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21 Ideas for Designing & Organizing Your Dream Closet

You’ve always wanted a glamorous custom closet, but the small closet in your bedroom just isn’t cutting it. You could wait until you move to a new home to get a bigger space for your wardrobe, but there’s a better option. Transform an extra bedroom or den at home into the dressing room you’ve been dreaming of! Check out these awesome design and organization ideas for turning a spare room into a walk-in closet!

Choose Your Color Scheme

Pink walk-in luxury closet. Photo by Instagram user @theindigowoman
Photo via @theindigowoman

Before you start adding shelves, determine what color you’re going to paint your new dressing room. Most walk-in closet designs use white or beige paints, as these colors open up the room and reflect light better. But if you’ve always dreamed of a bubblegum pink closet or a sunny yellow wardrobe room, go for it!

Install Closet Doors That Make a Statement

Sliding doors into luxury closet. Photo by Instagram user @fambesinvest
Photo via @fambesinvest

A glamorous home closet just doesn’t have the same feel with a boring old door. Whether you opt for classically beautiful French doors, modern glass doors, a vintage sliding barn door, or motorized doors that open at the press of a button, choose something that makes you excited to get dressed every day!

Pick Out Unique Carpet

Leopard print carpet in walk-in closet. Photo by Instagram user @melindabrowning
Photo via @melindabrowning

One way to spice up your dressing room is with carpet! With eccentric options like animal prints, florals, and geometric patterns, your closet carpeting choices are endless. Or better yet…go the comfy route with fluffy shag carpet. It’ll make your whole closet feel like a giant slipper!

Go for Glossy Tile

Closet with glossy tile floor. Photo by Instagram user @designedbyangelina
Photo via @designedbyangelina

Not a fan of carpet? Make your walk-in closet feel more like a department store by switching to a glossy tile. Not only does this option make your wardrobe room look shiny and new, but it’s easier to clean!


Opt for Wood Floors

Hardwood floors inside walk-in closet. Photo by Instagram user @ville.lumiere
Photo via @ville.lumiere

Wood floors give your closet a more executive feel compared to carpet or tile. And depending on the type of wood you choose, you can either have a smooth, polished finish or a distressed, rugged look. This option is also ideal if you plan to design a his-and-hers closet.

Build Racks & Shelves

Shelves in luxury walk-in closet. Photo by Instagram user @laclosetdesign
Photo via @laclosetdesign

The clothing racks and shelves you’ll need in your walk-in closet will depend on your inventory. For example, if you have more shoes than clothes, you’ll probably want more shoe racks. Make sure you incorporate a variety of heights, lengths, and widths with your shelving so you can store everything from maxi dresses and large coats to shoes and handbags!

Install Plenty of Lighting

Bohemian-style walk-in closet. Photo by Instagram user @patina_pine
Photo via @patina_pine

While having natural light from windows or a skylight in your closet is great, you’ll also want to have other sources of light. Overhead chandeliers, lamps, and shelf backlighting can all brighten up your space.

Don’t Forget About Mirrors

Walk-in closet with floor to ceiling mirrors. Photo by Instagram user
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Take a lesson from clothing stores—the more mirrors, the better! Every dream closet should have at least one full-length mirror. This allows you to get a head-to-toe view of your outfits. But why stop there?! Add mirrors behind, to the side, or throughout the entire room! This makes the room feel bigger and gives you a 360-degree view!

Use Ladders for Tall Shelves

Walk-in closet with rolling ladder. Photo by Instagram user @havendesignandconstruction
Photo via @havendesignandconstruction

Especially for closets with racks and shelves that span from ceiling to floor, it’s a good idea to have a sliding or prop-up ladder. That way, you won’t struggle to reach those handbags and hats on the top shelf!

Add a Center Island

Contemporary closet with marble island. Photo by Instagram user @teripughstudio
Photo via @teripughstudio

Islands are a walk-in closet staple! Not only do they provide additional storage, but they’re also a great place to set accessories like clutches and jewelry that you need to be able to grab quickly on your way out!

Include a Hair & Makeup Station

Vanity inside luxury closet. Photo by Instagram user @ravelarchitecture
Photo via @ravelarchitecture

Hate jumping back and forth between your bathroom and closet? Move your hair and makeup station to your wardrobe room! All you need is a vanity table, a cozy chair, a mirror, and good lighting.

Find Comfortable Seating

Contemporary walk-in luxury closet. Photo by Instagram user @cm.closetdesign
Photo via @cm.closetdesign

If you need somewhere to sit while putting on shoes or while you’re thinking about the outfit you want to wear, a cushiony chair, ottoman, or chaise lounge can be a welcome addition to your custom closet.

Glam Up Your Space

Black and white luxury closet. Photo by Instagram user @mastersofluxury_
Photo via @mastersofluxury_

When coming up with dream closet design ideas, think about your favorite clothing stores and the decor they use to inspire your fashion sense! Vintage serving trays, vases with fresh flowers, coffee table books about fashion, quirky wall art—these can be excellent decorations for your dressing room.

Include a Home Office

Walk-in closet home office combination. Photo by Instagram user @raraec
Photo via @raraec

Are you running a fashion blog or an Etsy shop where you sell clothing and accessories you design? You could always set up a desk, chair, and computer in your spare room to combine your dream walk-in closet with your dream home office!

Arrange Your Closet by Color

Colorful shoes in closet. Photo by Instagram user @laclosetdesign
Photo via @laclosetdesign

One closet organization idea is to arrange clothing and accessories by color. This system is visually pleasing for people who have colorful wardrobes, but it also makes it easier to find specific items—like your favorite little black dress, the red pumps you like to wear when you go out, etc.

Get Wooden Hangers for Your Clothes

Clothing in closet on wood hangers. Photo by Instagram user @seasonsinstilettos
Photo via @seasonsinstilettos

Though wire hangers and plastic hangers are more affordable options, splurge on wooden hangers for your dream closet! Wood hangers give your closet some uniformity, and they eliminate creases in your clothes.

Display Your Shoe or Bag Collection

Shoes and purses in luxury closet. Photo by Instagram user @laclosetdesign
Photo via @laclosetdesign

Don’t hide your accessories. They’re some of your best decorations! Move your favorite handbags and shoes to more visible shelves to give your closet room a pop of color.

Store Large Accessories in Bins

Luxury closet with organized shelves. Photo by Instagram user @salvatoreizzointeriors
Photo via @salvatoreizzointeriors

If you’re struggling to keep hats, purses, and clutches organized on your shelves, pick up some storage bins. With canvas, plastic, wood, or wire bins, finding your accessories on tall shelves is easy since you can see everything that’s in them.


Use Slide-Out Shelves for Hidden Storage

Slide-out closet drawers. Photo by Instagram user @laclosetdesign
Photo via @laclosetdesign

You can save space and hide some of your clutter by storing bags, hats, scarves, and other large accessories on shelves that slide in and out of cabinets.

Use Drawer Dividers with Small Accessories

Drawer dividers with accessories. Photo by Instagram user @hamptondesignandclosets
Photo via @hamptondesignandclosets

If you’re storing small accessories like sunglasses, belts, watches, and jewelry in drawers, be sure to use dividers. This ensures everything stays organized and prevents your items from getting tangled or scratched.

Keep Your Closet Free of Clutter

White walk-in closet with mirrors. Photo by Instagram user @nyametherealtor
Photo via @nyametherealtor

The whole point of devoting an entire room to your wardrobe is that it provides more space and opportunities for organization, so make sure your walk-in closet stays clean at all times. Don’t just toss clothing and accessories on the floor or the island. Keep everything in its place so you can get ready in a stress-free environment every day!

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