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Shared Office Ideas: How to Design a Small Office For Two

Sharing an office is a great way to save space at home or at work! With a few creative design and layout ideas, you can make your office for two feel spacious, productive, and enjoyable for everyone. Check out the shared office design inspiration below to start building your perfect work environment!

Find the Right Space

side by side desk space with wooden desk top and multi colored chairs photo by Instagram user @aplaceforus

Photo via @aplaceforus

Whether you’re designing a home office for two or a coworking space at your office, you’ll have to get creative with available space. Unused lofts, awkward nooks, spacious corners, guest bedrooms, and more can all be great options for your office with a little brainstorming!

Don’t Overcomplicate the Layout

simple two person office with long desk and minimal items photo by Instagram user @amybartlam

Photo via @amybartlam

No matter which area you choose for your shared office, effectively utilizing the space will keep everyone productive and comfortable. Be sure walkways are open and easy to access, don’t block anyone into a corner, and avoid cluttering the room with too much unnecessary furniture.

Try a Two-Person Desk Setup

dual sided home office for two people with hers and his photos on wall photo by Instagram user @kingabe.rysuje

Photo via @kingabe.rysuje

Dual desks are a great way to maximize office space, and they come in all shapes and sizes! Whether you’re looking for desk options where you can face each other, sit back to back, sit side by side, adjust individual heights, or another variation, desks for two are perfect when sharing a small office!

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Choose a Long Desk for Two

If you have plenty of wall space available in your office, you may consider a long desk rather than more traditional desk setups. A long desk for two, like an L-shaped desk, is an ideal way to share one piece of furniture while also providing enough space for each person to have their own workstation.

Opt for a Wall-Mounted Desk

Want the ultimate space-saving desk? A wall-mounted desk is great for minimalist offices! Since these desks are legless, it’s easy to add as much seating as you need. Also, you can find options for wall-mounted folding desks or standing desks if you want more portability in your office.

Create a Common Meeting Area

If you and your office partner have separate workstations, consider adding a small table for collaborative work and meetings. Having a common meeting space also allows you to get away from your desk from time to time, which can help spark your creativity!

Don’t Forget About Storage

two person desk with filing cabinets all around photo by Instagram user @amybartlam

Photo via @amybartlam

When space is limited in your shared workspace, it’s good to have office storage solutions. Find desks with storage drawers, file cabinets that can fit under desks, or overhead shelving that can hold storage containers. Keeping everything organized and put away will make even the smallest office feel bigger!

Get Rid of Unnecessary Electronics

dark home desk with two chairs in front and map on the wall photo by Instagram user @theholtzhouse

Photo via @theholtzhouse

An important part of shared office design is avoiding clutter. While each person will need their own computer or laptop to get work done, you don’t want to crowd desks with other electronics like printers and fax machines. Save space by sharing these electronics or ditching them altogether (if you can)!

Keep Your Space Well-Lit

Even in a small space, windows are the perfect way to make your shared workspace feel bright and airy. If possible, place your desks near natural light sources. Other options for keeping your space from feeling too dark are bright paint colors, desk lamps, floor lamps, and hanging lights. With lamps specifically, make sure each person has their own lamp so they can control how bright or dark their work area is.

Add Style with Unique Chairs

small home office with stylish chairs and purple walls photo by Instagram user @seatandhutch

Photo via @seatandhutch

Whether you choose to have the same chairs or distinct chairs in your office for two, seating is an easy way to add some flair to your office! Look for chairs that add a pop of color, especially if your space is mostly neutral colors. And, of course, be sure all seating options are comfortable for long work hours!

Personalize Your Workstation

well decorated home office with personal touches photo by Instagram user @casademartina

Photo via @casademartina

When sharing an office with a coworker or a home office with a roommate or spouse, it’s important to make your workspace your own. Add artwork, books, photos of family, trinkets, and whatever else inspires you to get work done in your shared office space!

Organize with a Cork Board Wall

Staying organized in a shared space is key. Keep papers, notes, and other personal mementos off shared spaces with cork boards mounted either above desks or as an entire DIY cork board wall!

Use Dividers to Separate Stations

Want more privacy or concentration in your work area? Set up dividers in your small office! Whether you choose to build a custom wall or use a bookshelf, file cabinet, or on-desk divider, separating your shared space can provide the focus you need.

Invest in Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If dividing up your office doesn’t help you focus, try using a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Listen to the music you like, tune out distracting sounds, and stay on good terms with your office mate!

Incorporate Portable Space Heaters & Fans

small desktop space heater and fan combo photo by Instagram user @rowentacanada

Photo via @rowentacanada

It’s hard to create an office environment that keeps everyone comfortable. If you can’t agree on a temperature, keeping the peace is as easy as having a few space heaters and fans around the office!

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