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How to Design & Organize a Dog Room

Whether you have one dog or seven, your best friends deserve a comfy space to call home. Learn how to make a dog room at home with these ideas for decorating and organizing your pet’s space!

Where to Make Your Dog Room

Outside is already your dog’s domain, but they deserve a designated spot somewhere inside the house, too! Here are some ideas for where to put a dog crate, bedding, and supplies for maximum convenience!

Double Up Your Laundry Room

Dog Pens in Laundry Room. Photo by Instagram user @mellybeeb

Photo via @mellybeeb

A simple dog room idea is to combine your laundry room into a pet palace! Add a comfy dog bed and their favorite toy next to your washer and dryer to easily create multi-use room. Looking to make their residence more permanent? Take the door and screws off a cabinet to create a sleeping zone in a pre-existing shelf.

Choose Your Mudroom

A mudroom isn’t just a dropzone for shoes and jackets! It’s also the perfect place to keep a dog kennel and discretely store chew toys, leashes, and food. Plus, making the mudroom your dog’s space will stop messes at the door before paw prints get tracked throughout the house!

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Make a Dog House Under the Stairs

Doghouse Carved Out Under Staircase. Photo by Instagram user @stanolevnik

Photo via @stanolevnik

Looking for the perfect spot for a puppy zone? Make use of otherwise wasted space under the stairs! Building here can be tricky, so break out the stud finder before you start sawing through drywall. Try this DIY project to build a cute and functional dog house under your stairs!

Use an Extra Bedroom

Bulldogs on Beds in Their Room. Photo by Instagram user @houstonbulldog

Photo via @houstonbulldog

Who says you can’t give up an entire bedroom to your dogs? Especially if you have multiple canines who need a place to eat and sleep, go ahead and dedicate a guest room to their needs!

Create Space in Your Garage

Dog Laying on Pad in Garage. Photo by Instagram user @rustictreasure

Photo via @rustictreasure

A garage is the perfect puppy zone! If you don’t plan to store cars, lawn equipment, and other tools here, transform this space with dog beds, blankets, toys, and decor. Live somewhere with a temperate climate? Your dogs should be fine to call this spot home! But if you live in a city with extreme temperatures, be sure to install a heating and air system to ensure your pets are safe.

Include a Dog Zone in Your Office

Dogs Laying on Bed in Home Office. Photo by Instagram user @chantalkyoung

Photo via @chantalkyoung

Have an office or reading room where you spend a lot of your time? Craft an indoor dog den so your best friend can be near you! Add a dog crate under your desk or install a dog house in your study. This cozy spot will allow you and your dogs to spend quality time—even when you’re working!

Go with an Attic or Basement Space

Dog Relaxing in Basement Home. Photo by Instagram user @shilohtheweim

Photo via @shilohtheweim

If you have a large room free, indoor dog room ideas are endless! Attics, basements, and other areas of your home that typically serve as flex rooms will provide an open area for your furry family members to run, as well as provide lots of storage options.

Pick a Corner or a Closet

Dog Beds, Bowls, and Leashes in Nook by Stairs. Photo by Instagram user @trending_decor

Photo via @trending_decor

Don’t have an entire room to dedicate to your pup? Choose the corner of a flex room or distinguish a dog closet in a bonus room to store their bedding and other supplies. Setting up their bedroom in a closet will also allow you to easily hang up their collars, seasonal sweaters, and store winter boots!

Add a Tent Anywhere

Dog Laying Underneath Indoor Tent. Photo by Instagram user @kimchipoops

Photo via @kimchipoops

Create a pet room anywhere with a cute tent! While these teepees are more commonly seen in children’s playrooms, your dog will love having a space of their own. Not only will this give dog beds and blankets a chic storage spot, but it helps disguise toys, too!

How to Design & Organize a Dog Room

Whether your dog is large or small, they can acquire a lot of stuff! Check out these dog room ideas for decor, pet furniture, and storage that will provide a home for leashes, water bowls, toys, and treats!

Choose a Strategic Color Scheme

The belief that dogs can’t see color isn’t totally accurate. While they can’t see the exact colors as humans, they can see some colors! If you’re hoping to choose a stimulating color for dog room decor, consider either blues and yellows. Curious about what your dog can see? Give the Dog Vision HD app a try to get a feel for their limited color palette.

