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DIY Landscaping Ideas: 16 Projects for Your Yard

Want to upgrade your home’s landscaping, but don’t want to hire a professional company to tackle the work? Consider a DIY landscaping project! Whether you want to add a walkaway through your backyard or improve your curb appeal before selling your home, these 16 DIY landscape ideas are simple and can make your home look beautiful!

Play with Layers When Planting

When planting flowers and shrubs around your home, don’t be afraid to play with levels! Staggering the heights of your landscape can add visual depth to your yard. Need ideas for plants that will really help to differentiate the layers? Try peonies, boxwood shrubs, and hostas, all of which can provide a fuller look!

Make Your Own Mulch

bucket filled with tree bark to make your own mulch photo by Instagram user @yankeehomespun

Photo via @yankeehomespun

Need new mulch for your tree edges or flower beds? While adding mulch may not be the most exciting part of landscaping, it’s essential for keeping plants healthy. Save time and money by making DIY mulch from materials you already have around your yard, such as lawn clippings, tree branches, and compost.

Build a DIY Retaining Wall

If you’re struggling with soil erosion in your yard, a DIY retaining wall can help! Retaining walls give soil a firm foundation to rest on and can prevent your yard from thinning down with heavy rain. When building a do-it-yourself retaining wall, be sure to use interlocking blocks. This keeps your wall sturdy!

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Design a Welcoming Walkway

Add style and structure to your home’s landscape with a DIY walkway! Design an eye-catching walkway with pavers, or use gravel to make a budget-friendly path. You can also repurpose brick or stone from another home improvement project for a more traditional walkway.

Create Some Privacy

Looking for fencing alternatives for your yard? You can get more privacy by planting large evergreen trees like Italian Cypress and Japanese Yew or even tall shrubs around the borders of your landscape! There are even options like artificial hedges that require less-intensive DIY installation and upkeep!

Light Up Your Landscape

Don’t forget about landscape lighting! There are tons of ways you can add DIY outdoor lights to your home’s yard. Line lanterns, flush lighting, or garden lamps along your pathways. Incorporate recessed LED riser lights into your stairs. Add solar spotlights in front of trees, flowers, or shrubs you want to highlight. Or utilize underwater lighting with your water features to really make them stand out!

Go with a Rock Garden

Want a garden that requires little maintenance? A rock garden is the ideal solution, and it’s a simple DIY project for your yard that won’t break the budget! Use a variety of stones—such as large boulders, small stones, river bed stones, and flat stones—to mix up the texture, color, and form of your rock garden.

Set Up a DIY Water Fountain

small backyard fountain built from old pots photo by Instagram user @zapata.thalia

Photo via @zapata.thalia

Self-contained fountains, disappearing fountains, spouting fountains—there are so many different ways you can add a water fountain in your landscape! Have old flower pots or ceramic bowls you’re not using anymore? You can easily repurpose these items to create a DIY fountain in a pot!

Opt for a Backyard Waterfall

If you love a bit of a challenge when it comes to backyard projects, and you enjoy the sounds of flowing water, consider creating a waterfall with a stream in your landscape! All you need is gravel, stones, and a heavy-duty pump. Best of all, you can make the feature as intricate or as simple as you want!

Incorporate a Pond

You can design a DIY pond that’s built into other DIY water features or that stands alone in your yard! Like the backyard waterfall, this landscape project can be as small or as big as you desire. Dig a good-sized hole for your pond, and be sure to use ground liners, rocks, and pumps that keep water flowing!

Give the Illusion of Water with a Dry Stream

backyard landscaping rocks made to look like a dry stream photo by Instagram user @susancohan

Photo via @susancohan

Stop excess water from collecting in your yard by designing a dry stream! This simple DIY landscape feature makes it look as though there was once a stream running through your yard. Dry streams can be created by digging a trench, lining it with landscape fabric, and filling it with gravel, rocks, or stones!

Get Creative with Trellis Panels

A simple landscaping idea for gardens—especially for those who grow their own vegetables at home—is trellis panels! Not only do these panels help plants grow in a healthy way vertically, but they also provide privacy for your yard. Utilize DIY trellis materials like cedar wood, bamboo, or copper pipes!

Build a Berm

Adding a berm (i.e., a rounded mound of soil in landscaping) is a great way to add height to a flat or dull area in your landscape. It can even help trees retain water around their roots! If you’re looking to incorporate a DIY berm into your landscape design, use materials like plant debris, sand, or soil.

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Have Fun with Edging

Have a tree or bush you don’t know what to do with? Use stone, brick, or rock to create a DIY edge. Edging creates clean, crisp lines that are visually appealing and help direct the eye to certain areas of your landscape. Adding an edge also helps contain soil and mulch used in your landscape!

Save Water with Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is the perfect DIY landscaping idea for low-maintenance yard projects! While this is a more common landscaping technique in the Southwest, it can be a great addition to your landscape—particularly since it reduces water usage by up to 80%! All you need is drought-resistant plants like succulents, pampas grass, or wildflowers, and then you mix them with rock gardens.

Design a Fire Pit

Create the perfect backyard hangout space with the addition of DIY fire pit! Simply dig a small pit, fill it with gravel, and then stack stone, brick, or pavers around it to finish the look of your outdoor space. Don’t forget to add comfy chairs around your landscape fire pit so you can fully enjoy it!

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