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19 Baby Room Ideas for Storage & Organization

The excitement of having a baby is a feeling unlike any other, but the idea of creating a nursery for your little one might be overwhelming—especially if you’t don’t have a lot of space. Whether you’re living in a small apartment, need to accommodate for more than one child, or just aren’t sure where to put your baby’s things, these 19 creative storage ideas can help you organize your baby room!

Use a Dresser as a Changing Table

Traditional changing tables are bulky and can take up too much space in a nursery. One baby room organization idea is to use a dresser in place of the changing table. Simply put a changing pad on top of the dresser, then use the drawers for storing diapers, wipes, creams, and baby clothes. It’s a great way to save space and still have the furniture you need!

Try Handy Drawer Organizers

dresser drawer filled with baby clothes with drawer organizers photo by Instagram user @britneetanner

Photo via @britneetanner

An excellent baby clothing storage idea is using drawer organizers in the dresser. They help maximize space and make it easier to find specific items. Instead of being randomly thrown in a drawer, socks can go in one organizer, onesies in another, and so on.

File Fold Everything

drawer filled with file folded baby clothes with sonogram image photo by Instagram user @hayitssamk

Photo via @hayitssamk

Another genius idea for baby room storage is file folding your baby’s things. This not only creates more space in drawers and storage baskets, but it means everything is easier to see as well. Use this method when folding clothing, blankets, and even bibs!

Make Floating Shelves Your Friend

Floating wall shelves are lifesavers—particularly for small baby rooms—because they allow you to go vertical with storage, rather than taking up valuable floor space. Keep baby supplies like diapers and wipes up on these shelves, or move your baby’s toys and books to this space!

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Get Shelving with Clothing Hooks

Shelves with clothing hooks are a great way to hang your baby’s coats, bibs, and accessories outside of the baby closet. While these shelves are typically more for display purposes, they can still be a smart solution for storing baby clothing that may not fit elsewhere.

Install Bookshelves on the Wall

gray wall with small bookshelves installed and chair in corner photo by Instagram user @leesieandpip

Photo via @leesieandpip

Another useful wall storage idea for your baby room is wall bookshelves. This allows you to display books without taking up precious floor space with traditional bookcases. Plus, it’s much easier to sort through books for storytime, as you’ll be able to see each one.

Add an Accordion Shelf for Odds & Ends

accordion shelf on the wall with baby clothes and bags hanging photo by Instagram user @thebohobirdie

Photo via @thebohobirdie

If there are miscellaneous baby items that you don’t have a place for, an accordion shelf can be a simple storage solution. These unique shaped shelves add extra space for displaying clothing items, accessories, toys, and decor in your baby’s nursery.

Create a DIY Pegboard

pink homemade pegboard with items stuck to it and wooden bassinet photo by Instagram user @pinpegandhome

Photo via @pinpegandhome

Pegboards are ideal for storing baby items on the wall! Customize the board however you like with pegs, hooks, and baskets, then adjust as needed. Hang the board near the dresser or changing table to make diapers, wipes, and the rest of your baby supplies easy to grab.

Test Out an A-Shaped Floor Shelf

If you want to mix baby room decor with storage, try an A-shaped shelf! They’re an excellent modern alternative to a traditional bookcase and can hold storage baskets, toys, books, and other nursery decor.

Store Blankets on a Ladder

ladder with blankets stored on rungs and photos on white wall photo by Instagram user @oak.and.co

Photo via @oak.and.co

Do you need the perfect place to keep your baby’s cuddly blankets? Use a ladder! Not only is this a good way to display blankets, but a ladder takes up minimal space as well, leaving room to incorporate other nursery furniture, such as a rocking chair.

Choose Storage Baskets Wisely

Baby storage baskets are essential to keeping a nursery organized. While baskets with a print or vibrant color are extremely cute, it can be hard to find use for them once your baby is older. Instead, choose storage baskets that can easily transition into a kids room, guest bedroom, or living room. Baskets with neutral colors are great if you’re planning on repurposing them as your baby gets older!

Organize Small Items with Plastic Baskets

Small baby items like pacifiers, nail clippers, creams, and more are easy to misplace when not stored properly. The best way to organize these items is with small plastic baskets that can fit inside of drawers or on top of dressers and shelves. That way, you can find what you need without trouble!

Prepare a Caddy for Emergency Supplies

bag with diapers and stuffed animals photo by Instagram user @lifesmilesllc

Photo via @lifesmilesllc

You never know when or where your baby might need their diaper changed or a fresh set of clothes. Having a caddy prepared in a few places around the house other than in your baby room will help you quickly get your baby changed whenever a blowout or spit-up happens.

Opt for a Toy Storage Bag

Looking for toy storage ideas for your nursery? Get a foldable toy bag! These have become quite popular and are a great storage solution for baby toys. Plus, they can be folded up and stored anywhere, which makes playtime cleanup a breeze.

Design a Rolling Diaper Station

white diaper caddy with extra diapers and stuffed raccoon photo by Instagram user @__whiteathome

Photo via @__whiteathome

Do you have a small changing table or dresser? Store your diapers on wheels! Rolling storage carts are small and perfect for diaper storage, as well as holding baby wipes and other changing items. And the best thing about a rolling cart is it can be moved around the baby room or your home!

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Put Extra Hardware in the Baby Closet

With good planning, you can set up the closet in your baby’s room to keep things clean and organized! Consider adding extra hanging rods or shelving to keep everything in place without looking cluttered and make finding baby clothes and accessories much easier.

Hang Multiple Items on One Hanger

hanger with multiple baby clothes hanging off of it photo by Instagram user @joelle_mcclune

Photo via @joelle_mcclune

Baby clothes don’t take up a lot of space, and you can often fit more than one item on the same hanger. Especially if your nursery closet is small, this is a fantastic tip for organizing and storing all of your baby’s clothes without the closet looking overcrowded.

Stay Organized with Closet Dividers

A growing little one means you’ll be going through clothes pretty quickly. One way to make storing baby clothes and staying organized easier is by using dividers. Hang clothes by size so you know exactly what to grab for when dressing your little one for the day.

Utilize Storage Spaces Outside the Baby Room

When planning your baby’s room, know that not everything has to go in the nursery. If you have any extra space in your living room, laundry room, or entryway, think about using those spaces for baby toy storage or less-used items.


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