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How to Design & Organize a Kids Study Room

Want to create a study space for kids at home? Explore decor, furniture, and organization ideas to transform any area in your home into a fun and functional homework room!

Add a Desk to Your Child’s Room

Putting a desk in your kid’s bedroom makes it easy for them to study where they’re most comfortable! Especially with preteens and teenagers, creating a study space that’s all their own will help them take responsibility for their school work.

Build a Study Nook

Monitor computer time and keep an eye on test preparation with a study nook. Place a leaning desk in high traffic spots or mark off a portion of your kitchen to homework so you can monitor progress. Repurposing closets or the space under the stairs are also great options to create a small study area.

Create a Kids Corner in Your Office

If you already have a designated home office, section off an area for your kids to do their assignments. Not only does this help maximize your office space, but it will also encourage bonding time between you and your children as you work on projects near one another.

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Combine a Flex Room

Kids study area set up in room with piano. Photo by Instagram user @ordinatoathome

Photo via @ordinatoathome

This kids study room idea is perfect if you don’t have an entire extra room to spare for school work! Utilizing a bonus room to serve as a study space—as well as an art, music, game, or playroom—is an awesome way to combine their hobbies, passions, and homework.

Set Up a Table in the Living Room

Kids at coloring table in living room. Photo by Instagram user @fractureme

Photo via @fractureme

It doesn’t take much to make a study table anywhere in your home! Appoint a homework station in your living room or other flex zones by adding a corner study table or a large children’s table for creative projects or laying out flashcards.

Design a Reading Corner

Reading nook for kids. Photo by Instagram user @annephoto

Photo via @annephoto

Whether it’s in their playroom or your child’s bedroom, designate a spot to snuggle up with a good book! Your kids might need a desk or table to paint and work on math problems, but reading room furniture can be as simple as a bean bag, some floor pillows, and a little imagination!

Embrace Color

This kids study room idea works for all ages but is especially important for younger children! Bright colors stimulate the brain and can help children retain information. Employ classroom color theory to help with learning at home. Try green to help with focus or orange to boost the mood. Red is said to stimulate creativity, while blue is known for its calming effects!

Utilize Natural Light

Help students stay motivated for more than just the first few weeks of back to school by letting nature inspire them! Creating a kids study room near windows is not only easier on the eyes, but it also aids in maintaining focus longer.

Include a Lamp

Kids desk with bunny lamp. Photo by Instagram user @colourandspice

Photo via @colourandspice

A kids desk setup is not complete without a lively and bright lamp! Whether you find a cool shape or one in their favorite color, a reading lamp will help create a warm atmosphere and protect little eyes from strain.

Mount File Holders

Filing assignments for each class by subject is a simple study room organization tip! Build a homework wall with hanging file organizers and easily arrange projects and papers.

Add Floating Shelves

Kids desk with floating shelves. Photo by Instagram user @closetmaid

Photo via @closetmaid

Not sure how to store pencils, markers, books, and show off your child’s A+ paper? Smart study room design maximizes the vertical space above a desk or table! A kids floating bookshelf can help display decor, as well as add storage to their study room.

Get Creative with Bookshelves

Kids desk with bookshelf. Photo by Instagram user @diddletinkers

Photo via @diddletinkers

Experiment with a kids wall bookshelf! Play with shapes, unique designs, and different sizes to accommodate their favorite storybooks, coloring pages, and journals. Study room bookshelves will be home to class assignments, supplies, and inspiring decor, so try to think outside the box when buying or building yours!

Hang a Pegboard Shelf

Colorful kids room with pegboard on the wall. Photo by Instagram user @tinylittlepads

Photo via @tinylittlepads

As your children grow, so will their study needs! An amazing study room storage idea is to get versatile furniture that can adapt with them. Pegboard shelving is great because you can easily change what you’re displaying to match shifting style and taste. On a budget or have a passion for DIY projects? Build your own pegboard shelving system!

Opt for a Floating Desk

Floating desk with laptop and lamp. Photo by Instagram user @urbansize_home

Photo via @urbansize_home

Searching for floating desk ideas? If you’re trying to create a schoolwork zone in your child’s small bedroom, a wall-mounted desk is a solid option for saving space! Build your own DIY floating desk with these plans from HGTV.

Choose Active Seating

Kids study room with balance balls for seats. Photo by Instagram user @bricely201828

Photo via @bricely201828

Encourage kids to stay active while they’re studying by purchasing exercise balls instead of traditional chairs! This is also a versatile option if you’re trying to fit everything into a small study room.

Pick Comfy Chairs

Kids desk with comfortable chair. Photo by Instagram user @mahajanhome

Photo via @mahajanhome

Study room furniture for kids needs to be cozy! If you’re opting for more traditional seating, choose chairs that provide good support and are the right size so your children can sit for extended periods of time.

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Find Used Furniture

Repurposed school desks. Photo by Instagram user @craftsbycourt

Photo via @craftsbycourt

A great budget-friendly option for decorating a kids study room is to always be on the lookout for study room furniture that’s being sold at your child’s school or at a nearby college campus! Old school desks or dorm furniture is usually cheap and often comes with built-in storage.

Use a Shower Caddy for Storage

Keep supplies in a shower caddy to make a mobile homework station. If there’s not room in your home for a dedicated study room, ensuring supplies are easy to move from the kitchen table to the couch is an awesome way to encourage studying anywhere!

Include a Rolling Cart

Rolling cart with kids school supplies. Photo by Instagram user @livingonalatte

Photo via @livingonalatte

Wondering how to create a good study space for kids? Portable storage and supplies will help them mix up where they read for English or prepare for the big math test next week. This will motivate kids to hit the books longer and keep up with habits even after the back-to-school newness has worn off.

Utilize a Desk Organizer

Desk with organizers for supplies. Photo by Instagram user @ikeafamilymag

Photo via @ikeafamilymag

One of the best small desk ideas is to make streamlined storage a top priority! Keep colored pencils, markers, glue sticks, pens, and other supplies tidy with organizational furniture. Buy storage bins and desktop organizers in an array of colors and styles, or choose one of these DIY projects to assemble with your kid!

Kids study room ideas don’t need to be extravagant! Choosing the right furniture, decorating in a stimulating way, and emphasizing organization is all it takes to create an excellent homework station! Want to make studying and the school day even more fun for your children? Check out these DIY school supplies ideas and send your kids to school with unique items they’ll love to show off!

Design & Organize a Kids Study Room

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