Where to Donate Household Items

See where you can donate furniture, clothes, and more!

Looking for an easy way to pay it forward? Donating items you seldom use is a great place to start! Not only can your lightly-used items make someone else’s day, but decluttering your home will leave you feeling rejuvenated! If you’ve ever wondered where to donate household goods or if charities will come to your home to pick up items, we have the answers you need! Discover where your donations can do the most good in our guide below!

Where to Donate Furniture

Start with the big stuff! If you’re dealing with a cluttered space, you might be trying to fit too many pieces of furniture into one area. Whether it’s an oversized chair, too many end tables, or a desk that’s taking up a lot of room, consider freeing up space in your home by giving away unnecessary furniture. Not sure which charities accept furniture donations or which will come pick up your furniture donations?

Habitat ReStore

Habitat for Humanity has home improvement stores that sell donated furniture, housewares, appliances, and building materials. The money raised from Habitat ReStore then goes back to support Habitat’s projects in your community. Drop off items or schedule a furniture donation pickup for larger items.

The Salvation Army

From curtains and chairs to mattresses and couches, donations of all sizes are welcome at The Salvation Army. You can drop off your tax-deductible items or schedule a free pickup online.


Where to Donate Clothes

When it comes to decluttering your life, your closet is usually one of best places to start. If you have a lot of items that aren’t being worn, there are many ways your items can be donated, reused, or recycled.

Clothing Donation Bins

Charities like Goodwill and The Salvation Army often have multiple donation drop-off locations throughout cities. Check online to find a clothing donation bin near you!

Give Back Box

Have a pile of old clothes and shoes sitting around that you never take the time to drop off? Do you also have an extra cardboard box lying around? Skip the trip with Give Back Box! This organization takes donations of gently-used clothing and provides a free shipping label. Donating your old clothes has never been easier!


If you’re near a Madewell, consider dropping off your old jeans to be recycled. They use old jeans to make housing insulation for communities in need. If you discover you need a new pair of jeans after your closet cleanse, paying it forward will pay off since you receive $20 off a new pair of jeans when you donate!


Not sure where to donate old, ripped, or heavily worn clothes? If your clothing items are too beat up to donate to a homeless shelter or thrift store, H&M has a textile recycling program. This means you can get rid of socks with holes and ripped jeans without sentencing them to a landfill. Even though it won’t help you with decluttering, stores like H&M also offer coupons when you drop off old clothes.

Where to Donate Pet Supplies

Pet owners know how easy it is to wind up with an excess of toys and treats. Especially if you have an animal with a sensitive stomach, you may have bags of pet food taking up space in your home. Not sure where to donate dog food, catnip, or toys your pet never loved?

Local Animal Shelters

Many humane societies and animal shelters will gladly accept gently-used toys, old collars, bedding, towels, and leashes. These local shelters also regularly need newspapers, office supplies, and plastic bags.

Animal Hospitals

From kitty litter, pee pads, and food bowls to miscellaneous items like towels, sheets, and storage bins, most animal hospitals rely on donations. Check your local vet clinic’s website to see which household goods they currently need.

Pets of the Homeless

If you bought the wrong brand of dog food or overstocked on cat food, Pets of the Homeless can get your extra food to animals in need. Find a donation site near you!

Where to Donate Books

When you’re looking to free up space in your home or apartment, getting rid of books is a great way to start downsizing. Once you’ve chosen the titles that are collecting dust, it’s time to figure out the best place to donate books. Charities like Goodwill and The Salvation Army accept books, as well local schools.

Homeless Shelters

When deciding which things to donate to homeless shelters, don’t forget to include books! Shelters don’t just need food and hygiene products. They can also benefit from books of all genres.


Many libraries will accept your books and put them on the shelf, or their Friends of the Library Society will sell these books to raise funds for other library initiatives. Your local library may even have book donation drop-offs near you, so check online for locations!

Books Through Bars

This organization will make sure your books get a second life by provides reading materials to incarcerated individuals. While they do not accept all books, Books Through Bars is always looking for books about trade skills, true crime, instructional art, and many other topics. Check their website to see what types of books are most in demand now!

Where to Donate Electronics

Have an old computer or laptop collecting dust in your closet? Many schools and libraries accept technology donations!

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Charities like Big Brothers Big Sisters, as well as Goodwill, accept donations of old computers, telephones, answering machines, and radios.

Cell Phones For Soldiers

Clear out drawer space and make a difference when you donate to Cell Phones For Soldiers! Mail in your old smartphone, team up with your neighbors to send in nine or more cell phones, or search for a drop-off location near you to help get phones to our troops.


Where to Donate Baby Supplies

Decluttering your home can become a seasonal activity when you have children. If you find diapers, baby food, or gently-used toys are taking up unnecessary space in your home, consider donating these goods to charities and homeless shelters.


From outgrown preemie clothes to extra blankets and bedding, NICU units at hospitals are regularly in need of these items and will gladly accept these donations!


Find a new home for extra diapers or the toys your kids have outgrown. Most daycares will gladly accept your gently-used toys and unopened formula and diapers. Just call first before making the trip!

Second Chance Toys

Help keep toys out of landfills and brighten a child’s day! Second Chance Toys has drop-off locations in major cities. There are similar organizations in different areas, so be sure to search for options near you.

Whether you’re paying it forward by donating household items to a homeless shelter or recycling goods to keep them out of a landfill, decluttering your home can do a lot of good for you and others! Different charities can utilize different items, so don’t let not knowing where to donate household items stop you from random acts of kindness!

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