Fit Your Space

Out of book shelving ideas for your small bedroom? Buy stackable shelves to make the most of unused spaces in any size room! Place shorter shelves below a window with knick-knacks on top, or stack taller cube storage shelves in the narrow spaces between your other furniture. Or you can even make your own modular bookshelf.

Build Floating Shelves

This trendy bedroom organization trick isn’t just for those with small rooms! Floating shelves add storage space while displaying your valuables and collectables. You can build floating shelves yourself or invest in construction-free options like removable plant window shelves. Wall-mounted shelves can be turned into statement pieces, too! Play around with geometric shelves, or opt for floating shelves with storage that fits perfectly into a corner.

Remember Bedroom Corner Shelves

Small Bedroom with Corner Shelves Installed. Photo by Instagram user @renovatingno53

Photo via @renovatingno53

When it comes to bedroom storage ideas, even the smallest recess isn’t wasted. Recessed shelves are perfect for storing in tight spaces. If a corner isn’t large enough to accommodate a dresser or chair, try using a standing triangle corner shelf to display photos, memorabilia, and trinkets. Or create your own floating corner shelves with hooks to store jewelry, belts, scarves, and other accessories.

Store Your Accessories on a Wall

If you’re in search of bedroom storage solutions that double as stylish bedroom decorations, these hat storage and sunglasses display tricks make picking your next outfit easy. Simply add adhesive hooks or screwable wall hooks to your bedroom and arrange your accessories as you like! Handbag collectors can also display their purses with wall-mounted hooks that can handle more weight.

Make Organized Jewelry Art

Rather than using a jewelry box, show off your necklaces or earrings, even when you’re not wearing them! There are plenty of wall jewelry organizer products and jewelry stands that look elegant and free up counter space in your bedroom. You can also DIY jewelry organizers on a budget with corkboard, pegboard, hangers, picture frames, and more. If you want a more sleek and minimalistic bedroom, try out a full-length standing jewelry armoire mirror as elegant hidden jewelry storage. Even a smaller mirrored jewelry cabinet can be a great place to try on your pieces and put on your makeup for the day!

Display Your Favorite Shoes

If there’s little room left in your small closet for footwear, get creative with shoe storage ideas! Keep seasonal footwear in excellent condition with stackable shoe boxes. Meanwhile, store everyday pairs in easily-reachable shoe racks on the floor or use over-the-door shoe organizers. When it comes to a prized shoe collection, you have to consider footwear display ideas that let each pair shine. A sneaker collection looks great with additional lighting on individual floating shelves, but you can use clear shoe boxes for a more understated display. Hang high heels on wall ladders, wall-mounted tension rods, or a spinning shoe rack for ease of access. Or if you’re looking for kids shoe storage ideas, try shoe cubbies for an easy kids bedroom organization tip.

Stay Organized with a Rolling Cart

If you’re wondering how to organize a bedroom when your space needs are constantly changing, try a more flexible storage solution! A bedroom rolling cart is perfect for keeping items you occasionally use, right where you need them. Use it as a makeup organizer or additional book and magazine storage. Whatever the purpose, this storage organizer will keep clutter at bay and your favorite items within reach. Rolling carts are also an excellent dorm decor idea, and you can keep all your snacks, school supplies, electronics, and more in the portable cart.

Don’t Forget Clear Containers

Clear Containers Storing Sheets and Blankets. Photo by Instagram user @ezystorage

Photo via @ezystorage

Sometimes, the best bedroom storage tips are the simplest! Make finding what you need a snap with clear bins and a white marker. This idea is awesome for bedroom closets that are low on hanger space!


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