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Home Remodeling Ideas: Best Ways to Increase Home Value

Whether you’re redesigning your home based on features home buyers want or simply trying to make your day-to-day living more trendy and functional, you can increase your home value by remodeling! While the return on investment will depend on the age of your home, where you live in the U.S., and what project you choose, there are a few proven ways to add value:

  • Add square footage: Finishing a basement, converting an attic to a master bedroom, or adding a sun deck are classic renovations that promise a great return because they up your home’s square footage.
  • Choose automation: Buyers today love new technology. Programmable thermostats, light switches, fans, locks, and more can all be automated for enhanced security, peace of mind, and easy use.
  • Open floor plans: One of the best home improvements for resale is to open up your space as much as possible. Removing non-load bearing walls and bringing in more natural light will improve the flow in your home and result in more money when it’s time to sell.

No matter the size of your renovation project, begin with an inspection and get an estimate. Ready to get started? Check out the awesome home remodeling ideas below!

Try a New Front Door

Gray front door. Photo by Instagram user @vlentine

Photo via @vlentine

  • Average Renovation Cost: $1,471
  • Average Resale Value: $1,344
  • Percentage Recouped: 91.3%

The front entry is your first opportunity to make a great impression on friends or future buyers. That’s why updating your door is one of the best home improvements for return on investment. When it comes to which front door to buy, steel doors promise the largest percentage recouped. Choose from modern, rustic, or craftsmen styles to show off your personal taste and unify your exterior. Not only do these sturdy doors provide increased security, but they can also help lower energy bills.

Budget-Friendly Idea: Short on funds? If replacing your current door isn’t in the budget, try a fresh coat of paint! An energetic red or calming green can make your home feel drastically different for a small price tag.

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Replace Your Garage Door

Wooden garage door. Photo by Instagram user @door_48

Photo via @door_48

  • Average Renovation Cost: $3,470
  • Average Resale Value: $3,411
  • Percentage Recouped: 98.3%

Many home buyers today are looking for features that will hold up over the years. Save time negotiating and give yourself peace of mind by upgrading to a durable garage door complete with a lifetime warranty. New garage doors with unique finishes and windows are one of the best ways to make your house stand out while increasing home value and energy efficiency!

Budget-Friendly Idea: Give belongings a tidy home and entice future buyers by adding an organizational system to your garage! While custom built-in shelving units can set you back more than $1,000, the at-home builder can create a garage storage wall!

Add a Deck

  • Average Renovation Cost: $10,950
  • Average Resale Value: $9,065
  • Percentage Recouped: 82.8%

Outdoor living areas are an in-demand feature buyers want. Installing a wooden deck is a home renovation idea that’s guaranteed to help you enjoy nature, as well as increase the value of your house. Looking to add square footage with your outdoor living space? Go with an enclosed, covered deck!

Budget-Friendly Idea: Short on funds for a full renovation? Try spicing up your landscaping! From adding a few shrubs to your entryway to following our DIY guide to a backyard makeover, there are many affordable ways to make your outdoor space stand out!

Replace Old Siding

Nature stone siding on house exterior. Photo by Instagram user @buechelstone

Photo via @buechelstone

  • Average Renovation Cost: $15,072
  • Average Resale Value: $11,554
  • Percentage Recouped: 76.7%

An excellent home improvement idea for upping resale value is revamping your home’s exterior! Vinyl siding often takes a beating from the elements and could be aging your property. Fresh siding will reinvigorate your house and add curb appeal without the price tag associated with custom masonry work.

Budget-Friendly Idea: Dreaming of something new? Manufactured stone veneer is a more affordable way to make your home pop, and it can help you see up to 97.1% of costs recouped! Another perk of faux stone is that it’s easy to install yourself!

Install Efficient Windows

  • Average Renovation Cost: $15,955
  • Average Resale Value: $11,855
  • Percentage Recouped: 74.3%

Going green isn’t just a passing trend in homebuilding. “People are always looking to lower their electrical bills,” said Danielle Hritsko, a sales representative at real estate and renovation company Sett Studio.

Old, leaky windows can be a huge drain on heating and air costs. Swapping them out for more energy-efficient versions might seem like a big expense at first, but it pays off during a home appraisal! Is wood more your style? Replacing current windows with insulated wood windows is a top update that can see 69.5% of costs recouped.

Budget-Friendly Idea: Not ready to fully replace all of your windows? Find and seal any current gaps and consider installing a window film. Curtains and blinds are also an easy way to keep the cold out and protect your home from excess heat.

Revamp Your Bathroom

  • Average Renovation Cost: $19,134
  • Average Resale Value: $13,422
  • Percentage Recouped: 70.1%

A bathroom remodel or addition continues to be among the top home improvements for resale value. Your first instinct might be to opt for total luxury by adding heated floors, towel warmers, quartz countertops, or a modern soaking tub. These could be the right choices for your dream bathroom, but if cost recouped is what matters most, choosing more mid-range updates will see a higher return than upscale remodels.

“Put function ahead of form,” said Monica Higgins, author of Remodel Success. “Don’t get so focused on making your kitchen or bathroom cute that you forget about practicalities, such as how many outlets you truly need and where to put them.”

Budget-Friendly Idea: Adding a vanity with ample storage and replacing outdated light fixtures are cost-effective ways to update your bathroom. While you’re swapping out the other hardware, you’ll likely want to change the faucet too! Try updating your sink on your own or hire a plumber for this simple fix!

Opt for a Kitchen Remodel

Modern kitchen with blue cabinets. Photo by Instagram user @studiomcgee

Photo via @studiomcgee

  • Average Renovation Cost: $21,198
  • Average Resale Value: $17,193
  • Percentage Recouped: 81.1%

Modern kitchens are a huge selling factor with potential buyers! The demand for a stylish and functional cooking space promises an ample return on your investment and will make family dinners less of a hassle.
But with countertops, cabinets, flooring, and more to consider, kitchen remodels can become costly. One sure-fire way to see a return on renovation costs is to update appliances. Not only will this make cooking easier for you, but buyers love the sleek look of stainless steel ovens and refrigerators as well.

Wondering how to make design choices that will last? “It’s always best to go light and bright,” Hritsko recommended. From splurging on quartz countertops to choosing a new backsplash, styles in homes change quickly, but opting for airy, understated designs helps your home remain timeless.

Budget-Friendly Idea: If you’re short on funds, Hritsko suggested painting cabinets and updating knobs and handles instead of fully replacing them. Find inspiration for your next kitchen home improvement project with this cabinet painting DIY.

Finish Your Basement

  • Average Renovation Cost: $71,155
  • Average Resale Value: $49,768
  • Percentage Recouped: 70.0%

There are infinite basement remodel ideas that will add value to your home. For many homeowners, finishing a basement is a major investment upfront. But adding another bathroom, entertaining space with a wet bar, or recessed lighting will see a large return. More usable square footage means you can finally have the home theateroffice spaceguest bedroom, or game room of your dreams.

Budget-Friendly Idea: Not in the budget to finish your entire basement? Some cheaper renovation ideas include adding insulation and waterproofing your lower level. You can also install vinyl plank flooring to make your basement appear finished while protecting it from moisture!

Now that you know how to increase the value of your home, it’s time to pick your next project! Planning to sell your home after your renovation? Check out these helpful tips for selling your home fast!


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National data on renovation costs, resale value, and percentage recouped from the Cost vs.Value report in Remodeling Magazine.

Home Remodeling Ideas

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