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Modern living room with stone fireplace

Unique Features to Consider When Building a Custom Home

Wondering how to make your new custom home the best on the block? Whether you’re searching for cool things to include when building a house or interesting ways to increase home value, check out the list below for ideas on how to make your space stand out!

Create a Hidden Room

One modern home idea loved by kids and adults alike is a secret room! Whether it’s a movie theater loft, the classic hidden library, or a speakeasy-style bar, this tip will add a little magic to any floor plan!

Include Built-In Shelves

Built-in Shelves in Bedroom. Photo by Instagram user @c.b._designs

Photo via @c.b._designs

While built-in shelving is standard in most custom homes, designing your own space provides an opportunity to get experimental! Including built-in desks, tables, and bookshelves is a new house idea that gives you the chance to create the organization you want and get a sleek, streamlined design at the same time.

Incorporate a Kitchen Nook

Breakfast Nook in Kitchen with Built-in Benches. Photo by Instagram user @withthecombs

Photo via @withthecombs

Make the most of your kitchen with a cozy breakfast nook! This is another thing to consider when building a house that will save money on furniture later, add striking design flair, and will help maximize your space!

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Design a Large Mudroom

Large Mudroom with Storage Cabinets and Bench. Photo by Instagram user @pinneydesigns

Photo via @pinneydesigns

An ample drop zone is a must-have when building a new home. Many homebuilders are switching from tiny hall closets to expansive mudrooms that can house coats, shoes, and sporting equipment. One way to make your new construction stand out is by building built-in lockers or shelves to give your mudroom a permanent and distinguished look.

Get Innovative with Stair Design

Looking for modern home ideas? Create a visually engaging focal point in your home when you build a funky staircase. If your new home is following a more traditional design path, stairs can always be used for hidden storage. Stairs are an incredibly versatile part of your home, so get a little creative!

Plan an Upstairs Laundry Room

Spacious Laundry Room Located Upstairs. Photo by Instagram user @arbogasthomes

Photo via @arbogasthomes

When planning dream home interiors, a laundry room might be the last thing on your mind. But as convenience becomes more important in modern homes, you might want to consider building this frequently-used room on the second floor. Designing a home with a laundry room closer to bedrooms will mean fewer trips up and down the stairs and less time doing chores overall!

Save Room for a Spa

The best upgrades should be in the bathroom! Large master bathrooms with room for a soaking tub, walk-in shower, and even a sauna will add a sense of luxury and relaxation to your home. Plus, modern bathrooms with unique showers, sinks, and other bonus features are an easy way to increase home value!

Plant a Tree

One of the best ways to bring the outdoors in is with greenery! While you can always add house plants after your home is built, creating an indoor courtyard where a tree could grow will add life and originality to your home.

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Design an Outdoor Living Space

Make an outdoor living room a permanent part of your home’s structure! Whether you plan a sunroom that connects to a deck or install huge sliding doors that open to your backyard, blending the indoors and outdoors can be incredibly valuable in new homes.

Install Skylights or Sun Tunnels

Create a path for natural light with sun tunnels or a skylight in your new home. Adding this unique feature not only helps light reach otherwise dim areas, but it also adds novelty to your custom home.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

Curious how to make your modern home interior extra special? Try getting experimental with ceiling design ideas! Always dreamed of having an arched ceiling in your entryway? What about recessed lighting in your great room? Now’s the time to look up, get creative with molding, and make a plan!

Add Wine Storage

Wine Cellar Underneath Staircase. Photo by Instagram user @adesignaffair

Photo via @adesignaffair

Searching for new home upgrades worth paying for? If you’re a wine connoisseur, adding a home wine cellar is an easy way to make your custom home stand out. Invoke a Tuscan getaway with a room dedicated to your reserves, or make the most of otherwise wasted space under the stairs by installing custom coolers and shelves. Creating a home for your collection now will save on renovations later!

Try a Slide

Slide Used as Unique Laundry Shoot. Photo by Instagram user @robynleighhome

Photo via @robynleighhome

If you have kids or are looking for cool things to include when building a house, consider adding a slide! This fun feature is guaranteed to spice up any floor plan and will make your house the destination for play dates. A slide can even double as a laundry shoot!

Plan for Outlets Everywhere

When choosing which luxury features you want to include, electrical ideas for your new home may not immediately come to mind. However, making sure there are adequate outlets in your kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor living spaces will make your life a lot more convenient. Adding outlets and USB ports to your mantel, under cabinets, and other unexpected spots will keep you and guests plugged in!

Consider a Central Vacuum System

Central Vacuum System Installed in Kitchen. Photo by Instagram user @pghcentralvac

Photo via @pghcentralvac

Installing a whole house vacuum will make cleaning easy! New home must-haves are all about convenience, and a central vacuum is a simple way to maintain a tidy home.

Design a First-Floor Master Bedroom

Accessibility is always in style! Adding dual suites to your floor plans and keeping one master on the ground level is a trendy feature to consider when building a new home. Especially if you plan to move aging family members in, building a home that can easily accommodate older residents can make your life easier and enhance resale value.

Build a Smart Home

Smart Speaker and Smart Home System Set Up in Custom Home. Photo by Instagram user @crestron

Photo via @crestron

Smart technology is a staple of dream home interiors today. Plan ahead to incorporate home automation advances, such as programmable thermostats and WiFi-controlled lights, locks, and security systems.

Be Environmentally-Friendly

Adapt your new home construction ideas to be kind to the environment! Whether you’re embracing passive solar floor plans or adding solar panels to your roof, see where you can go green and save on future energy costs. Now’s the time to choose smart appliances, too! A unique bathroom sink or modern shower does more than look elegant. They can also contribute to your green household!

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Install Heated Floors

Heated Floors in Master Bathroom. Photo by Instagram user @warmyourfloor

Photo via @warmyourfloor

Hoping to make your master bathroom stand out? Get extra luxury with heated floors! Installing this feature before your home is built will save you time, money, and a mess later!

Opt for a Heated Driveway

Is heavy snowfall a staple of your city? If you live somewhere that experiences chilly winters, a heated driveway is a luxurious feature that will save you hours of shoveling snow!

Level Up Your Garage

A three-car garage is standard with most new home construction. Wondering how to make the most of your garage? Add space for a workshop, RV storage, or a hangout area. If you know you’ll be logging lots of hours here, consider adding heated floors or air conditioning.

Looking for more design inspiration for your custom home? Check out popular floor plan trends today!

Unique Features to Consider in a Custom Home