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How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger: 18 Design & Organization Tips

Do you live in a house or apartment with a small master bedroom that you wish was bigger? Rather than moving to a different home to get more space, try some of the following tips for decorating and organizing your bedroom. These small bedroom ideas are sure to help you make the most of your small space!

Find a Bed Frame with Under Bed Storage

Bed with Under Bed Storage. Photo by Instagram user @slc_homesforyou
Photo via @slc_homesforyou

If you lack closet space and want to avoid cluttering a tiny bedroom with bulky dressers, there are several options for beds with built-in storage! Try a bed frame with storage drawers built into the base or a bed frame that lifts up for hidden storage space. Another option that may be more affordable is to utilize furniture risers to lift your bed higher off the ground, allowing you to place storage containers underneath.

Get More Flexibility with a Murphy Bed

Dog Laying on Murphy Bed in Small Bedroom. Photo by Instagram user @lucyinteriordesign
Photo via @lucyinteriordesign

A Murphy bed is a convenient option for apartment dwellers whose bedrooms also need to function as an office or a living room. These beds are stored in a closet or cabinet when not in use, providing more space and flexibility in your home. Murphy beds come in a variety of sizes, too, so you can find one that fits your space.

Build a Custom Platform Bed

Custom-Built Wooden Platform Bed. Photo by Instagram user @carolinaleoninteriors
Photo via @carolinaleoninteriors

A great small bedroom idea is to build a DIY platform bed! Especially when you don’t have a lot of space in your bedroom, using a platform bed is a win-win situation. You can customize your platform to fit a queen-size or king-size mattress, and you can build as much storage space as you need!


Add Storage with Footboards

Books Stored in Footboard at End of Bed. Photo by Instagram user @goodhomesmagazine
Photo via @goodhomesmagazine

Do away with the traditional footboard and utilize a footboard that doubles as a storage container instead. It’s a great place to stash bedding, blankets, towels, books, or even clothes in your tiny bedroom!

Utilize Multi-Purpose Furniture

Bedroom Desk Being Used as a Vanity. Photo by Instagram user @thevanitybunnies
Photo via @thevanitybunnies

You may need to reduce the amount of furniture you have in your small bedroom, but if you can utilize a piece of furniture for multiple purposes, it can be a great compromise! For example, if you want a desk and a vanity in your small master bedroom, find a table or desk that can be used for both.

Replace Nightstands with Nesting Tables

Nightstand with Nesting Tables Alongside of Bed. Photo by Instagram user @idealdecorating
Photo via @idealdecorating

Save on bedside space by opting for nesting tables instead of standard nightstands! Not only do nesting tables take up less room when stacked, but they also provide more surfaces for lamps, books, coffee mugs, alarm clocks, and other items you may want next to your bed when unstacked.

Use Wall Space for Storage

Modern Bedroom with Lots of Shelving and Storage Place. Photo by Instagram user @storxorganizingsystems
Photo via @storxorganizingsystems

When you have limited space in your small bedroom, it’s important to keep floors as clear as possible to make the room seem bigger and less cluttered. Rather than adding furniture around the room for more bedroom storage, take advantage of your open wall space! You can build cabinets and dressers next to and over your bed to serve as shelves and dressers, adding both style and functionality!

Decorate with Floating Wall Shelves

Bedroom with Floating Shelves Holding Photos and Decorations. Photo by Instagram user @no5_rock_family_renavations
Photo via @no5_rock_family_renavations

When it comes to decorating a small bedroom, keep it simple. The less cluttered your room looks, the more spacious it will feel. An easy way to add some style to your bedroom is with floating shelves! These shelves are perfect for displaying (and storing) books, pictures, blankets, and other home decor.

Opt for a Hanging Clothing Rack

Modern Bedroom with a Hanging Clothes Rack Holding Purses and Women's Clothes. Photo by Instagram user @coconut.ind
Photo via @coconut.ind

For tiny bedrooms without closets, hanging clothing racks are an excellent way to store your wardrobe. Not to mention, a hanging rack keeps clothes free of wrinkles, makes it easier for you to access your closet, and can even function as a decorative piece in your bedroom!

Paint with Light Colors

Bedroom Painted with Warm, Light Pink and White. Photo by Instagram user @nihals_sweet_home
Photo via @nihals_sweet_home

When painting a small bedroom, light colors are the best option. They reflect light better and make walls feel as though they’re farther apart, which can make the room seem larger. Choose paint colors like whites, beiges, yellows, soft pinks, and light blues for your bedroom!

Expand the Room with Mirrors

Bedroom with Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors to Expand Room. Photo by Instagram user @interiorsbyyvonne
Photo via @interiorsbyyvonne

Looking for a simple way to make your small master bedroom seem bigger? Add mirrors! Whether it’s a standing mirror across the room, a hanging mirror above your bed, or mirrors attached to the backs of your doors, a mirror’s reflection can give an impression of a room being wider and taller than it actually is.

Choose Hanging Lamps

Modern Hanging Lang Beside White Bed. Photo by Instagram user @craveforinterior
Photo via @craveforinterior

If you need additional lighting in your small bedroom, but you don’t have space for nightstand lamps or floor lamps, try hanging lamps! These lighting fixtures look great, stay out of the way, and can even cover more surface area when lighting the room since they’re higher up!

Play with Different Heights

White Bedroom with Bed on Floor and Tall Closet. Photo by Instagram user @dreamhomeswithkim
Photo via @dreamhomeswithkim

You don’t need cathedral ceilings to create visual height in your tiny bedroom. An easy design trick is to use furniture that sits low to the ground. This opens up wall space and helps the entire room feel larger!

Use Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

Bedroom with Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains over windows. Photo by Instagram user @idform_furniture
Photo via @idform_furniture

Another trick to elongate your bedroom space is to utilize long curtains. Whether you use them for window coverings or to hide a closet, curtains vertically stretch your room and make your ceilings seem higher!

Embrace Minimalist Design

Minimalist Bedroom with Muted Colors. Photo by Instagram user @klsy_studios
Photo via @klsy_studios

Don’t get sucked into over-decorating, as this can make your small space seem crowded. Making a small bedroom seem larger is as easy as adopting a more minimalist style. Choose a few statement pieces and keep clutter to a minimum!

Decorate with Exposed-Leg Furniture

Bed and Nightstands with Exposed Legs. Photo by Instagram user
Photo via

Chunky furniture with a thick base takes up space and makes an already cramped bedroom feel even smaller. Bring more visual space to your bedroom with exposed-leg furniture! These pieces sit higher up and create a more open environment.

Beware of Oversized Bedding

Bed with Minimal Blankets and Comforter. Photo by Instagram user @crystalinmarie
Photo via @crystalinmarie

If space is an issue in your small master bedroom, an enormous comforter or duvet on your bed can make moving around the room difficult, and it can visually clutter the room. Opt for a tighter fitting bedspread, or tuck your bedspread in when you’re not sleeping to free up some space!

Add Some Life with Plants

Bedroom with Small Plants on Nightstands. Photo by Instagram user @lovedbysheila
Photo via @lovedbysheila

It’s amazing how quickly some potted plants or hanging plants can liven up a small bedroom. Open up your space by adding some green to your room. Just don’t overdo it, or you’ll feel like your bedroom is a jungle!

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