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39 Ideas for Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Living Room

Designing your own backyard entertaining space doesn’t have to be complicated! Check out these budget-friendly tips, tricks, and DIY ideas for creating the ultimate outdoor living room!

Turn a Gazebo into an Outdoor Living Room

white gazebo with screens installed attached to a patio photo by Instagram user @danalli4

Photo via @danalli4

A backyard gazebo is the perfect space to relax and unwind. Covered spaces like gazebos provide protection from the rain and sun, keeping the party going no matter the weather. All you need to do is add comfy seating along with some wicker tables. Check out these gazebo ideas from The Backyard Boss!

Set Up Seating on an Open Deck

outdoor love seat and chairs sitting on an open deck photo by Instagram user @barb__herndon

Photo via @barb__herndon

Upgrade your deck to a stylish outdoor living room! Simply add a coffee table and weatherproof seating with durable cushions to create an inviting space for having guests over or just reading outside on a nice day.

Make a Covered Deck Your New Favorite Room

Offering protection from the sun, rain, and wind, a covered deck makes it easy to sit outside no matter the weather. Add chairs and a cozy couch with a coffee table and end tables, and you have the perfect setup!

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Create an Outdoor Living Space with a Patio

small patio with string lights and outdoor seating around a table photo by Instagram user @questfk

Photo via @questfk

Whether you already have a patio or you decide to build a new patio, this is a great spot to set up an outdoor living room. You can even add a canopy or a tent over top of your patio for more coverage!

Style Your Porch into a Living Room

small porch with chairs and outdoor furniture set up for a living space photo by Instagram user @kelleynan

Photo via @kelleynan

A front or back porch is an excellent option for an outdoor living room. Set out durable seating, hang up lights, and add sunscreens or curtains to create a beautiful entertaining space outdoors.

Get Creative with a Small Balcony

Don’t have an actual backyard because you live in the city? Get creative with whatever outdoor space you have! Even a small table or bench can transform a tiny deck into a cute outdoor room! For a small apartment balcony, add a few hanging planters to save floor space, as well as some string lights for ambiance!

Provide Ample Seating with a Long Bench

Keep outdoor furniture to a minimum with a long bench. Wooden benches are great for decks or patios, and they provide a modern feel to any backyard. If you build your own, be sure to include storage inside!

Go with Hanging Chairs

hanging chair set up outside next to plant photo by Instagram user @cassievan1

Photo via @cassievan1

Everyone will be fighting to sit in your outdoor seating if it’s hanging! Whether you go with a hanging egg chair or a traditional porch swing, these seats are perfect for relaxing outdoors.

Choose Weatherproof Outdoor Couches

weather proof outdoor seating on deck photo by Instagram user @garden4less

Photo via @garden4less

For the ultimate outdoor living room, invest in a durable, weatherproof couch. Not only will this outdoor seating option be comfortable for you and your guests, but it’s easy to clean, too!

Invest in a Classic Hammock

hammock strung up in backyard under string lights photo by Instagram user @thefarrisgroup

Photo via @thefarrisgroup

Nothing says “relax” more than a hammock. Both affordable and a space-saver, a hammock is a great item to have in your outdoor living room—especially if you’re looking forward to taking naps outside!

Kick Back in a Chaise Lounge

With reclining outdoor chairs like chaise lounges, you can read, soak up the sun, or just enjoy the beautiful weather in your outdoor living space!

Use Bali Beds in Place of Traditional Seating

bali bed design with curtain overhead set up outdoors in backyard photo by Instagram user @pr_archidesign

Photo via @pr_archidesign

If you want your backyard to feel like a tropical escape, ditch the typical chairs, chaise lounges, and couches and instead go with a gorgeous, comfy Bali bed for your outdoor living room furniture!

Hang a Bed Swing

Want to combine the hanging chair with the comfort of the Bali bed? With a hanging bed swing, you get the best of both worlds! Sit back and relax with a drink or a good book in this outdoor furniture!

Include Tables Around Outdoor Seating

outdoor furniture with green and white cushions set up around coffee table photo by Instagram user @peakseason

Photo via @peakseason

To make your outdoor living room feel complete, set up a coffee table and/or end tables so you have somewhere to set beverages, snacks, and other items while you’re outside. For an affordable way to decorate your outdoor space, utilize items you already own and simply weatherize them! Find out how to prep your wooden furniture for the outdoors here.

Don’t Forget a Storage Trunk

designer storage trunk for outdoor cushions on deck photo by Instagram user @shopboxhill

Photo via @shopboxhill

Keep extra items within reach with an outdoor storage trunk. Store pillows, outdoor games, or other items in a spacious, stylish trunk that can double as additional seating.

Use Overhead Shelving for Decorations

Just like an indoor living room, overhead shelving can provide plenty of display space and storage for decor in your outdoor living space.

Stay Toasty with an Outdoor Fireplace

Having a wood-burning or gas fireplace outside isn’t just unique. It’s also ideal for an outdoor living space! With a fireplace, you can stay outside even longer during cooler fall, spring, or summer evenings.

Design a Fake Fireplace

small fake fireplace outside with lantern on the ground photo by Instagram user @katysclutter

Photo via @katysclutter

If you can’t put in a real fireplace, you can create the same look without the expense! Put up an antique mantle on a fence or wall, and use candles or lanterns to make the “fire” aspect of the fireplace.

Add a Fire Pit

firepit set up with chairs surrounding on a brick patio with string lights overhead photo by Instagram user @mcgahacutler

Photo via @mcgahacutler

Fire pits are perfect for outdoor get-togethers! There are plenty of affordable fire pits on the market that can add incredible value to your backyard. Or if you’re feeling crafty, you can build your own DIY fire pit!

