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26 Bathroom Organization & Storage Ideas You’ll Love

Looking for storage and organization ideas for your bathroom? Whether you’re arranging a spacious master bathroom or looking for ways to save space in a small bathroom, you can use these 26 easy organization tips and DIY storage hacks to organize your space!

Declutter Your Bathroom

Clean Gray Bathroom with His and Hers Sinks. Photo by Instagram user @title1manager

Photo via @title1manager

The first step to achieving the organized bathroom of your dreams is to toss, declutter, or donate things that are just collecting dust in your medicine cabinet or under the bathroom sink. Start by getting rid of expired medicine, duplicate products, and stockpiled candles or toiletries. Not sure what to do with half-used lotions and shampoo bottles? Check with local shelters to see if they’ll take already-opened bath and beauty products.

Arrange Items by Frequency of Use

Bathroom items you use frequently should be easily accessible! Make sure your beauty products—including makeup, face washes and cleansers, toothbrushes, and more—are organized so your most-used items are within easy reach. If you’re organizing a linen closet, try organizing your bathroom towel storage with frequently-used items at eye level and lesser-used items on higher shelves.

Group Cleaning Supplies

Tote with Cleaning Supplies. Photo by Instagram user @abbyorganizes

Photo via @abbyorganizes

Don’t let cleaning supplies take over your bathroom storage space! Keeping cleaning supplies like glass cleaner, shower and tub cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, and all-purpose cleaner stored in one space is an easy way to keep your bathroom organized. Under-the-sink storage is a great place for these types of items, and you can use a shower caddy or similar storage bin to group all your supplies together.

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Use Over-the-Door Organizers, Hooks, or Racks

Bathroom Door with Hanging Rack Storing Cleaning Supplies. Photo by Instagram user @glasshouseintl

Photo via @glasshouseintl

Over-the-door organizers or shelves on the back of your bathroom door can create additional bathroom storage space in your home. Use these over-the-door storage organizers for extra hand towels, shampoo, or toiletries. Or create even more storage space in your bathroom linen closet by hanging closet door hooks for bath towels, washcloths, and extra toiletries.

Utilize the Whole Wall

Adding vertical storage is a convenient organizational idea for bathrooms of all sizes. If you’re searching for space-saving tips, especially for small bathrooms, try filling your wall space with floating shelves. Do you have room between your bathroom counter and shower? Bathroom shelving allows you to make the most of this space. And if you have a large master bathroom, adding shelving between sinks is the perfect way to keep clutter off your counter, store frequently used items at eye level, and add style.

Create Over-the-Toilet Storage

White over-the-toilet cabinet and shelf in a neutral bathroom. Photo by Instagram user @khemlanimart.

Photo via @khemlanimart

When determining how to organize your bathroom, don’t forget about above-toilet storage. Install bathroom floating shelves, build a unique ladder shelf or toilet shelf, or purchase an over-the-toilet organizer to keep your toiletries all in one place. The top of your toilet tank is also an ideal place for bathroom storage, whether you need to stash toilet paper rolls or toiletries. Simply place a storage box on top of the toilet to keep items accessible and in place.

Try Leaning Storage

Leaning Wooden Rack Holding Bathroom Supplies. Photo by Instagram user @kirklands

Photo via @kirklands

Is an old radiator or a large bathtub hindering your bathroom storage options? Find a leaning ladder rack or DIY a ladder rack to add organizational options to otherwise unusable space. Place your bathroom ladder rack by your bathtub or sink to create bathroom storage for towels, bathrobes, washcloths, and more.

Make the Most of Your Medicine Cabinet

Looking for medicine cabinet organizer ideas? Clear containers, repurposed cups, and small makeup bags will help you group like items together, so you can take advantage of this convenient bathroom storage space. When organizing a medicine cabinet, make sure to organize medicines based on their uses, how frequently you need them, and what should and shouldn’t be accessible to children.

Take Advantage of Corner Shelves

Corner Shelf in Shower with Shampoo and Razor. Photo by Instagram user @organizemeusa

Photo via @organizemeusa

Maximize underutilized space in your bathroom by making your corners work harder. If you’re low on wall or counter space, bathroom corner shelves can give you additional space for plants, toilet paper, beauty products, jewelry, and more. The space-saving power of corner shelves shouldn’t just be reserved for bathroom walls—install them in your shower too, and use them for soap, shampoo, and scrubs.

Don’t Forget About Floor Space

Don’t get fixated on your lack of shelving and forget to focus on the bathroom storage space you do have! You can easily store towels and cleaning supplies in plain sight with cute wicker baskets or decorative bins for the floor. Bathroom floor space is also a great place for a laundry hamper.

Streamline Bathroom Counter Organization

No matter how big or small your counter is, it can go from cluttered to cute with the simple addition of bathroom containers and bathroom counter organizers. Maximize vertical space on your counter with tiered baskets, bins, and stackable storage containers. Use a stylish tray to hold your most used items, or to show off visually appealing products like perfume, jewelry, and more. Or use tiered bathroom counter organizers to keep all your products visible, so you can easily find what you need.

Install a Shower Head Caddy

Keep your shower space organized and clutter-free by installing a shower head caddy in your bathroom. These simple bathroom organizers are perfect for storing shampoo, body wash, razors, soap, face wash, and other beauty products you use on a daily basis. Plus, these caddies can keep your shower floor clear of extra products.

