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Two connected single car garages with glass garage doors

Dream Garage Makeover: 11 Custom Garage Design Ideas

Looking for a new space for your classic car collection? Want a tricked-out space to unwind with the guys? Build the custom garage of your dreams! From design ideas to new features to include in your luxury garage, here are 11 dream garage customization ideas!

Add a Rustic Flair to Your Doors

Interior of a garage with wood carriage doors and four cars. Photo by Instagram user @claudia_cook_

Photo via @claudia_cook_

If you like the classic look of European farmhouse style, install carriage doors on your dream garage! Carriage-style garage doors are traditionally made with barn-like woodwork and intricate iron hinges, and open by swinging outwards. These unique doors have been around since before cars were invented, and add charm and elegance to your custom garage. Spice up your garage door even more by adding an arched entryway!

Install Glass Garage Doors

Interior of a garage with two cars on a car lift and glass garage doors. Photo by Instagram user @fasteddielee

Photo via @fasteddielee

Looking for a more modern style for your home? Glass garage doors are a great solution! Not only are glass doors a sleek garage design feature, they’re also energy efficient, since you won’t have to use electricity to light your garage during the day. Plus, they’re lightweight and can help your garage operate quietly. Glass garage doors can be made with tempered, frosted, reflective, laminated, or colored glass framed in metal.

Build a Hidden Garage

Channel your favorite spy movies by designing your custom garage with a hidden or underground entrance! From a driveway ramp leading to your underground man cave, to a hidden elevator garage that rises out of the ground, you can design a hidden garage in a variety of ways. Just make sure it’s a garage James Bond would be proud of!

Make Room for a Growing Car Collection

Interior of a garage with many luxury cars stacked on car lifts. Photo by Instagram user @bensellsnwa

Photo via @bensellsnwa

If you’re running out of room in your garage, add a car lift! There are plenty of car lift variations, like scissor lifts. For more room, choose a two post or four post vehicle lift that allows space to park other luxury vehicles underneath. If you’re a motor enthusiast, home mechanic, or classic car renovator, opt for vehicle lifts that allow you to elevate your car so you can work on it more easily.

Put Your Vehicle on Display

Show off your classic car collection or luxury vehicle fleet in your home with a car display area! Install a glass wall bordering your garage to admire your vehicle whenever you want, or take it a step further and build a custom vehicle display case in your home or yard. Your car display area could even be multiple levels! When you design the interior of your custom garage display, think about adding cool features worthy of your luxury vehicles, like rotating car pedestals or a massive showroom-style floor.

Elevate Your Interior

Interior of garage with multiple vehicles and stair leading up to a lofted lounge. Photo by Instagram user @thevaults

Photo via @thevaults

Building a garage loft can makes room for anything you could dream up, like a home theater, art studio, or office. If you’re adding more people to your house, make your garage loft an extra living space for a guest room or in-law suite. Or, take it to an even more luxurious level with a home brewery, fully stocked garage bar, or entertainment lounge so you and your guests can admire your luxury fleet in comfort and style!

Create the Perfect Man Cave

Indoor luxury lounge area with a glass wall looking into a garage area with one vehicle. Photo by Instagram user @ryidesign

Photo via @ryidesign

Wish you could spend more time relaxing in your home garage? Convert it into your perfect man cave! Add a comfortable couch, a few armchairs, and a nice flat screen. Then transform your garage even more with a foosball table, pool table, or garage bar. And if you want to take your space to the next level, add in a batting cage, axe throwing area, virtual driving range, or putting green to perfect your garage man cave.

Accent with Wood

You can extend your rustic home design to your garage interior and exterior by adding wooden beams, floors, or ceilings—which would bring a warmer, barn-like atmosphere to the inside of your garage. Wooden garage doors are also a great way to add some style, whether it be traditional farmhouse carriage doors or sleek, modern dark wood doors. Or elevate your traditional garage style by adding a wooden, vaulted ceiling to accent your garage interior.

Upgrade Your Garage Lighting

Two luxury cars inside a garage surrounded by decorative LED lighting. Photo by Instagram user @money612

Photo via @money612

If you need a good way to polish off your garage conversion, add some custom lighting! Installing LED lighting in the walls or designing custom LEDs for your garage ceiling is a great way to add personality to the space. You can also experiment with colored garage lighting and interesting light fixtures to elevate your garage design. Not only will upgraded lighting make your garage space look super cool, but it’s a great way to accent and draw attention to your vehicle fleet, as well.

Highlight Your Luxury Garage Floors

Upgrading your garage flooring is an excellent design choice that can improve your space and help avoid wear-and-tear. Epoxy floor coating is a great way to add shine and color to your garage floor—plus, it helps seal and protect against weather damage. Polished concrete, tiles, or roll out mats can add some visual interest and texture to your garage space. Consider trying checkered flooring or other geometric designs in a variety of materials for your garage makeover. Or, install a glass floor so you can view your car from below. No matter what you choose, an upgraded garage floor will get you one step closer to the luxury garage showroom of your dreams!

Make a Statement With Garage Art

Create your dream garage space by decorating with garage wall art! Incorporate neon art, which can be both decorative and functional as unique garage lighting. Lean into the body shop vibe with vintage gas station and vehicle brand signs. Bring your own personality to the space with posters, art pieces, personalized graffiti, or a custom garage mural. Or, go for a classic garage gallery look and can showcase your cars alongside your fine art collection.


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