Your Minimalist Guide to Home Decluttering & Organizing

When it comes to home organization, it’s tempting to buy organizers and storage containers to address clutter. But a minimalist home is all about simplicity and living with less. If you’re ready to organize a minimalist home, check out the tips below for decluttering your home and keeping things simple!

Declutter One Room at a Time

Minimalist black and white living room. Photo by Instagram user @housetwentyfive
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The first thing you’ll need to do is declutter your home. If that sounds overwhelming, try tackling your clutter one area at a time. Separate the items you plan to keep, sell, donate, recycle, or trash. Not sure which decluttering system is best? Try one of these popular minimalist decluttering methods.

Designate an Outbox

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Struggling to part with certain items? Place them in an outbox. The idea behind an outbox is to store items you can’t decide whether to keep or toss for a week or two. If you haven’t thought about or used the items after this time, you can feel good about donating or getting rid of them. Make sure to keep the outbox in your living room or another high-traffic area—that way, you won’t forget about it entirely!


Remember Everything Needs a Home

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Minimalism at home means every item has a purpose and a place. If an item doesn’t fit into your home’s design or can’t be tucked away when you’re not using it, it might be time to reevaluate.

Get Rid of Plastic Bags

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Do you have a drawer or cabinet full of plastic bags? Make a resolution to buy reusable bags or switch to paper. You can recycle plastic bags with retailers like grocery store chains, Walmart, and Target, which typically have plastic bag recycling bins near entrances.

Arrange a Drop Zone

Drop zone in small apartment. Photo by Instagram user @littleanana
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Think about the traffic flow of your home and where clutter tends to accumulate. One area that always seems to get cluttered more than others is the entryway. Try creating a drop zone with a DIY pegboard where you can hang coats, bags, keys, pet leashes, and other accessories to keep everything tidy.

Organize the Playroom

Minimalist kids playroom. Photo by Instagram user @taijanellie
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Involve your kids in minimalism by asking them to organize their playroom and clear out toys they don’t use. Help them sort through toys they love, and explain to them the impact of donating their old favorites to children in need. Make sure the toys they keep are organized and stored out of the way.

Go Through Your Wardrobe

Minimalist bedroom with hanging rack for clothes. Photo by Instagram user @friederikchen
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One of the best ways to reduce clutter is by downsizing your wardrobe. Get rid of any clothing and accessories you haven’t worn in the last year or that are beyond the point of repair. After you’ve sold, donated, recycled, or trashed the items you no longer need, use these closet organization tips to organize what’s left and maximize your storage space.

Clean Out the Bathroom

Bathroom baskets for organization. Photo by Instagram user @theorderlyspace
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It’s easy for bathrooms to get cluttered with unused items. If you have products or styling tools in good condition that you no longer use, donate them to a local women’s shelter. Toss out or recycle any old makeup and properly dispose of prescription medicines that have expired. Have frayed or worn out towels? Don’t trash them! Animal shelters are always in need of towels, so you can donate them there.

Reduce Your Pantry

Organized kitchen pantry. Photo by Instagram user @organizedlifedesign
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The kitchen pantry is often overlooked when it comes to minimalist organization, but it’s one of the easiest spots for clutter to accumulate. Do you have spices or non-perishable items you haven’t used? Donate them to a charitable pantry, and try to avoid buying unnecessary ingredients in the future. Do you have a mess of boxes taking up space? Use plastic containers or glass jars with labels to store these dry goods. Also, be sure to get rid of any food storage containers that are mismatched or that don’t have lids.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

Pegboard for kitchen utensils. Photo by Instagram user @yvestown
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Free up space and keep items off the floor by storing items on the wall! Vertical storage ideas include pegboards, wall-mounted baskets, over-the-door hooks, and more. You can also better utilize awkward, narrow wall space by installing corner shelves for additional storage and organization.

Utilize Floating Shelves

Floating shelves in living room. Photo by Instagram user @furniture_decoisland
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Unlike freestanding bookshelves, floating shelves keep a room feeling open and airy while also offering plenty of storage space. Not to mention, they’re incredibly easy to install and blend seamlessly with minimalist furniture and decor.

Build Recessed Shelves

Recessed shelves with minimalist decor. Photo by Instagram user @cassandra_lawless
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Common in kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways, recessed shelves are an awesome way to make use of every available inch of vertical space. Because they sit inside the wall itself, these space-saving shelves provide storage without requiring you to add more furniture to your home. Looking for a weekend project? Try this recessed shelves tutorial from the DIY Network!

Embrace Furniture with Hidden Storage

Living room bench with built-in storage. Photo by Instagram user @leburre
Photo via @leburre

Sleek, hidden storage is key in minimalist organization. Furniture that includes storage spaces or drawers helps maximize space and keep your home from looking cluttered. Space-saving furniture ideas include storage ottomans, window benches, and storage trunks—and don’t forget about under the bed storage!


Use Storage Boxes to Disguise Items

Storage shelf with storage bins. Photo by Instagram user @inspiredquarters
Photo via @inspiredquarters

Not only do storage boxes come in all sizes, shapes, and materials, but they’re also the perfect minimalist storage idea because they keep the items you do have hidden. Opt for storage containers that have the same colors as your decor to help them blend in and seem more like part of your minimalist design.

Stay Organized with a Labeling System

Labels on outside of bins. Photo by Instagram user @reclaim_interiors
Photo via @reclaim_interiors

Especially if your storage containers aren’t clear, labels can help you group like items together and make them easier to find. These printable labels are perfect for fabric or canvas storage bins, while these handwritten labels give wicker baskets or boxes a beautiful, modern look. If you prefer more visual organization, you can adopt a color-coding system for closets, cabinets, and pantries.

Clear Out Items Every Three Months

Minimalist bedroom decor. Photo by Instagram user @bohocozy
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To fully embrace minimalism, you need to declutter your home on a regular basis. After all, even the most dedicated minimalists can accumulate items they don’t need from time to time. Go room by room using your preferred method, and be sure to focus on only keeping what you need and what brings you joy.

Remember, the key to a minimalist lifestyle is to live more simply. Use these home organization ideas to ensure your home stays clutter-free, clean, and functional at all times. Looking for minimalism design ideas? Check out this guide to decorating a minimalist home in a practical yet stylish way.


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Minimalist Home Organization Ideas

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