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Child's room with organizational shelves and bins

24 Kids Room Organization & Toy Storage Ideas (Including DIY Tips!)

Do you have young children? Does it look like a tornado swept through their bedroom by the end of the day? Kids room organization might seem impossible, but with smart planning, storage furniture, and a little imagination, you can transform your child’s bedroom and avoid the mess!

Follow these steps and get closer to the organized kids room of your dreams:

Start with Decluttering Kids Rooms

Still not sure how to declutter kids rooms? The easiest solution for kids room organization is simply having less stuff to organize. Because the two biggest culprits of kids room clutter are excessive toys and outgrown clothes, get rid of these items before you dive into cleaning your children’s rooms.

Get Rid of Excess Toys

Box with Toys for Donation in Car. Photo by Instagram user @motogirly

Photo via @motogirly

While your children might kick and scream at the idea of getting rid of toys, chances are they won’t even miss a lot of the things that are making their rooms messy. Looking for more toy purging inspiration? Kids Activities Blog has great ideas for having conversations about why decluttering is important and how to make cleaning a game.

Donate or Sell Old Clothes

Boxes of Childrens Clothes to be Donated. Photo by Instagram user @mtsmississauga

Photo via @mtsmississauga

Growing kids mean you’ll go through clothes fast! It can be easy to get sentimental and hold onto clothes that no longer fit, but the more clothes you have, the more kids bedroom storage ideas you’ll need. Try only saving the important things and getting rid of the rest as soon as they no longer fit. Planning for another baby? Vacuum-seal clothes you won’t use for a while to reduce the amount of space they take up!

Once you’ve purged excess toys, clothes, and books, you’re ready to organize the remaining item in your kids room. Try the tips and tricks below!

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Invest in Storage Furniture for Kids Rooms

Decorative Storage Chest. Photo by Instagram user @acudna

Photo via @acudna

The right furniture can make storage for your kids room a breeze! Whether you’re searching for bedroom ideas for small kids rooms or trying to organize on a budget, check out these ideas to simplify children’s bedroom storage!

Opt for Beds with Storage

Kids Bunk Bed with Desk and Storage Shelves. Photo by Instagram user @tiurliwoodkids

Photo via @tiurliwoodkids

Kids storage ideas can be as simple as choosing a bed with built-in cubbies or drawers. Whether your kids are sharing a room or your child gets their own bunk, beds make awesome storage furniture, especially if you’re trying to make the most of a small room!

Maximize Bunk Bed Space

Bunk Bed with Playful Hidout Underneath. Photo by Instagram user @thediymommy

Photo via @thediymommy

If you’re organizing a small bedroom, kids room storage can be hard to come by. So make sure to use the space you have most effectively! Adding curtains below a bunk bed is an excellent toy storage solution. Curtains can also be added to create a separate playroom or a study nook!

Get Creative with Hanging Storage

Hanging Net for Toy Storage in Kids Room. Photo by Instagram user @mini_owls

Photo via @mini_owls

With children, imagination is everything! So why wouldn’t you get creative when it comes to organizing? Try suspending branches from the ceiling to create more space to hang clothing, and add a whimsical touch to your boy’s or girl’s room! This is also a brilliant toddler room organization idea that keeps clean clothes close to the crib.’

Add Shoe Storage

Searching for bedroom storage on a budget? There’s no need to break the bank when you organize a kids room! Try using pallets or extra PVC pipes to build your own shoe storage! The best part of using PVC pipe is you can customize the size and the number of shoe cubbies you want to add.

DIY Idea: Glue, clamps, and a touch of paint is all it takes to create a cool shoe organizer. We love this do-it-yourself hack from Instructables that shows you how to mount your homemade shoe rack on the wall.

Give Boots a Home

Kids’ rain boots can be pretty cute! So why wouldn’t you show them off? When it comes to boot storage, think vertically!

DIY Idea: DIY bedroom storage ideas don’t have to be hard! All it takes is fun paint, dowels, and a bit of elbow grease to transform an old ladder into cute and functional boot storage. We love this vertical boot rack from At Charlotte’s House.

Use Bins for Accessories

Clear Bins Storing Bins, Sunglasses, and Other Childrens Accessories. Photo by Instagram user @thetodonelist

Photo via @thetodonelist

If you’re a parent to a little girl, you know how quickly bows, headbands, and jewelry can get out of hand. Don’t let the brightly colored accessories leave your daughter’s closet in disarray! Girls room organization can be as simple as investing in clear containers and mounting them to the closet wall.

Incorporate a Desk

Desk with Storage in Childrens Room. Photo by Instagram user @pandora.maxton

Photo via @pandora.maxton

Looking for kids room organization ideas that won’t need to be redone in just a few years? Get a desk! Children can use this versatile piece of storage furniture as a coloring and art supply station while they’re young, and then it can later be transformed into a study zone.

Tips for Organizing a Child’s Bedroom

Figuring out where to put what is half the battle of kids bedroom organization. Strategic planning and arranging can make all the difference in helping your kids to go from messy monsters to tidy tots. Try these ideas below for clever furniture placement and storage tips!

Use an Under Bed Storage Trolley

Childrens Bed with Trolley Storage Underneath. Photo by Instagram user @twiggeddesign

Photo via @twiggeddesign

Who says under-the-bed storage has to be boring? This space can be home to more than lost socks when you add smart storage. Shoes, toys, and books all have a convenient home when you build or buy a storage trolley.

