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21 Mudroom Design & Organization Tips (Including DIY Projects!)

Setting up a drop zone in your home could be your key to household organization. Not only is having a separate area to keep shoes, coats, jackets, sports equipment, and pet supplies incredibly convenient, but it’s also a feature that’s popping up in custom-built homes. Whether you already have ample space, are doing a home remodel, or trying to maximize a small area, explore our mudroom organization tricks below!

Make a Mudroom in Your Garage

Garage mudroom. Photo by Instagram user @closetmaid

Photo via @closetmaid

Stop dirt and grime before it finds its way into your home! A garage mudroom is the perfect option if space inside is limited. Check out these garage decluttering and organization ideas while you’re at it!

Revamp Your Entryway

Create a drop zone by your front door by adding discreet storage. From a storage bench with a lid to cabinets with doors, there are plenty of small mudroom ideas that can help you disguise clutter—even in your entryway!

Double Up Your Laundry Room

Looking for laundry mudroom ideas? If you’re lucky enough to have a large laundry area, use part of this room to store shoes and jackets. Add laundry room lockers, shelves, and hooks here to create an organized spot for all of your items! Don’t forget a stylish laundry basket to ditch dirty sports jerseys, sweatshirts, or socks.

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Turn a Closet into a Mudroom

Transforming a coat closet into a mudroom can be simple! If all you have is an entryway or hall closet, consider removing the doors to maximize your small space. Install hooks, baskets, shelves, and even a bench to transform this spot into a mudroom closet.

Create a Message Center

Looking for message center ideas? A mudroom is a great spot for calendars and marker boards. Leaving important notes and reminders right by your shoes and keys will help you remember essential items before heading out the door!

Add a Chalkboard Wall

Make it easy to leave notes for the kids, quickly update schedules, and write what you need to grab at the grocery store with a chalkboard wall! This is an awesome mudroom wall idea because it can be changed to fit in a room of any size, and it’s a cheap home DIY project.

Determine a Spot for Mail

A mudroom is the perfect location for a wall mail organizer! Keep track of bills, coupons, and cards you want to send by building a custom mail sorter.

Set Up Shoe Cubbies

Shoes can be the hardest thing to tame in your home! One of the best entryway shoe storage ideas is to buy cubbies to keep everything organized. You can also build your own with this shoe storage DIY!

Make a Boot Tray

Strategic mudroom shoe storage is the key to keeping your floors clean! Boots are often the biggest culprit of muddy shoe prints and wet spots. Stop puddles from spreading by purchasing or crafting your own DIY shoe tray!

Add a Bench with Storage

Create a place to store shoes—and put them on—with a storage bench! Looking for mudroom bench plans? Try this custom DIY project to build mudroom seating that can also serve as a home for hats, gloves, and scarves.

Include a Desk

Don’t have a separate office? A mudroom can easily become the organizational hub of your home! Add a desk to house calendars, store mail, and easily create a study zone for kids.

Build Custom Storage Cubbies

Design mudroom storage cabinets that fit your family’s unique needs! Build DIY lockers to house coats, backpacks, and bike helmets for each child. If you’re dealing with a small space, opt for open lockers or cubbies to visually expand the room!

Install Lockers

Disguise sporting equipment, gardening tools, and other entryway items by installing mudroom lockers in your home! Rather than building your own shelving, save time and buy lockers for sale at a nearby school or antique show.

Try Floating Shelves

Mudroom with floating shelves. Photo by Instagram user @n.c.design316

Photo via @n.c.design316

Short on space? Make the most of small mudroom organization by mounting shelving on the wall! If you’re adding shelving to an entryway, consider an option with doors to help hide clutter. On the flip side, open shelving will help you find what you’re looking for without closing off an already tiny area.

Utilize Baskets

Designate a home for every item with bins and baskets! You can easily find what you’re looking for by grouping seasonal items together. Short on floor space? Mounting bins on the wall can offer up otherwise wasted storage spots! Hanging bins at various levels will help make hats, gloves, and other outdoor supplies more accessible, too.

Hang Hooks

Create a spot for keys, hats, and dog leashes by adding hooks right by the doorway. Even in a narrow hallway, hooks can be installed at different levels so you can neatly store purses and backpacks.

Choose Long-Lasting Rugs

Large rug in mudroom. Photo by Instagram user @graceinmyspace

Photo via @graceinmyspace

It’s called a mudroom for a reason! Purchase durable rugs to help minimize the spread of messes. While you might want to pick the most aesthetically pleasing option, make sure to consider the wear-and-tear rugs will experience in this high-traffic area.

Opt for Durable Flooring

An important mudroom design tip is to pick out resilient flooring! Choose laminate that’s easy to replace, or opt for durable tile or sealed hardwood that’s resistant to water damage.

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Don’t Forget a Dog Zone

There’s no better place to clean up your dog than a mudroom! Whether you add an entire grooming station or create a pet sleeping area in the corner, there are tons of ideas to transform this catch-all space into a dog room.

Install a Mirror

Get one last glimpse of your hair or outfit on your way out with a mirror. Including a small or full-length mirror in your mudroom design plans is a functional way to accessorize and open up your space!

Have Fun with Decor

It’s easy to focus on all the ways you need mudroom organization ideas to be functional, but they can be stylish, too! Choose funky hooks, colorful paint, patterned wallpaper, and bright decorations to really make your drop zone stand out!

Whether you have a spacious mudroom to organize, are navigating a combined area, or trying to tidy up a narrow hallway, there are endless ideas to explore! Smart furniture choices, DIY projects, and design tricks will help you maximize storage opportunities while making your mudroom pop. Ready to tackle a bigger project? Check out our advice on how to organize your basement!

21 Mudroom Design Ideas