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Open floor plan concept for home design

The Latest Design Trends in Home Floor Plans

When you picture your dream home, what does it look like? Are there any wishlist items and must-have design ideas that need to be included? Whether you’re building a custom home or remodeling a level of your current house, draw inspiration from the latest in home floor plans! Consider the trends below and create an interior that’s both functional and stylish!

Great Rooms Are Here to Stay

Luxury house great room. Photo by Instagram user @homesoftherich

Photo via @homesoftherich

Open floor plans aren’t going anywhere! The concept of a free-flowing interior has been a staple of modern homes for a long time, but the idea of one cohesive “great room” continues to gain popularity. Sleek, open, and airy spaces that combine your living room, dining room, and kitchen are incredibly prominent in the home design community.

Flow Is Everything

Spacious living room in luxury home. Photo by Instagram user @luannigara

Photo via @luannigara

Creating a natural path through your home is more important than ever. The best house plans are those that create smart movement and pathways throughout your home. Dead-end rooms make everyday tasks frustrating and are even more irritating when you host parties. But the rise of open-concept homes has increased the demand for multiple exits in one room, as well as easy entrance into the next!

Let Light In

Modern luxury home with large windows for natural light. Photo by Instagram user @archicade

Photo via @archicade

Curious why open floor plans are so popular? Part of the reason they’re loved by current home builders is because of how much natural light they let in. Whether you prefer the unique detail and charm of craftsman windows or the more traditional feel of prairie-style windows, including as many expansive windows as possible is ideal in today’s home designs. Don’t forget about skylights, too! This upward-facing feature is great for letting more light into your rooms from any direction.

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Energy Efficiency Matters

Open-air modern luxury home. Photo by Instagram user @sanctuarymag

Photo via @sanctuarymag

Sustainable floor plans are in high demand! Conscious consumers want innovative house plans that are kind to the environment while also generating lower energy bills. Strategically-placed windows, passive solar capabilities, and recycled building materials are all included in eco-friendly homes.

Incorporate Straight Lines

Dining room with straight line design. Photo by Instagram user @gordont.jacob

Photo via @gordont.jacob

While the curved arches of cottage-style homes were once the design favorite, straight lines are the way of the future! The shift to minimalism in America has increased the awareness and desire for crisp, clean lines and simple designs. Today’s most popular house plans feature straight archways, linear molding, and rectangular patterns.

Make Space for Mudrooms

One of the most popular home trends is the drop zone (i.e., a dedicated spot for dropping items the moment you walk in the door). This push for better organization has increased the prominence and size of mudrooms in homes. The entryway into your home is the first line of defense against clutter. Include space for lockers, shoe racks, and lots of shelving to make staying tidy easier.

Utilize Flex Rooms

Flex room converted into home office. Photo by Instagram user @excelhomes

Photo via @excelhomes

As demand shifts from excessively large homes to smaller, more adaptable designs, the desire for flex rooms has become more popular. The best flex room ideas create multiple uses for one space. Whether it’s a playroom that doubles as a guest bedroom, a gym that transitions into an office, or a craft room that transforms into a nursery, floor plans that offer multipurpose spaces and bonus rooms are increasingly sought-after!

Think Smaller

The tiny house phenomenon has swept across America! And while some people feel the rise of tiny homes is on its way out, the principles of minimalism are here to stay. The best new home plans accomplish more with less and are cost-effective while being environmentally responsible.

Bring the Indoors Out

Indoor-outdoor dining room. Photo by Instagram user @lovist.eda

Photo via @lovist.eda

Floor plans that designate the outside as a primary gathering point are extremely trendy. Outdoor living rooms and kitchens, as well as floor plans with decks, porches, and sunrooms are a prime location for lazy afternoons or entertaining guests. This house design trend will vary depending upon the climate of where you live. But regardless of your need for a sheltered outdoor space or something more open to the sunlight, make room for nature in your home!

Make the Most of Your Garage

Maximizing storage space everywhere is in vogue, even in your garage! Traditional garages are crucial in creating room for cars and outdoor equipment. Prepare ahead of time and consider a floor plan with a slanted garage to create a flex room on your second level.

Expand Your Bathroom Space

Minimalist luxury bathroom. Photo by Instagram user @azarchitect.co

Photo via @azarchitect.co

Spacious bathroom floor plans are on the rise! Vanities with double sinks have always been coveted in master bathrooms. Now, bathrooms featuring enough square footage for both a soaking tub and a shower are all the rage. Not only does having multiple options accommodate more people, but a freestanding tub also provides the opportunity for a luxurious spa experience at home!

Embrace Dual Owner’s Suites

With aging parents and young adults living at home together, having two master bedrooms in one home is becoming the new standard. Dual owner’s suites make it easy for multiple generations or blended families to share a home while still enjoying privacy and adequate space!

Whether you prefer modern or traditional design styles, these trendy floor plan ideas can be incorporated into any home! Also, if you’re building a new home and you’re about to sell your current home, check out this handy guide to surviving the transition period!

Design Trends for Floor Plans