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Multicolored shoes stored on white shelves.

19 Shoe Storage & Organization Ideas

Tired of finding shoes all over your home and want a simple storage solution? Whether it’s adding hidden storage in your bedroom or creating your dream closet, these 19 shoe storage ideas can help keep your shoes organized and in one convenient place!

Overhaul Your Closet

To set up a shoe storage system that makes it easy for you to find the shoes you need, you’ll need a clean, well-organized closet. Start by decluttering and organizing your closet! Pull out all of your clothing, shoes, and accessories so that you can go through them one by one and remove any items you no longer need. This will help you get more space for shoe racks, shoe cubbies, shoe drawers, and other shoe storage solutions!

Install Built-In Drawers & Shelves

Closet with built-in shelves and drawers for shoe storage.

Photo via @annainstyle_

Is your current closet system not working anymore? It’s time to consider installing a new one! You can design your built-in shoe system to be as big or as little as you like. Consider putting up shelves of varying heights to store heels and boots. Or add pull-out drawers for easy access to sneakers, flats, and sandals.

Try Clear Shoe Boxes

Stacks of clear shoe boxes to display shoes.

Photo via @sdneat

Designate a home for every pair of shoes you own with clear shoe boxes! Unlike the standard cardboard box, clear shoe boxes allow you to see what’s inside without opening the box, and they provide protection from dust, dirt, and other items that could damage your shoes over time. In addition, clear shoe containers are easy to stack so that you can save space in a closet!

Utilize Under-the-Bed Storage

Shoes on gliding shoe rack that fits underneath the bed.

Photo via @tidyliving

Out of room for shoe storage in your closet? Get an under-the-bed organizer to stash seasonal shoes or pairs that aren’t worn as frequently! Use a cloth organizer that has dividers and zips shut to keep the dust out. Or build your own DIY shoe organizer out of wood with a transparent lid so you can easily see inside!

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Save Space with a Hanging Shoe Organizer

Use a hanging rack to store your shoes without sacrificing floor space! Hanging shoe organizers can attach to a closet rod (like a clothes hanger) to keep your closet tidy and clutter-free. Not only is this option great for storing shoes, but it’s also versatile enough that you can stash clothes and other accessories in it!

Go with Over-the-Door Storage

If you lack closet space, put a shoe rack on the back of your door to create more space for storing shoes. This over-the-door shoe organizer turns your door into a vertical storage space! Go with an organizer that has clear pockets, so you can quickly find the perfect shoes to complete your outfit.

Use the Space Under the Stairs

Don’t forget about utilizing storage under the stairs to create hidden shoe storage! Install DIY pullout drawers for storing boots, tennis shoes, heels, and more. This secret storage idea can help free up space in your home while also keeping shoes organized and out of the way.

Store Shoes in the Stairs

Stairs that have pull-out drawers.

Photo via @877rentpro

If you don’t have enough room under the stairs, consider turning a few steps into pull-out drawers. This home improvement idea is a great way to maximize space if you have a small home without much storage. Plus, it provides a hidden place to keep shoes out of the way, and you still have easy access to them when you need to grab a pair on the way out the door!

Add a Bench with Storage

Bench with shoe storage rack underneath.

Photo via @3x3custom

With a storage bench, you get a spot to store shoes and a place sit all in one piece of furniture! Place the bench in your mudroom or entryway where you often put on your shoes so you get the most use out of it. Choose a bench that has pull-out drawers or open shelving for easy access to shoes you wear every day.

Consider a Shoe Ottoman

Open Storage Ottoman Displaying Dividers for Shoes.

Photo via @evaastuapp

A storage ottoman is an ideal place to store shoes! Some ottomans even have dividers and compartments to hold your shoes and keep pairs together. Plus, this versatile item doesn’t have to be confined to a living room—you can also place the ottoman in a large closet, entryway, or at the foot of your bed, giving you additional seating while providing a hidden storage spot for shoes.

Get Cubbies for Your Entryway

Cubbies holding several pairs of shoes in home entryway.

Photo via @sincerelysarad

Tired of tripping over shoes when entering your home? One of the best ways to keep shoes off of the floor is to add cubbies to your entryway! This is a convenient way to store the shoes your family wears every day, especially if your home has a mudroom. If you’re looking for a home project, you can even build your own DIY shoe cubby!

Don’t Forget About Your Boots

Keep your halls free of dirt and mud by creating a storage spot for your boots! Stop puddles from spreading by placing a boot tray in your entryway. Or you can store boots in your garage by building a DIY boot rack, which is great for drying your shoes and also keeping snow and salt outside during the winter months.

Put Heels on Rods

Heels hanging on curtain rods in a closet.

Photo via @poaluxe

Looking for a unique storage solution for your high heels? Consider using a curtain rod or tension rod! All you have to do is mount the rod to a wall and hang your heels from it—it’s that simple! You can use as many curtain rods as you need to store your heels, and it can even function as a decorative piece for your wall.

Take Advantage of Shoe Racks

Getting a shoe rack may be an obvious shoe storage idea, but there are so many different kinds and sizes to choose from! For your coat closet, consider adding a two-tiered shoe rack that can hold up to ten pairs of shoes. In walk-in closets or your garage, use a multi-tier shoe rack that can fit up to 50 pairs of shoes. Or you can always build your own custom DIY shoe rack to fit your space!

Keep Shoes on a Rotating Rack

Need a way to store and display your shoe collection? Try a rotating shoe rack! This type of shoe organization provides you with cubby-like dividers to keep your shoes organized and protected, while the 360-degree swivel allows for easy access to all of your shoes!

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Include a Shoe Cabinet

Sleek black shoe cabinet hanging on a wall.

Photo via @marta_kop_home

Keep your shoes off the floor and out of sight with a shoe cabinet! This narrow cabinet is perfect for a wall in a hallway, mudroom, entryway, or bedroom and offers lots of space for storing shoes. Choose a cabinet that has drop-front doors for accessibility and keeps shoes in place when opening and closing the cabinet.

Display Shoes on a Ladder

Another unique way to store your shoes is with a shoe ladder! Not only is this a stylish piece of furniture, but you can also display a wide range of footwear from sneakers to heels and more. All you need to complete this fun storage idea is wood, brackets, screws, and a drill. Don’t have a lot of room for a tall shoe ladder? Build a smaller shoe ladder that will fit in even the tightest of spaces!

Put Shoe Storage in Other Closets

Shoes stored on open shelves in a closet.

Photo via @sdneat

Have an empty closet? Turn it into a shoe closet! You can use a linen closet, coat closet, or a closet in a spare room—it’s even better if the closet has existing adjustable shelving to fit your shoes! If not, you can install the ultimate shoe storage system with slanted shelves and pullout drawers to store shoes of all kinds. Don’t forget to leave enough room between shelves for boots!

Design a Shoe Room

A room converted into shoe storage.

Photo via @palinaroza

Turn an office, spare room, or bonus room into your dream shoe room! Go big with paint, floor patterns, and light fixtures. Incorporate shelves of varying heights, so you can store shoes from sandals and sneakers to heels and boots. Consider installing angled shelves. You might even look into adding gliding shoe racks for quick access. And you’ll want somewhere to sit when putting on shoes, so don’t forget the comfy seating!


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Shoe Storage: 19 Organization & Storage Ideas