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Small apartment nursery with natural lighting

12 Baby Room Ideas for Small Spaces

Whether you’re raising a baby in an apartment or a small home, all you need is a little creativity to craft the perfect small nursery for your bundle of joy. From incorporating multipurpose furniture to fun lighting ideas, there are many ways you can utilize the space in a small room. Check out these 12 small baby room ideas!

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Minimalist nursery. Photo by Instagram user @c.w.urban

Photo via @c.w.urban

First thing’s first—one of the top things you’ll need to do before the baby comes (and well after baby’s arrived home), is decluttering your home. So, before adding space-taking baby furniture and decorations to your home’s shared areas or the soon-to-be nursery, take the time to declutter and part with unused belongings. Cribs, changing tables, nursing chairs, and other essentials take up a lot of room. By clearing out clutter before bringing newer items in, you can prevent the nursery from feeling claustrophobic.

Go with Neutral Paint Colors

When working with limited space, paint color can make all the difference! Consider painting the nursery neutral or pastel shades such as eggshell white, butter yellow, or blush pink—paler colors can create the illusion of a larger room by reflecting more light. Supplement your room’s design with fun accent colors, wallpaper, and patterns like horizontal stripes.

Consider Room Layout

When deciding on the layout of your baby’s room, it’s important to take advantage of every square foot. When deciding on the layout, keep in mind how you will use the room. Make sure you can easily access the crib, changing table, rocking chair, and other necessary baby items. Too much furniture and decor can make a room feel even smaller, so make sure to prioritize the most important pieces.

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Remove Closet Doors

baby room closet. Photo by Instagram photographer @mckennableu

Photo via @mckennableu

If your baby’s nursery has a closet, consider removing the door. By doing so, you create the illusion of a more spacious room as well as an open-concept feeling. Having no closet doors also means you’ll have easy access to your baby’s clothes and other supplies, which can help you avoid hassle when your hands are full.

Take Advantage of Multipurpose Furniture

Combo crib and changing station. Photo by Instagram user @bediboo.id

Photo via @bediboo.id

If having smaller furniture doesn’t work for the size of the baby’s room, consider adding multipurpose furniture. Nursery furniture such as a crib with an attached changing table and drawers allows you to store clothes, diapers, and more without sacrificing space. Or store blankets or toys in a storage ottoman that can triple as a foot rest, hidden storage, and additional seating! Of course, you can also try modular furniture—furniture created specifically for areas needing to maximize on space.

Opt for a Small Crib

Corner-style baby crib. Photo by Instagram user @parkeretc

Photo via @parkeretc

Out of all the baby furniture that takes up space in a small nursery, the crib is the largest. While many parents think buying a large crib allows the child to use it longer, that’s not true! Not only does a mini crib save space, but you can use it until it’s time to transition to a child-sized bed. Opting for smaller cribs such as a convertible or round cribs helps free up space for other furniture must-haves!

Ditch the Baby Changing Table

Changing station on dresser. Photo by Instagram user Changing Station on Dresser

Photo via @freshexchange

For those looking to create more space in a small baby room, consider skipping the traditional changing table. Even though they often have one or two shelves for storage, changing tables are often bulky and unnecessary. Simply add a changing pad to the top of a dresser or use a portable changing table that folds up when not in use.

Maximize Storage Space in Your Nursery

Matching cloud baby storage baskets. Photo by Instagram user @analisaxcx

Photo via @analisaxcx

Organizing a nursery is all about maximizing storage space. Cribs, dressers, and changing tables with built-in storage where you can stash baby toys, diapers, books, and more come in handy. Use storage baskets and bins in the closet or under the crib to help keep your nursery tidy and organized. Or use an over-the-door hanger to store other baby items.

Utilize Wall Space

Nursery room with wall of books. Photo by Instagram user @lovinghereblog

Photo via @lovinghereblog

Don’t forget to take advantage of vertical wall storage! For extra storage space, add floating shelves or a pegboard to your walls to hold books and small toys while keeping floor space free. And if you use shelves that come with hooks on the bottom, you can also hang miscellaneous supplies and even decor.

Include Fun Lighting Options

Neutral baby room with chandelier. Photo by Instagram user @laurakelly.co

Photo via @laurakelly.co

Trying to decide what type of lighting fixtures to add to your baby’s room? While lighting can add dimension to an otherwise small space, floor lamps and large lights can make a small space feel smaller. Instead, go for lighting options that don’t take up too much room such as string lights, plug-in night lights, small table lamps, or wall-mounted lights like sconces. Let the natural light in during the day, which in turn can help open up the space.

Use Unconventional Storage Areas

nursery with pink crib. Photo by Instagram photographer @hawkeyesdesign

Photo via @hawkeyesdesign

Limited on space? Consider turning an attic or an under-stair storage space into a nursery. While this might sound like a strange place to have your baby sleep, with the right decor, lighting, and proper ventilation, this space can become an infant’s room in a pinch! If you’re lacking storage space, simply add some shelving or baskets to hold your baby’s items.

Create a Closet Nursery

Closet nurseries are all the rage among urban families in small homes or apartments! If your apartment has a walk-in closet, you’ll have plenty of room to fit a baby crib and a changing table. But even a small reach-in closet in your home can be transformed into a tiny nursery by removing the closet doors and decorating the space.


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