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modern bedroom with colorful bed and two paintings on the wall

Bedroom Organization: 16 Hidden Storage Solutions

Need help organizing a bedroom? You can declutter your sleeping space and maximize the room you have with some clever storage solutions and popular bedroom decorating ideas. Check out these 16 hidden bedroom storage ideas to get started!

Utilize Under-the-Bed Storage

The space under your bed is a prime spot for storing things in your bedroom! Use storage baskets, rolling storage bins, or pull-out drawers underneath the bed frame to hide shoes, clothes, suitcases, and more.

Opt for a Storage Bed

Bed with Built in Drawers Underneath. Photo by Instagram user @thosmoser

Photo via @thosmoser

Want more storage in a small bedroom? Build your own storage bed! Whether you choose to build a lift-up storage bed frame or pull-out drawers, storage beds are perfect for adding built-in hidden storage space where you can stash extra blankets and pillows or seasonal clothing.

Create a Trundle Bed

If you need an extra bed in a guest bedroom or kids bedroom, but you don’t want to have it out in the open all the time, a DIY trundle bed is a great option. This hidden bedroom feature allows you to pull out a sleeping space whenever it’s needed and neatly hide it away when it’s not!

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Install a Murphy Bed

Murphy Bed with Shelves Built In. Photo by Instagram user @lenart_meble

Photo via @lenart_meble

Trying to maximize space in a studio apartment where you don’t have a true bedroom? A Murphy bed is a classic solution that makes it easy to hide your bed during the day and drop it down at night!

Make Use of Headboard Storage

Attic Bed with Storage in Headboard. Photo by Instagram user @kiramariecline

Photo via @kiramariecline

Get rid of clutter in your bedroom by storing items inside of a hidden headboard storage compartment! This bedroom storage solution is ideal for hiding books, magazines, phone chargers, and other small items you would normally keep next to your bed—and it’s a great stand-in for nightstands!

Choose Nightstands with Drawers

Modern Nightstand with Exposed Legs Next to Colorful Bed. Photo by Instagram user @chateaudufaye

Photo via @chateaudufaye

Adding nightstands in your bedroom is an easy way to get more hidden storage. Look for nightstands with drawers or cabinets where you can discreetly tuck away TV remotes, phone chargers, books, and more!

Incorporate a Storage Bench

Wondering where to keep blankets, pillows, sheets, and other bedroom linens? Get a bench with hidden storage! Not only does having a storage bench give you a place to conveniently keep bedding in your bedroom, but it also provides a spot for you to sit down and put on your shoes while you’re getting dressed!

Go with a Built-In Wardrobe

Wardrobe Built into Existing Wall Next to Small Vanity. Photo by Instagram user @pandora.maxton

Photo via @pandora.maxton

If you don’t have a closet in your bedroom, consider creating a DIY fitted wardrobe! This allows you to build a custom space along a wall of your room where you can add hidden storage for clothes, accessories, and shoes. You can even go the extra mile by adding pull-out shelves and drawers for a more organized closet!

Hide Items in an Armoire

Large Brown Armoire in Bedroom. Photo by Instagram user @wgr_furniture

Photo via @wgr_furniture

An armoire is an excellent secret storage space for tucking away linens, books, clothing, and accessories in your bedroom. This versatile bedroom furniture can come with a combination of hanging storage, shelf storage, and drawer storage to meet your needs. Can’t find an option you like? Design your own DIY armoire!

Get Creative with Closet Door Storage

Utilize the space on the inside a closet door for a simple way to hide items in a bedroom! Hang hooks, racks, or collapsible organizers on the back of a bedroom closet door to store coats, scarves, shoes, purses, and more.

Use Cube Storage in an Open Closet

Built in Cubbies in Open Closet. Photo by Instagram user @unclutterco

Photo via @unclutterco

If your bedroom closet doesn’t have doors, one way you can add hidden closet storage is with a cube shelf and storage baskets or bins. Cube storage allows you to stack shelves and keep items like purses, scarves, sunglasses, shoes, kids toys, books, and more hidden away in cubbies!

Add Small Drawers for Accessories

Not sure where to store small accessories like jewelry, sunglasses, and watches in your bedroom closet? Add accessory drawers! These storage drawers can be build into existing shelves or closet cabinets and make it easy to keep small items organized and out of the way so they don’t get lost or take up valuable surface space!

Hang Floating Drawers

Floating Drawers on Bedroom Wall. Photo by Instagram user @wu.scarlett

Photo via @wu.scarlett

Take advantage of empty wall space for hidden bedroom storage by installing floating drawers! You can store items like books and magazines, accessories, knick-knacks, photos, and more inside these drawers.

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Keep Your TV Out of Sight

TV Hidden Behind Sliding Doors Above Dresser. Photo by Instagram user @livingwithlady

Photo via @livingwithlady

Your TV doesn’t have to be an eyesore in your bedroom! There are a few simple ways to hide your TV, such as hiding it behind wall decor or keeping it hidden in a bedroom cabinet or armoire.

Look for a Mirror with Storage

Storage mirrors are a great way to get more hidden bedroom organization and storage! Try a standing mirror or an over-the-door mirror that has a secret compartment where you can keep jewelry or other items.

Try a Tilt-Out Laundry Hamper

Keep dirty clothes off the floor and out of sight by adding a hidden laundry hamper to your bedroom! If you’re looking for a DIY solution, you can easily build a tilt-out laundry hamper cabinet.

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