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renovated bathroom with zero entry shower and large mirror

16 Ways to Add Hidden Storage in Your Bathroom

Looking for bathroom organization ideas you can use to organize your space and get more storage? These 16 hidden storage ideas can help you declutter your bathroom and keep items out of sight!

Turn False Drawers into a Tip-Out Tray

Tip out tray in updated bathroom under sink. Photo by Instagram user @rokhardware

Photo via @rokhardware

Convert the false drawer of the vanity into a tip-out tray to create usable storage in your bathroom! This simple solution is an inexpensive way to design a secret storage space that’s perfect for storing toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, and more while leaving the countertops clean!

Add Toe-Kick Drawers

Toe Kick Drawer Added Beneath Bathroom Vanity. Photo by Instagram user @homebath.ca

Photo via @homebath.ca

Don’t let the bottom of your bathroom vanity go unused! Transform this space by installing a toe-kick drawer. This hidden area may be narrow, but it’s a great spot for storing hand towels, washcloths, and sponges.

Build a Pull-Out Drawer

Want to create an organized bathroom cabinet where everything can easily be seen? Convert cabinet shelves into pull-out drawers! This is a convenient way to store everyday items, such as hair products, hair tools, medicine, makeup, and more—plus, nothing gets lost in the back of the cabinet!

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Opt for Full-Length Vanity Drawers

Want to get more counter space in your bathroom? Convert the top drawers in your vanity into a full-length drawer! This large cabinet drawer will allow you to store larger items like hair styling tools, makeup bags, and beauty products. Be sure to add organizers into this drawer, too, to keep everything neat and tidy!

Install Hidden Double Drawers

Hidden double drawers in a bathroom vanity. Photo by Instagram user @edenn_design

Photo via @edenn_design

An easy way to get more storage in a bathroom is to double up on drawer space! You can build hidden drawers inside of existing bathroom cabinet drawers to hold extra cotton balls, cotton swabs, soap, and more.

Hide Drawers Below Overhanging Counters

Drawer added underneath an overhanging counter near bathtub. Photo by Instagram user @cueandco

Photo via @cueandco

If you have a long bathroom countertop with an overhang, take advantage of this secret spot by adding a storage drawer into the counter! This built-in storage idea can also work well next to a bathtub to create easy access to soaps, bath salts, candles, and more.

Go with an Over-the-Door Shelf

This may not be the most secretive bathroom storage option, but a shelf or built-in cabinet above the bathroom door is a great way to get hidden storage! This high-up space is still within reach and provides the perfect spot for storing items like towels, washcloths, or toilet paper up and out of the way.

Take Advantage of Cabinet Doors

Storage added to the back of vanity cabinet doors in the bathroom. Photo by Instagram user @tiffanyish

Photo via @tiffanyish

When it comes to bathroom organization, don’t neglect the back of cabinet doors! You can hang magnetic strips on the back side of the door to store bobby pins, tweezers, nail clippers, and other grooming essentials. Or get creative with stick-on lightweight baskets for storing cotton balls, nail polish, and makeup brushes!

Create Safe Storage for Hot Tools

Hidden storage spot for hot hair tools in bathroom. Photo by Instagram user @ lindyegalloway

Photo via @lindyegalloway

Remove clutter from your bathroom counters by creating a place to store your blow dryer, curling iron, and other styling tools! Instead of leaving everything out on the countertop where cords can get tangled, dedicate a hidden storage drawer that’s deep enough to hold these tools. You can even install a power outlet in the drawer to make getting ready in the morning easy!

Utilize Under-the-Sink Storage

Plastic totes used for under sink storage organization in bathroom. Photo by Instagram user @chelseagthomas

Photo via @chelseagthomas

If your goal is to keep items off the counter so you can maintain a minimalist bathroom look, don’t forget to use the space under the sink for hidden bathroom storage! Make the most of under-the-sink storage with shelf risers, fun baskets, clear containers, or a Lazy Susan to store hair products, cleaning products, toilet paper, and other bathroom necessities.

Incorporate a Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Have a small bathroom vanity without a lot of storage options? Take advantage of the space above the sink by installing a recessed medicine cabinet! Not only does this hidden cabinet give you a mirror, but it’s also a great secret spot to stash medicine, cotton balls, lotion, and other items you don’t want crowding the counter!

Try a Mirror with Hidden Storage

A mirror just doesn’t have to be used for bathroom decoration! Use a mirror that offers shelf space behind it or on the sides for a simple bathroom storage solution. While this space may not provide the most room, behind-the-mirror storage allows you to keep your items concealed but not out of reach!

Stow Items Under the Bathtub

Make the most out of your bathroom storage by maximizing space in unusual spots! Utilize the hollow space under the bathtub by adding a hidden push drawer, where you can keep kids bath toys, soaps and shampoos, sponges, towels, and more!

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Opt for a Hidden Step Stool

Turn the space beneath cabinets into the perfect hideaway spot for a step stool! This is a great storage solution for a child’s bathroom. Use this narrow bathroom space to create a toe-kick step stool or stash the step stool in the empty spot. Either way, you can keep awkward step stools out of sight!

Keep Toilet Paper Hidden

Toilet paper holder in bathroom. Photo by Instagram user @greydock

Photo via @greydock

Instead of taking up cabinet space or storing toilet paper on top of the toilet tank, purchase or build a small storage cabinet where you can keep toilet paper out of sight! Don’t have room for an additional cabinet? Use a canister or place a small basket under the sink where you can store toilet paper rolls.

Design a Pullout Hamper

Are you tired of having dirty laundry on the bathroom floor? Instead of letting clothes pile up, add a pullout hamper to keep laundry hidden! Find the perfect spot for the hamper at the end of a bathroom vanity or between two sinks to keep your bathroom feeling clean and organized!

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