Stay Warm with Outdoor Space Heaters

outdoor patio with firepit and standing space heaters photo by Instagram user @ronpoblete

Photo via @ronpoblete

Outdoor space heaters are invaluable for year-round outdoor entertaining. You can either use a standing heater that can be placed around the entertaining space or hanging heaters in covered decks, porches, or gazebos.

Keep Cool with Outdoor Fans

outdoor patio with furniture underneath an outdoor fan photo by Instagram user @kadilakhomes

Photo via @kadilakhomes

You can always have a few small fans on hand, but installing ceiling fans in a covered outdoor living space is great for controlling the breeze and eliminating ugly extension cords.

Set Up an Outdoor Projection Screen

outdoor projection screen set up in backyard area photo by Instagram user @thehorticult

Photo via @thehorticult

Who needs a drive-in movie theater when you can have your own outdoor theater at home? With a pull-down screen and a projector, you can easily watch the big game or classic movies in your backyard!

Hang a TV Outside

Have a covered outdoor living room? Add a flatscreen TV to a wall or beam so you can enjoy the outdoors and watch your favorite TV show or movie at the same time!

Add Outdoor Speakers

outdoor speakers lined up on a table photo by Instagram user @troy_proguard

Photo via @troy_proguard

Listen to your favorite tunes in your outdoor living room! You can either invest in an outdoor sound system with speakers attached to the walls, or bring out one or more bluetooth wireless speakers. Not sure which speakers to get? These tips from World Wide Stereo are a great guide for choosing the best outdoor speakers for your space.

Put Up Curtains to Block the Sun

curtains added to outdoor living space area photo by Instagram user @tcbstyle

Photo via @tcbstyle

Make your outdoor living room an extension of the inside with curtains. Not only do they add color and protection from the sun, but they also can be used for privacy.

Add Screens to Keep Out Bugs

screens added to outdoor living space to protect against bugs photo by Instagram user @homechanneltv

Photo via @homechanneltv

Love the summer air, but hate the buzz of mosquitoes? Keep bugs out of your porch or deck with easy-to-install screens. For extra protection, citronella candles and bug zappers are always good to have on hand!

Set Up a Pallet Wall for Privacy

pallet wall set up behind outdoor furniture to provide privacy photo by Instagram user @loridennisinc

Photo via @loridennisinc

Whether you have a large or small outdoor space, having a pallet wall is a great way to get privacy in your backyard. You can also use the pallets to hang planters or decorative lanterns to brighten up the space.

Utilize a Canopy for Cover

For an upgrade of the patio umbrella, go with a colorful canopy over your backyard entertaining space to provide shade, protection from the rain, and a burst of color!

Add a Weatherproof Rug

Craving more color on your deck or porch? Put away the paint brushes and add a weatherproof rug under your chairs, sofas, and tables instead!

Create a Hanging Plant Wall

hanging plant wall set up next to outdoor living space photo by Instagram user @solehabitat

Photo via @solehabitat

Beside adding visual flair, a plant wall with hearty succulents or vines makes your outdoor living room look bright and fresh.

Go with a Water Feature

large recirculating water feature in outdoor living area photo by Instagram user @scenicstone

Photo via @scenicstone

A calming water feature like a backyard pond or fountain is a wonderful addition to an outdoor space. For a budget-friendly option, a small tabletop fountain will also work.

Include a Backyard Bar

With a fun backyard bar, every hour is happy hour! There are plenty of ways to add a bar to your backyard. You can go with the traditional bar and stools. You can build it onto your deck or a wall of your home. Or if you have an outdoor shed you’re not using, turn it into a backyard bar shed!

Make Your Own Cooler Table

Now THIS is a centerpiece! This unique yet functional idea for outdoor living room furniture is perfect for summer entertaining. Learn how to make this simple DIY cooler table for your backyard!

Set the Mood with String Lighting

Want to brighten up your space with outdoor lighting? Hang string lights from trees, along a pallet wall, or under a pergola for gorgeous nighttime lighting!

Put Lights in Deck Steps

large house with deck steps that have lights installed into them photo by Instagram user @trexcompany

Photo via @trexcompany

Not only will having deck lights in steps give your backyard space a more finished look, but it also makes it safer to walk up and down steps when it’s dark out.

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Hang Outdoor Lanterns

small lantern sitting on an outdoor table photo by Instagram user @lahaciendagb

Photo via @lahaciendagb

An easy way to add lighting is to use hanging lanterns in gazebos or covered areas or even smaller lanterns you can set on coffee tables and end tables throughout your backyard space.

Opt for Paper Lanterns

Inexpensive and easy to set up in your outdoor living room, colorful paper lanterns work well for outdoor spaces of all sizes!

Use Torches to Designate Areas

If you don’t have landscaping or a fence around your backyard entertaining space, replicate one by placing decorative torches around your seating area. Even better if they are bug-fighting citronella candles! Follow these guidelines from The Spruce on how to safely arrange your backyard torches!

Place Candles Throughout Your Space

candles set up around an outdoor living space photo by Instagram user @1111designco

Photo via @1111designco

In addition to your landscape lighting, you can add candles on tables and in lanterns to give your outdoor living space a cozy feel.

Looking for other ideas for your outdoor living space? Check out this guide to designing an outdoor living room, kitchen, or entertaining space for any budgets!

the ultimate outdoor living room

Outdoor living room at night
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