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Small apartment nursery with natural lighting

17 Baby Room Ideas for Small Spaces

Whether you’re raising a baby in a one-bedroom apartment or you live in a smaller home that requires you to create shared kids bedrooms, all you need is a little creativity to create the perfect small nursery for your baby. Below, we’ve compiled small nursery design ideas, baby room organization tips, and space-saving nursery storage options to help you utilize the limited space in your home and make room for baby!

Make Room for Baby in Your Bedroom

When you don’t have an additional room in your home for a nursery, the best option might be to share your bedroom with your baby. All you need is a bassinet that can fit in a corner or next to your bed and a portable changing station that can be stored under your bed or in a closet.


Turn Unused Storage Space into a Tiny Nursery

Baby nursery set up in attic space. Photo by Instagram user @potkrovlje.ba

Photo via @potkrovlje.ba

An attic or an under stair storage space that rarely gets used might sound like a strange place to have your baby sleep, but with the right décor and good lighting, it can become a cozy nursery room!

Create a Small Closet Nursery

Closet nurseries are all the rage among urban families in small apartments! If your apartment has a walk-in closet, you’ll have plenty of room to fit a crib and a changing table. But even a small reach-in closet can be transformed into a tiny nursery by removing the closet doors and decorating the space.

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Choose a Nursery Design Theme

Once you’ve determined where you’re going to put your baby, it’s time to start nesting! Before you pick out baby furniture, settle on a design for your baby’s space. Will you want bright colors or neutral colors in the room? Do you want jungle-themed décor or fairytale-themed décor? Beginning with this step will help you make more conscious decisions about what furniture and décor you put in your nursery.

Use Paint Colors to Make the Room Seem Larger

Especially when working with limited space, paint color can make a major difference! Paint colors that make small rooms look bigger include whites, grays, navys, pastels, and citrus colors. You can also use accent colors and patterns like stripes in your baby’s room to make narrow spaces seem wider.

Add Wall Art to Provide Personality

If you don’t have room to play with nursery design using furniture, adding wall art to your baby’s room can liven up the space and fill empty walls without cluttering the space!

Include Lighting to Brighten Up the Space

Neutral baby room with chandelier. Photo by Instagram user @laurakelly.co

Photo via @laurakelly.co

Lighting can add dimension to an otherwise small space. Whether it’s string lights, a lamp, wall fixtures, or a chandelier, use lighting to give your tiny nursery more depth.

Get a Smaller Baby Crib

Corner-style baby crib. Photo by Instagram user @parkeretc

Photo via @parkeretc

Of all the baby furniture that takes up space in a small nursery, the crib is the main offender. While investing in a spacious crib now means you can prolong its use beyond your child’s infancy, opting for a smaller crib temporarily can be a space-saver in your home.


Choose a Multi-Purpose Baby Crib

Combo crib and changing station. Photo by Instagram user @bediboo.id

Photo via @bediboo.id

If the smaller crib option doesn’t work for you because you don’t want to buy a new crib every time your child grows, get a multi-purpose crib! This nursery furniture usually combines a crib with a changing table and some drawers for under crib storage.

Ditch the Baby Changing Table

Changing station on dresser. Photo by Instagram user Changing Station on Dresser

Photo via @freshexchange

One of the easiest ways to get more space in a small nursery is to get rid of the traditional changing table. Whether it’s a portable changing table, a multi-purpose crib, or a dresser with a changing pad, there are plenty of ways you can make room for changing your baby!

Convert a Closet into a Baby Changing Station

If your baby sleeps in your bedroom or has a small nursery, you can always save space by turning a reach-in closet into a changing station. Simply take off the closet doors and add a dresser or changing table with hanging racks, baskets, and bins for a fully-functional place to change your baby!

Remove Nursery Closet Doors for More Space

If your baby’s room has a closet, remove the closet doors for an open-concept feel! This not only helps a small space nursery feel bigger, but it also means you don’t have to open and close closet doors every time you need to quickly grab clothes, shoes, diapers, toys, or other stored items.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Stuff

Minimalist nursery. Photo by Instagram user @c.w.urban

Photo via @c.w.urban

“Keep it simple” is the best advice for decorating and organizing a tiny nursery. Sometimes, that means getting rid of unnecessary furniture and décor. Sure, those cute teepees you’ve seen all over Instagram would be a nice addition to your nursery, but they don’t provide additional storage, and they can make a small nursery seem cluttered. Stick to the things you need only!

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Maximize Storage Space in Your Nursery

When looking for space-saving nursery furniture, opt for pieces that offer additional storage. Nursery room cribs, dressers, and changing tables that have drawers and shelves where you can stash baby toys, diapers, books, and more will come in handy and help you declutter your nursery room.

Use Storage Containers to Organize a Nursery Closet

Organized baby closet. Photo by Instagram user @katemorawetz

Photo via @katemorawetz

When organizing a small nursery closet, it’s all about maximizing space. With shelves, hanging racks, bins, baskets, and other containers, you can keep everything up and out of the way. If you don’t use clear storage containers, be sure to use labels so you can find items you need quickly!

Add Baskets & Bins for More Storage

Matching cloud baby storage baskets. Photo by Instagram user @analisaxcx

Photo via @analisaxcx

Baby storage baskets and bins can help you keep your tiny nursery tidy and organized. These containers are great for storing diapers, toys, books, clothes, blankets, towels, and more.

Utilize Wall Space for More Storage

Nursery room with wall of books. Photo by Instagram user @lovinghereblog

Photo via @lovinghereblog

If you’re unable to fit space-saving baby furniture in your nursery, utilize the wall space you already have! Whether you need a place to hang clothes because you don’t have a closet or a spot to store books and toys up and out of the way, shelving is an excellent way to get more space. You can also use wall storage as a way to decorate your nursery.

Looking for more design and organization tips for children’s rooms? These guides for playroom ideas, kids bedroom ideas, and study room ideas will help you create adorable spaces for your kids that will also keep your home neat and tidy!


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Small apartment nursery with natural lighting
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