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Luxury Pool Inspiration: 16 Ideas to Elevate Your Backyard

Want to build a luxury pool in your backyard? From swimming pool styles like zero-entry and infinity pools to epic swim-up bars and swim spas, get inspired to transform your outdoor space with these 16 luxury pool ideas!

Try an Infinity Pool

Backyard infinity pool with blue tile overlooking greenery. Photo via Instagram user @laguna_pool

Photo via @laguna_pools

Overlook scenic cityscapes or ocean views from the edge of your infinity pool, a popular style for luxury swimming pools. The illusion of a missing edge helps this pool type look like the water spills over the walls. To make a negative-edge pool even more unique, play with different designs. A moat-style infinity pool can wrap around your balcony to the front of your home. Or zero-edge pools can be stacked at different heights so the disappearing edge feeds into the pool below.

Go for a Swim in a Lap Pool

If you’re looking to save space in your backyard, relax and exercise in a lap pool! Not only are these pools ideal for lap swimming, but since they take up less room, you’re able to incorporate other dream backyard ideas into your space, like an outdoor living room, outdoor kitchen, or more backyard water features! If you live near the ocean, consider building an ocean-fed lap pool or play with angular shapes—like an L-shaped pool or geometric pool—for a completely custom look!

Take a Dip in a Saltwater Pool

Saltwater pools are a great luxury pool idea that comes with a number of added benefits. For starters, saltwater eliminates the need to store and manage chlorine and other pool chemicals. And without the chemicals, these luxury pools are gentler on the skin, so you can enjoy the water without worrying about dryness or irritation. If you want your saltwater swimming pool to naturally work around the rest of your landscaping, consider a figure-eight shape or go with a classic kidney-shaped pool!

Walk into a Zero-Entry Pool

zero entry pool with natural rock tiling, lounge chairs, and palm trees. photo via Instagram user @matrixrock

Photo via @matrixrock

Eliminate the need for unattractive stairs or ladders with a zero-entry pool. This beach-like pool feature helps you imagine you’re walking into the ocean from the sand, and seamlessly transitions from hardscapes and other landscaping in your backyard. A beach entry pool gives guests a place to sunbathe or young kids a shallow area to safely play. If you have a larger backyard and want to fill the extra space, this is the luxury pool for you!

Bring the Pool Inside

Want to enjoy your luxury swimming pool year-round? Build it indoors! Indoor pools give you and your family added privacy since they aren’t out in the open. Plus, you’ll have more control over the water temperature, so you can make sure the heat is just right. If you want to make your indoor pool even more extravagant, create a semi-indoor pool! With part of the swimming area outdoors, you can easily transition between inside and outside when you need a break from the sun!

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Create a Glass Pool Effect

Glass pool walls create an underwater window, so you can enjoy the gorgeous views of your outdoor garden or backyard landscaping while underwater. Commit to a complete glass look or start small by using glass for just one wall. Or, if your pool is on a balcony, consider a glass-bottom pool effect to see what’s underneath you while swimming!

Make a Statement with Mosaic Tiling

Looking for ways to elevate the look of your luxury pool? Consider giving it a tile finish. Pool tiling is extremely durable and allows you to get creative for the customized pool of your dreams. Choose your favorite shade of blue to achieve that classic dipping pool style, or consider playing with different shapes, colors, and patterns to create a one-of-a-kind swimming pool! If you have a tiny backyard, creative tiling is a simple way to highlight a smaller plunge pool.

Set the Mood with Lighting

Adding underwater lighting to your swimming pool makes it ideal for night swimming. You can take the traditional route with white circle lighting, or if you want to customize your luxury pool even further, you might install color-changing lights to bring in hues of purple, pink, green, and more! For improved visibility, you can add lighting to stairs, railings, diving boards, waterslides, and other pool features. Underwater lighting can also draw attention to your water features like jacuzzi jets and waterfalls. And don’t forget to line the outer pool walls with guiding light!

Build a Waterfall

A waterfall is a fun way to play up the look of your swimming pool—and you’re not stuck with just one style! Want a modern pool look? Try a sheer descent waterfall that blends in with your pool walls. If you’re looking for something more natural, try a rock waterfall that can be incorporated into your landscaping. Plus, the soothing sound of a pool waterfall is an added bonus if you’re going for a spa pool!

Have Fun with a Waterslide

light blue backyard pool with zero entry and a white stone waterslide. Photo via Instagram user @theindiehome

Photo via @theindiehome

Want your backyard to be the go-to spot for entertainment? Install a waterslide! This luxury pool feature works well for families with kids, but is ultimately a fun water activity enjoyed by all. You can choose from materials like stone or plastic when putting in a waterslide, as well as play with shapes, like a spiral water slide!

Install a Diving Board

large backyard pool with wooden diving board. Photo via Instagram user @mikel_tube

Photo via @mikel_tube

Another way to add a family-friendly activity to your swimming pool is to install a diving board. Whether you want to practice your diving skills or have some fun showing off tricks, this is a great addition to any luxury backyard pool! And if you want your diving board to blend in better with the rest of your backyard landscaping, try out a diving rock!

Soak up the Sun on a Tanning Ledge

resort style pool with tanning ledge, lounging chairs, and cabanas. Photo via Instagram user @hsn_middleeast

Photo via @hsn_middleeast

Having a tanning ledge in your pool is the perfect way to stay cool while catching some rays. Sometimes called a sun shelf, this is a shallower area of the pool where you can relax in chairs or loungers without being fully submerged in the water! Your Baja shelf might be the first step into the pool, or you can put the ledge on the second step for a deeper effect. For a complete look, finish your pool design with unique lounge chairs and matching umbrellas for extra shade!

Take a Break at the Swim-Up Bar

Create the ultimate outdoor entertaining space by adding a swim-up bar to your pool! Not only will this transform your backyard into a resort-style oasis, but by building counter space and underwater seating, you’ll have the perfect spot for family and friends to chat and grab a cold beverage. Plus, having a swim-up bar is a great way to keep your kids hydrated while they play! Give your swim-up bar a tiki theme or install swings for extra seating.

Gather around a Conversation Pit

large swimming pool in a villa with conversation pit under a tiki style gazebo. Photo via Instagram user @theresortvilla

Photo via @theresortvilla

If you want to easily gather with family and guests without having to leave the pool, build a conversation pit connected to the water. Complete the space with built-in seating, comfy waterproof pillows, and even a fire pit. You can also customize your pool lighting to get the perfect look!

Relax in a Lazy River

Dreaming of spending hours relaxing and floating in the water? You’ll love a backyard lazy river next to your pool! A river-shaped pool with a flowing current can calm your mind and body, so this luxury pool style is perfect if you need to take some time to unwind. You can also take relaxation one step further with a heated lazy river!

Don’t Forget the Hot Tub

pool with waterfall and connected hot tub with iridescent mosaic tiles. Photo via Instagram user @claffeypools

Photo via @claffeypools

Complete your home’s luxurious swimming experience with a hot tub. Hot tub spas warm your muscles and help you relax. Build your pool spa right next to the main swimming area or keep them connected with a spillover spa to easily transition between the two. Take the spa-like experience a step further by adding jets, bubbles, and color-changing lights! Or if you’re wanting to do some gentle exercise, consider an underwater treadmill swim spa hot tub or miniature backyard wave pool.


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