Rethink Your Toilet Paper Storage

Storing extra toilet paper within easy reach is one of the most useful bathroom storage ideas. A cute and functional toilet paper basket is perfect for storing extra TP in a decorative way. You can also make more toilet roll storage in the bathroom by utilizing tank shelves or floating shelves. Or, invest in a toilet paper holder with additional toilet paper storage beneath it to help keep your bathroom organized and well-stocked.

Use Extra Baskets as Shelves

If you need bathroom towel storage or a home for beauty products but don’t have room or the budget to add furniture, try using baskets or cute storage bins as shelves. Simply mount the baskets on the wall and use them to feature bathroom decor or for additional storage. This affordable bathroom organization idea is great for anyone organizing on a budget.

Build or Buy Drawer Organizers

Drawer Storing Bathroom Supplies. Photo by Instagram user @glasshouseintl

Photo via @glasshouseintl

A bathroom drawer organizer or divider is an easy way to keep your drawers tidy so it’s easier to get ready for the day every morning. Purchase small plastic bins, use an old silverware organizer, customize a drawer organizer, or build your own for additional bathroom storage.

Give Clear Containers & Plastic Organizers a Try

Clear containers and plastic organizers are an affordable option for organizing your bathroom. These bathroom organizers work just as well as glass jars or decorative baskets without breaking the bank! Plus, these budget-friendly bathroom containers are great for organizing and creating better linen closet storage options. Clear containers have the added bonus of letting you see what is stored inside them, so you don’t have to hunt for your belongings.

Upcycle Mason Jars

Mason Jars as Containers for Cotton Balls and Makeup Supplies. Photo by Instagram user @organizer_zu

Photo via @organizer_zu

Have extra glass jars lying around? Create your own mason jar bathroom organizers! A little paint can transform old jars into the perfect containers for accessories, toothbrushes, and cotton balls. Mason jars can also be transformed into soap or tissue dispensers, as well as makeup organizers. You can even mount your newly-decorated mason jars to create even more bathroom storage.

Hang Items on Magnet Boards or Strips

Using magnetic strips on your bathroom wall or on the backs of doors and cabinets can help you store small items like nail trimmers, hair clips, or barrettes to keep countertops and cabinets free of clutter. These areas can also serve as a place to hang your most-used items—like makeup palettes, brushes, and bobby pins—so that these items don’t get lost.

Repurpose Other Organization Supplies

Upcycling other household items for bathroom organization is one of the best bathroom storage ideas. Mount an old file holder on the wall or on the side of your vanity cabinet to turn wasted space into extra storage. Utilize spice racks or Lazy Susans to store your lotions, shampoos, soaps, and more. Or, use a dish rack as a creative under-the-sink organizer to make digging through piles of supplies a thing of the past.

Add Hanging Storage to Your Counter

Bathroom Sink with Towels Hanging on Hooks Underneath. Photo by Instagram user @hunkerhome

Photo via @hunkerhome

Curious how to optimize your space in a small bathroom? Tiny spaces call for creative organization ideas. Add hooks to your vanity or under your counter to increase bathroom storage space. You can also utilize racks under your sinks or attached to your cabinetry to increase your bathroom organization options.

Include Safe Storage for Hot Tools

Create your own bathroom counter organizer specifically for hair styling products. Make sure your bathroom counter stays extra tidy with a designated place to store your straightener, curling iron, hair trimming tools, or blow dryer. Find heat-safe storage solutions, or make your own storage solution for hair tools using an oven mitt.

Invest in a Makeup Organizer

Makeup Organizer on Desk. Photo by Instagram user @closetdreamssa

Photo via @closetdreamssa

Bathroom counter organization ideas can be simple. Keep makeup from overwhelming drawers and consuming your entire counter with a sleek makeup organizer! Try doing a DIY project to turn your makeup display into a work of art. Or repurpose a shoe organizer to store makeup and body products.

Try Using a Utility Cart

White utility cart holding towels, a basket, and other products in a white, neutral bathroom. Photo by Instagram user @songmics.

Photo via @songmics

A simple bathroom storage tip is to use a utility cart to keep face products, extra toiletries, towels, cotton balls, and lotions near you while getting ready for the day. This is also a perfect place to feature plants and bathroom decor. Plus, you can easily tuck a utility cart into the corner of your bathroom to keep it out of the way!

Install Pull-Out Cabinet Drawers

This bathroom cabinet idea isn’t just for small bathrooms! If you’re tired of sitting on the bathroom floor to find things and knocking over half of the supplies under your sink in the process, installing a rolling shelf or slide-out under cabinet storage drawer will make it easy to find exactly what you’re searching for. You could also consider installing a toe-kick drawer for hidden bathroom storage under the cabinet.

Add an Under Sink Bench

A pedestal sink in your bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t have great under-the-sink storage. Adding a low bench or shelf is a clever organizing idea that will help you make the most of this space. You can use this bathroom bench to store towels or washcloths, storage baskets, or other bathroom storage containers within reach.

Use Freestanding Bathroom Storage

If you have enough space, bring in freestanding bathroom storage to increase your storage and bathroom organization options! Opt for freestanding bathroom shelves, linen cabinets, or bathroom cabinets to keep frequently used items like towels, hair products, and lotions organized. You can even find storage furniture with adjustable shelves to give you more flexibility. For more bathroom design ideas, check out our 2023 Home Decorating Trends for inspiration!


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Bathroom Organization: 26 Easy Storage Ideas