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White bathroom with wood counters and white sinks.

15 Ideas for Minimalist Bathroom Inspiration

Want to embrace minimalism in your bathroom design but not sure how? From decluttering and adding smart bathroom storage solutions to picking the right paint colors and wall decor, these 15 ideas can help you create the ultimate minimalist bathroom!

Only Keep What You Need

The bathroom can be a dumping ground for beauty products, styling tools, and toiletries. So before you begin designing for minimalism, clean the bathroom! Toss out or donate any unused, duplicate, and expired items, and only keep the things you use on a regular basis.

Go Neutral with Paint Color

Bathroom with white and tree in corner of room. Photo by Instagram user @amybartiam

Photo via @amybartiam

A major component of minimalist design is embracing a neutral color palette on your walls. This will make the room appear brighter and more spacious. Shades of white, gray, beige, and even soft yellow or blush are all great colors for creating a calm, spa-like space in your minimalist bathroom.

Experiment with Tile

Your minimalist bathroom doesn’t have to be completely white! Create lines and dimension using hexagonal floor tiles in a monochromatic color scheme. Alternate between black and white subway tiles to mix things up. Or give your bathroom a sophisticated minimalist look with a backsplash in your shower or behind your sink.

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Create Warmth with a Rug

White bathroom with wood floating cabinet and white faux fur rug. Photo by Instagram user @kati_home13

Photo via @kati_home13

Minimalist design can often make rooms appear stark and sterile, so it’s important to add a little coziness. Including a shag or patterned rug will create some warmth and soften that harsh look—not to mention, it can offer a pop of color that won’t disrupt the bathroom’s simple, neutral design.

Swap Out Old Hardware

White bathroom with wood cabinet and orange rug. Photo by Instagram user @jeffmindell

Photo via @jeffmindell

An easy minimalist bathroom idea is updating old faucets, knobs, handles, and shower heads with hardware in warm shades like bronze, gold, and copper. You can also embrace minimalism through more modern bathroom updates like eliminating hardware altogether, which will help create sleek lines.

Install Simple Light Fixtures

All-white bathroom with blue rug and wood vanity. Photo by Instagram user @kristinabills

Photo via @kristinabills

A minimalist home should have simple lighting that provides maximum brightness—and the bathroom is no exception! Consider a pendant light over the sink, wall scones, or recessed lighting above the shower. Try to choose something that matches the rest of the hardware so you have a cohesive bathroom design.

Opt for a Floating Sink

Small bathroom with white wall tile and dark floors with glass shower. Photo by Instagram user @kyrosdesigns

Photo via @kyrosdesigns

If you have a small bathroom, consider incorporating a floating vanity into your minimalist design. Having negative space under your sink can visually open up a tiny bathroom, making it feel larger than it actually is. And if making your bathroom look bigger isn’t one of your goals, then you can always use the available space under a floating sink for hidden bathroom storage!

Incorporate Vertical Shelving

Utilizing wall space is one of the best bathroom organization ideas because it helps prevent counters, floors, medicine cabinets, and closets from getting too cluttered. Place a few floating shelves above the toilet or bathtub to display plants or hold towels. Or install a recessed shelf near the shower for shampoos, body washes, and loofas.

Create More Space with Glass Doors

White-tile bathroom with wood floors and glass shower. Photo by Instagram user @kling_designs

Photo via @kling_designs

Give the illusion of a bigger and brighter bathroom with glass shower doors. This is a fantastic idea for those creating a small minimalist bathroom, as glass doors will allow more light to fill the space. For a more budget-friendly option that doesn’t require extra labor, simply put up a clear or frosted shower curtain.

Bring the Outdoors In

From bamboo bath mats and small succulents on the windowsill to wood cabinets and wood flooring, bringing natural elements into your bathroom design can instantly make your space feel cozy without giving up that clean minimalist style. Plus, adding these elements is a fantastic way to incorporate feng shui in your bathroom and promote positive chi.

Keep Countertop Decor Simple

When it comes to minimalist decor, less is more. Avoid cluttering countertops with lots of picture frames, trinkets, and toiletry holders. Instead, opt for a glass jar with marbles, a small potted plant, or a decorative soap dispenser.

Tone Down Wall Decor

White bathroom with large white tub and golden sphere light fixture. Photo by Instagram user @amybartiam

Photo via @amybartiam

While you might feel the need to decorate your walls to give your bathroom more color or personality, remember that you always want to create balance with minimalist designs. Rather than covering walls with photos or eclectic wallpaper, stick to creating a focal point on one wall with a large painting or small picture frame to balance out the rest of the room’s simple look.

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Add a Few Baskets

All white bathroom with gold light fixtures and wicker baskets under white cabinet. Photo by Instagram use @househappening

Photo via @househappening

Need extra storage for towels, linens, and toilet paper? Invest in some baskets! Wicker baskets can provide cohesive bathroom storage while also keeping shelves, cabinets, and closets clutter-free. You can even fasten some to the wall and use them to store linens, toilet paper, and cotton swabs.

Use a Ladder for Storage

If you don’t have a lot of bathroom storage available, you can always find pieces that do double duty, such as ladders. With a ladder in your minimalist bathroom, you can add clean lines that are pleasing to the eye, as well as get extra storage for towels, magazines, and other items.

Turn Glass Jars into Bathroom Decor

Prevent small items like bobby pins, cotton swabs, nail polishes, and more from scattering all over drawers and counters by utilizing glass jars. Not only will this keep everything neatly in place, but the glass jars can also give your bathroom a cohesive look, no matter the decor or color scheme!


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