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Master Small Space Living With These Space-Saving Furniture Ideas

For anyone living in a small home or apartment or even just trying to make the most of a small room, maximizing space is essential. Fitting furniture into these small spaces can be a challenge because most furniture isn’t designed specifically for small spaces. This is where space-saving furniture comes to the rescue. With multi-purpose, convertible, and expandable furniture, you can use your space efficiently and conquer small space living!

Classic Drop Leaf Table

While there are some extravagant space-saving kitchen tables out there, sometimes, the classics are just as good. The classic drop leaf table allows you to use more table when you need it and less when you don’t. Plus, they can be very affordable compared to some other space-saving options and are available almost anywhere, including Walmart and Target. Or, on the other end, there are lots of custom options on Etsy and Instagram.

Expandable Kitchen Table

Speaking of more extravagant options, the Goliath table, which can be found at Resource Furniture, transforms from console table size to a 115-inch long dining table capable of seating ten. This is an incredible and unique option for anyone living in a small space who wants the ability to have friends and family over.

Stacking Kitchen Chairs

If you’re going to invest in a space-saving kitchen table, stacking chairs should also be on your list. The chairs shown below are more modern, but stacking kitchen chairs can be found in a variety of styles and at all price points.

Space-Saving Desk

If you live in a small space but would still like a designated desk, the Ludovico Office is the ultimate space saver. This compact office space converts from a small filing cabinet into a functional desk with a chair. Simply unfold the desk space and remove the chair from its storage position inside of the cabinet design. Check it out at Expand Furniture!

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Affordable Space-Saving Desk

Though the Ludovico Office is about as innovative as it gets, it’s a bit on the high end as far as pricing goes. Fortunately, there are more affordable space-efficient desks available. This folding IKEA desk is a perfect example. It even has cable outlets to easily manage cables and storage space on top.

Italian Lift Storage Bed

Storing things under the bed is common practice, but it can be a bit messy and hard to get to things when you need them. With an Italian lift bed, your bed itself provides ample and easy-to-access storage space under your mattress. This is the perfect solution for anyone short on bedroom storage space!

Murphy Bed

Murphy beds, also referred to as “wall beds,” allow you to keep an area open during the day or when a bed isn’t needed, and also have a bed at the ready for when you do need it. Murphy beds are popular in studio apartments, rooms used as a home office, or a play room that doubles as a guest room. No sense wasting valuable space that only gets used every so often! These space-saving beds come in different styles, including with storage or even combined with a sofa.

Futon or Sofa Bed

While the Murphy bed is innovative and trendy, there are simpler and more affordable solutions! Futons are a great space-saving option and can work for those scenarios when you need a place for guests to sleep. The same goes for sofa beds. There are some really well-designed options that make bold statements in any room. These classic multi-purpose furniture pieces get the job done, even if they’re not as innovative as some of the more modern solutions.

Nightstand/End Table With Storage

This storage table by IKEA is the perfect example of unique design, space-saving functionality, and affordability. This furniture solution can be used as either an end table or a nightstand and is made up of stackable trays that create endless storage possiblities.

Multi-Purpose Crib

If small space living didn’t present enough challenges on its own, adding a baby to the mix only takes things to another level! Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to make it work. And like other space-saving furniture, there’s also multi-purpose nursery furniture like this three-in-one crib, which combines the crib, changing table, and a dresser for storage space. Find more small nursery ideas!

Bunk Beds

Another classic, bunk beds are the perfect space-saver if you’re living in a small space with kids. Among the many things you’ll learn living in a small space with a family, shared rooms are often a necessity, so why not go vertical and save some floor space for the kids to play around on?

Living Cube

If you’re looking for one space-efficient solution to handle a wide range of furniture and storage functions, there might not be a better solution than the Living Cube, which will be available soon. With ample shelving, a space for a flat screen TV, drawers, a desk space, a loft for a queen-size mattress, and a large walk-in closet, this is an innovative solution that is perfect for maximizing space in smaller homes, especially something like a studio apartment.

Living Cube exterior and interior

Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are commonly used as side tables, but they’re also available as coffee table/end table combos. These stackable tables save space while providing versatility. Nesting tables can be used together to created a larger table space or used separately to create additional tables in a room. Regardless, while not in use, they take up very little space due to their ability to stack together.

Transforming Coffee Table

Sometimes, design innovations simply blow you away. That’s the case with the Cristallo transforming coffee table. This amazing coffee table not only changes height, but it can also expand into a dining room table. Though on the expensive side, this innovative space-saving piece makes maximizing smaller spaces simple and is beautifully designed.

Multi-Purpose Shelving

If you use your imagination, shelving like the KALLAX Series by Ikea can be used for practically anything. In the example below, it’s creatively used as an entertainment center with plenty of storage space for anything from remotes to blankets to save space in the living room!

Ottoman With Storage

The ottoman with storage is another simple space-saving living room furniture idea. It serves as extra seating, a footrest, and storage space for blankets, remotes, and other items you want at arm’s reach.

Utility Cart

When space is tight, versatility is critical. That’s exactly what a small utility cart like the RASKOG cart provides. Carts like this can be used in the kitchen for extra storage or to expand your work area as a small bar cart, nightstand or bath caddy. The possibilities are endless.

When it comes to living in close quarters, furniture makes a big difference. With these space-saving furniture ideas, you can maximize your space, find furniture that serves multiple purposes, and get more home storage! With options for different styles and various price points, we hope you find something you love – and that makes your small space amazing!


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