DIY Idea: Check out this simple project from Grillo Designs that turns a drawer into cute and functional rolling storage!

Move the Dresser to the Closet

Kids Closet with Dressers Inside. Photo by Instagram user @miss_cmiu

Photo via @miss_cmiu

Kids room organization ideas that think smarter and not harder are the best! So when it come to organizing your child’s closet, make the most of the space. Storing your son or daughter’s dresser in the closet also creates in-closet counter space to stack clothes or display hair clips, jewelry, and other trinkets.

Use Pictures & Symbols for Labels

Kids Closet Storage Labeled with Arrows and Pictures of Clothes. Photo by Instagram user @colleenpastoor

Photo via @colleenpastoor

With a smart storage system, your kids closet organization will make it easy for all ages to find and put away their clothes. Using the first letter of your child’s name along with a picture of which clothing articles go where is a brilliant idea, especially if you’re organizing a shared kids room!

DIY Idea: Your kids closet organizer will look amazing with these vinyl storage bin labels from Lemon Thistle!

Make the Most of Wall Space

Kids Room with Toys and Books Stored in Bins on Wall. Photo by Instagram user @taylorflanery

Photo via @taylorflanery

No room for a big dresser? One great kids bedroom idea is to use wall space whenever possible. Floating shelves can store countless picture books and tiny toys! Plus, sturdy shelves like these can easily transition from nursery room decor to a big kid bookshelf.

Install Corner Shelves

Floor space should be reserved for building forts and pretending a lake of lava is underfoot. A simple kids room organization idea that helps keep floor space free is floating corner shelves.

DIY Idea: These kids shelves from Handyman add corner storage for books, toys, and everything else! Plus, this DIY project is simple and affordable.

Create a Blanket Basket

Woven Basket with Blankets and Stuffed Animals. Photo by Instagram user @catinbasket

Photo via @catinbasket

Make your child’s blankie and teddy bear easy to find with a blanket basket! This kids storage idea not only looks adorable, but it also keeps things off the floor!

DIY Idea: Are you a crafty parent? Do you love to crochet? If the answer is yes, then you can create your own blanket basket. Making this rainbow basket from My Poppet on a larger scale will add a pop of color to your child’s room and corral clutter!

Use Bins to Group Different Clothing Sizes

Still struggling with closet organization? Try grouping clothing by size! Keeping similar sizes together will help you find what you’re looking for more easily. Plus, this system will also make it simple to move outgrown clothing out of your kids closet and into storage or a donation drop!

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Smart Ideas for Toy Storage

How to organize a girl’s room most effectively or increase boys room storage often begins with smart toy organization. Whether you’re searching for DIY toy storage ideas or a cheap toy bin organizer you can buy, check out these simple hacks to clear out clutter!

Utilize Storage Cubbies for Toys

Not sure how to organize a baby dresser? Looking for toy storage solutions for small bedrooms? A cube organizer shelf could be the answer. The ability to add storage bins or leave shelves open makes this versatile piece of furniture ideal for storing clothes, toys, and books!

Add Bins to a Bookshelf

Kids Bookshelf with Bins Storing Toys and Books. Photo by Instagram user @melissasabra

Photo via @melissasabra

If you’re organizing toys on a budget, you’ll want to find kids room ideas that can transition from nursery to teenage years. That’s where a budget-friendly bookshelf comes in! Although your toddler’s literary collection might not be full yet, adding bins to a bookshelf offers a tidy toy storage solution in the meantime.

Try Storage Without a Lid

Make putting away toys easy with this clever kids room storage idea! Choosing a toy bin organizer without a lid is great for teaching little ones where their toys go.

DIY Idea: Want to build your own toy storage bin? Give this pine board vertical DIY from Ana White a try and build a home for every Barbie and LEGO!

Remember Art Supply Storage

Colorful Storage for Childrens Art Supplies. Photo by Instagram user @irisusa

Photo via @irisusa

Plastic shoe boxes make the perfect storage bins for arts and crafts supplies. No plastic boxes around? No problem! Put old shoe boxes to work and transform cardboard into an organization system with only a marker!

Rethink Shoe Organizers

Shoe Organized on Back of Closet Door Storing Kids Toys. Photo by Instagram user @notanexpertmom

Photo via @notanexpertmom

Have an extra hanging shoe organizer around? Make toy organization for your kid’s room simple by reusing items you already have!

Put Toys on Display

As a parent, you can drive yourself mad constantly organizing kids rooms and trying to keep everything tidy! Save yourself some stress by allowing action figures, toy cars, and stuffed animals to simply be a part of your child’s bedroom decor.

Upcycle Milk Crates

Milk Crates Repurposed as Storage for Kids Toys. Photo by Instagram user @alb_1987

Photo via @alb_1987

Did having children deplete all of your savings? Are you searching for cheap way to organize a child’s room? Milk crates are budget-friendly and a great toy storage idea for small spaces where other storage furniture won’t fit!

Add Magnets to the Wall

Never step on another race car again! Magnetic toy car storage makes it easy for your little racer to put away his or her toy cars and adds fun decoration to the room!

DIY Idea: Make a magnetic car mural like this one from Land of Nod. All you need are magnetic strips, screws, and a screwdriver!

Are you ready to tackle the clutter in your kids room? Try these storage ideas and organizational tricks in your child’s room and get closer to a neat, tidy bedroom today!