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How to Organize a Home Office: 15 Storage Ideas

Struggling to keep your home office organized? With these 15 home office ideas, you can declutter your office space, improve office organization, and get more office storage!

Take Stock of Everything

Woman working in home office. Photo by Instagram user @ikeafamilymag

Photo via @ikeafamilymag

The first step toward getting organized is to declutter. Go through what you have in your home office already. That includes furniture, home decor, and any files or paper documents. Separate them into groups of keep, donate, or toss. That way, you can clear out the things you don’t want or don’t need anymore. For more ideas, check out these home decluttering tips!

Differentiate Work Areas

Home office with bookshelf organization. Photo by Instagram user @luminlamphouse

Photo via @luminlamphouse

Even if you’re working with a small office space at home, separating your workspace from your office storage is important. Maintaining a clean space for working can help you be more creative and productive, and having a designated place for supplies and documents will make locating these items easier.

Create a Paper Filing System

We might be living in the digital age, but if you’re running a home business, you’ll likely have some paper records and receipts to track. Home office organization ideas for files can be as simple as purchasing expandable folders, portable file boxes, or creating a DIY file organizer.

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Utilize Wall Space for Files

Organized home office with wall filing. Photo by Instagram user @jenmackintosh

Photo via @jenmackintosh

Especially in small offices, it’s good to take advantage of vertical storage. Try mounting folders on the wall to free up desk space and keep what you need nearby. Or fasten baskets of wire file organizers to the wall for an easy filing system or mail center.

Incorporate a Peg Board

Utilizing wall space with a pegboard is one of the best home office organization ideas because it saves room in drawers and allows you to display items that are important to you! Place one above your desk and add a sheet of cork for posting daily reminders, calendars, and memos.

Reuse Household Items

Mason jar reused for home office supplies. Photo by Instagram user @craftwarehouse

Photo via @craftwarehouse

If you’re looking for budget-friendly home office storage ideas, look no further than what you already have at home! Old cans, mason jars, cookie tins, and tea containers can be transformed into cute desk utensil organizers.

Choose a Desk with Storage

Home office desk. Photo by Instagram user @taicandido

Photo via @taicandido

Finding a desk that fits your needs can solve many storage issues. Having proper drawer space and attached shelving will keep your home office neat and tidy. Whether you’re shopping for a new desk or looking to add storage, there are many ways to make your desk a more productive workspace.

Consider Storage on Wheels

Home office with rolling storage. Photo by Instagram user @jenmackintosh

Photo via @jenmackintosh

An easy way to keep what you need nearby is furniture on wheels. Rolling storage drawers, movable office desks, and filing cabinets on wheels all provide portable storage options and help you maintain a tidy small home office. Utility carts are also a fantastic home office storage idea, as they allow you move your work and any supples to another part of the house.

Take Advantage of Closet Storage

Home office organization utilizing closet storage for crafts. Photo by Instagram user @julielauren14

Photo via @julielauren14

If your home office is located in an extra bedroom, utilizing closet space is another great home office storage solution. Take advantage of pre-existing shelves and hangers to neatly organize supplies or add movable cabinets to make the most of the space.

Give Floating Shelves a Shot

Floating shelves over home office desk. Photo by Instagram user @myohome_design

Photo via @myohome_design

Floating shelves are a simple DIY option for adding more home office storage! If you’re working in a cramped room or you have a tight budget, this is a simple and inexpensive home office storage solution.

Invest in Storage Cabinets

There’s a reason why file cabinets are an office staple. They’re a classic storage solution for keeping files organized and tucking away supplies. You can find many versatile options at a wide range of price points at home office supply stores.

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Buy a Desktop Organizer

Desktop organizer. Photo by Instagram user @glamlife4women

Photo via @glamlife4women

If you’re not much of a DIYer or into craft projects, don’t worry! There are many office organizers that will help with home office organization. File sorters, letter trays, and stackable cubes can all sit on top of your desk and make more room for your work!

Try Hanging Storage

Shoe organizer hanging with office supplies. Photo by Instagram user @bayouvinyls

Photo via @bayouvinyls

Do you have an extra canvas or plastic shoe organizer around the house? These cheap, versatile items are ideal for home office storage because they can store a myriad of items like pens, binder clips, and staplers on the back of any door.

Invest in a Cord Organizer

Cord organizer. Photo by Instagram user @yamazakihome

Photo via @yamazakihome

A cord organizer is the perfect home office solution for keeping wires from getting all tangled. It can also help you find which outlet each cord goes to. Buy one that already space for cords or make a DIY wire organizer using binder clips.

Embrace Portable Organization

Are you more inspired on the couch? Do your best ideas happen in bed? If you like to get away from your home office to do work every once in a while, try using a shower caddy to store office supplies. This organizing solution comes with a handle and makes working anywhere around the house a breeze!


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Pinterest Graphic: Home Office: 15 Organization & Storage Ideas

Pinterest Graphic: Home Office: 15 Organization & Storage Ideas
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