Designate a Spot for Toys

Even if your playful pup isn’t the best at putting things away, having a designated area for dog toy storage will help you stay organized. Boxes and bins are a great way to keep toys in one place while still leaving them accessible for your four-legged friend. Looking for your next DIY project? Build your own stylish dog toy crate perfect for stuffed animals and tennis balls!

Install Hooks

Stop wasting time digging for a leash or collar! Installing hooks in your dog’s bedroom or right by the door will make getting ready for walks much easier.

Label Everything

Distinguish between food, treats, flea meds, and dental chews with designated bins. Add labels to your current organizers or purchase special boxes to add pretty and practical storage!

Use Clear Jars

Glass Containers Labeled for Dog Food and Treats. Photo by Instagram user @devanie.mcc

Photo via @devanie.mcc

If labels aren’t your style, opt for clear jars! Just make sure to store treats up high, as clear storage will be sure to get a few tail wags from your small friends.

Keep Food Fresh

Disguise dry kibble with custom dog food storage. Not only will a unique bin make the room look more cohesive, but a nice container with a seal top will help food stay fresh and keep any precocious pups out as well!

Get Multi-Purpose Furniture

Searching for sleek and functional dog furniture? Opt for a pet feeder that combines water and food bowls with stylish storage! Especially if you’re working with a small room, combined furniture can solve spatial issues, as well as offer extreme convenience.

Choose the Right Dog Crate

White Dog Crate Built into Living Room Furniture. Photo by Instagram user @eyusman

Photo via @eyusman

Depending upon the size of your canine, you might need to purchase a custom dog crate, or you can learn how to construct a dog kennel on your own. Buying or building a stylish crate means you can transform this piece of pet furniture to easily function as an end table, too!

Pick the Perfect Bed

Dog Laying on Soft Bedding. Photo by Instagram user @hydewolf

Photo via @hyde_wolf

No pet palace is complete without the perfect throne! Set the mood in your pet room with a comfy dog bed. If you have multiple pups who need a place to sleep, try building DIY dog bunk beds. Whether you opt for a bed near your own, choose a funky shape, or pick a multi-purpose piece of furniture, make sure you consider your dog’s personality and size!

Use Your Dog as Decor Inspiration

Wall Painted with the Likeness of French Bulldog. Photo by Instagram user @frencholive01

Photo via @frencholive01

What better way to decorate a dog bedroom than with your furry friend’s face? Display your dog’s likeness with a photo, painting, tapestry, or tape outline. This pet room wall decor idea will add a dash of personal style, as well as make a truly one-of-a-kind space!

Add a Grooming Station

Home Dog Grooming Station in Laundry Room. Photo by Instagram user @wostbrockhome

Photo via @wostbrockhome

Save money and keep your pets smelling fresh by installing a grooming station in your home! Not only will this give you a spot to clean up muddy paws, but a dog wash station will make bath time a breeze as well!

Install Faux Flooring

Even the most well-behaved pets have an accident every now and then! Tile and hardwood are easier to clean up but can be expensive to replace if damaged. Instead, choose a laminate alternative for flooring. This option is budget-friendly and makes cleanup simple!

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Make a Ball Pit

Dog Laying in DIY Ball Pit. Photo by Instagram user @its_baby_magz

Photo via @its_baby_magz

A playpen full of plastic balls might not last forever, but it will provide plenty of entertainment for your pet! You can create your own dog ball pit with a clothing hamper, kiddie pool, or pet pen!

Get a Slide

The most important part of dog room design is making space for play! Especially if you have a pet with a lot of energy, purchasing a tiny slide for your dog is an awesome way to provide endless hours of fun!

Utilize Dog Stairs

Dog Laying on Mini Stairs by the Couch. Photo by Instagram user @basilandflint

Photo via @basilandflint

When designing your pet’s bedroom, remember to get practical dog room furniture as well! Senior dogs need a little extra help, so buy steps or build a DIY dog ramp that will help them get on the couch or in bed.

These dog room ideas will help you create a cute, organized space for your pup at home. Looking for other room organization projects you can tackle? Check out these ideas for organizing a kid’s room or playroom!

24 Dog Room Ideas