Small studio apartment space

How to Live in Small Spaces: Tips, Tricks, & Ideas

Some people make the decision to live in a small space because it fits their lifestyle and helps them save money. For others, small space living wasn’t their intention but became a reality due to major life changes, like a job change or a growing family. Whether you’re there by choice or by circumstance, making your small space work for you is important. In this post, we provide simple tips and ideas on how to live in small spaces.

Get Rid of Stuff

When you have less space to work with, you’re likely going to have to live with less stuff. Donating clothes, getting rid of sentimental clutter, and throwing away broken items that you still haven’t fixed are a few great places to start. To downsize your belongings to match your smaller living space, check out our tips on how to declutter your home.

Double Up With Bunk Beds

Living in small spaces with kids presents challenges of its own. One of the common issues is that there aren’t enough bedrooms for everyone so the kids need to share. One simple way to save space in a shared room is to use bunk beds!

Go With a Closet Nursery

If you live in a small apartment or home with a baby, it’s possible that a designated room for the nursery won’t be an option. One possible alternative is a closet nursery! The picture below also has the bonus idea of ditching the changing table and simply using a changing pad on top of the dresser. Check out the following post for more small nursery tips and ideas.

Embrace Small Furniture

Large furniture in small spaces will leave your home feeling cluttered. By investing in small furniture, including space-saving kitchen tables, desks, and more, you will maximize your space and can still enjoy the furniture that makes home feel like home.

Expand Your Space With a Large Mirror

A classic design trick to make a small space look and feel larger is to utilize a large mirror. Whether in the living room, bedroom, or anywhere else in your home, you’re going to want to incorporate this simple yet remarkable hack.

Organize Your Storage Spaces

When living in a small space, getting absolutely the most out of your storage spaces is essential. Invest in storage containers like bins and baskets to get your valuable square footage organized! Not only will you better utilize the space, but it will make finding what you need easier as well!

Utilize Exposed-Leg Furniture

Similar to decorating with a large mirror, exposed-leg furniture creates the perception of more space in your home. Exposed-leg furniture, such as a couch or an ottoman, creates visual space under the furniture, making the room feel larger.

Maximize Vertical Space

Similar to exposed-leg furniture, furniture that sits low to the ground opens up vertical space. This is an excellent way to make a small room feel larger.

Maximize Corners

One of the secrets to living in small spaces is to maximize the corners of rooms. By placing furniture like tables or desks in the corners and doubling up with shelving as both a decorative and storage hack, you allow the rest of the room to feel more open.

Create a Corner Closet

Speaking of maximizing corners, if you don’t have enough closet space in your bedroom for your clothes, shoes, and accessories, just add a corner closet!

Who Even Needs A Closet?

Having an exposed closet is another great option for small-space bedrooms. Whether a room doesn’t have a closet or you need more room, this design idea provides more storage space while also making a bold statement.

Utilize a Hideaway Desk

This small space living idea allows for you to enjoy a dedicated desk space when you need it while giving you the ability to hide it when you don’t. Hideaway desks are popular, but hideaway beds and other furniture are also available and provide the same benefits!

Have a Coffee & Liquor Bar

Cabinet space in the kitchen is so valuable in a small apartment or home. But you still have to make space for the things you love! This simple coffee and liquor bar provides an aesthetically pleasing space to store coffee, mugs, alcohol, and barware.

Paint Your Walls Light Colors

While darker colors create a cozy feeling, light colors reflect light and make rooms feel larger. To create that balance of roomy and cozy enough, paint walls light colors, have lighter floors, and have darker furniture.

Get Creative With Kitchen Storage

Overcoming the limited cabinet and drawer space of a small kitchen takes some creativity. This DIY kitchen organizer provides some much needed space for spices and canned goods and takes advantage of space that usually goes unused. If you have a gap between your refrigerator and wall or counter, strongly consider this creative idea. See more kitchen organization ideas.

Wall Shelving Is a Must

Whether as a kitchen storage solution for your dishes as shown below or utilized in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom, wall shelves provide both valuable storage space and home decoration idea, especially in small homes.

Don’t Expect Perfection

You’ll drive yourself crazy trying to keep a small apartment completely clean and organized at all times. It’s okay for your small space to get a little messy now and again!

Get Out of the House!

Getting out of your apartment or house is always a good idea, but if you’re living in a small space, it’s even more important. You can do everything imaginable to maximize the space you live in, but there’s so much to do and explore outside of the home. One of the biggest reasons people choose small space living is to be near incredible amenities. Get out and enjoy them!

Keep Experimenting & Be Creative

Keep trying new things to maximize your space! And don’t be afraid to try something unconventional. The use of the small landing space in this picture is a perfect example of using a space that most wouldn’t think of!

There you have it! A complete list of tips and ideas to make small space living work for you. Though living in a small home or apartment might come with some challenges, it also allows you to be creative and bold and allows you to live larger in other parts of your life!


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