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Woman working on crafts in craft room

Craft Room Ideas: How to Turn a Spare Room into Your Creative Workspace

Have a spare room that’s sitting vacant and collecting dust? Why not take that space back and turn it into an amazing craft room? Whether you’re into sewing, scrapbooking, jewelry making, or another creative hobby, the craft room ideas listed here should inspire you to design a functional space!

Install Vertical Shelving

Vertical shelves in craft room. Photo by instagram user @paintedparade

Photo via @paintedparade

If space is at a premium, shelving is the way to go. Wall-mounted, vertical shelving is a great way to keep supplies neatly organized and easily accessible while using minimal space.

Incorporate Vertical Bins

Vertical bins in craft room. Photo by Instagram user @cardsbykristi

Photo via @cardsbykristi

Building upward rather than outward with vertical bins is an effective solution and allows you to fit a surplus of items into even the tiniest of spaces. Use bins for ribbon storage, thread rack/thread storage, or scrapbook paper storage.

Cubes & Crates Work, Too

This craft room shelving idea lets you conceal even the unruliest of messes. Here, you get a ton of storage space while still maintaining an attractive aesthetic. Use them for storing paint supplies, yarn, beads, or drawing paper.

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Aim for a Minimalist Feel

Craft room decorating ideas are often limited by spatial restrictions. But you can make nearly any room look bright and airy by incorporating minimalist features. Embracing negative space gives you plenty of room when you’re deep in a project and gives you cognitive peace.

Make the Room Feel More Spacious with Light Walls

Light white and pink craft room. Photo by Instagram user @rebeccadiy

Photo via @rebeccadiy

Dark colors can make small rooms feel confined and claustrophobic. Lighter walls are more reflective, which will make a craft room feel bigger and brighter. Combine this with a bit of natural light to create a very inviting atmosphere.

Add Some Inspiring Art

Crafting is all about inspiration. So you’ll want to fill your space with inspiring art that helps you get your creative juices flowing.

Use a Pegboard for Wall Storage

Craft room pegboard over desk. Photo by Instagram user @harmonicasa

Photo via @harmonicasa

A pegboard makes storage a cinch. Not only does it allow you to store numerous supplies, such as pens, pencils, paintbrushes, scissors, and more in a small space, but it’s completely customizable and fully scalable. Simply reconfigure as your crafting needs evolve.

Buckets & Hooks Are Perfect for Storing Small Items

Craft room storage doesn’t need to be conventional! Using a combination of mounted hooks and buckets allows you to get even more out of your space. An added bonus is that you can quickly detach the buckets and bring them to different workstations.

Wall-Mounted Cups Can Also Work Great

Wall-mounted pegboard and storage cups in craft room. Photo by Instagram user @byquanna

Photo via @byquanna

Have a surplus of pens, pencils, paintbrushes, and markers? Wall-mounted cups are perfect for keeping these items nicely organized and easy to find.

Repurpose a Vinyl Gutter for Ribbon Storage

Have seemingly infinite rolls of ribbons? One of the more genius ribbon storage ideas is to place them in vinyl gutters. They’re cheap, they’re easy to mount, and the concave design is ideal for ribbons.

Use Storage Boxes for Odds & Ends

Keep chaos at bay by storing smaller items and miscellaneous materials in dedicated storage boxes. Handled trays are perfect for moving boxes from compartment to compartment with ease.

Take Advantage of Cabinet Door Space

When space is at a premium, you’ll want to take advantage of every single square inch of it. Attach items with Velcro or magnets to the inside of cabinet doors for optimal use of cabinet space.

Put Your Craftwork on Display

Why not put your craftwork on display by using it as room decor? Place your best pieces on the wall to serve as inspiration and motivation for future projects.

Arrange Scrapbook Paper the Way Craft Stores Do

Colorful scrapbook paper in organizer. Photo by Instagram user @frokenmlis

Photo via @frokenmlis

Have an excess of scrapbook paper? Don’t stack it haphazardly in piles or throw it in a drawer. Instead, use metal stacking trays for scrapbook paper storage.

Organize by Color

Craft room with color organization. Photo by Instagram user @cindyology

Photo via @cindyology

Save yourself time and frustration later on by placing similar colored pencils, paints, yarn, etc. together. Not only is it functional, but it also looks amazing.

Use an Island Table

Easy access to your worktable is critical. Placing an island table toward the center of your craft room allows you to access it from all angles.

Incorporate an Expansive Workstation

You’ll want plenty of room, especially if you’re working on multiple projects at once. Having a large workstation will provide you with adequate space for everything from jewelry making to papercraft and beadwork.

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Set Up an Adjustable Craft Table

When spending long periods of time on projects like drawing and scrapbooking projects, you’ll need a comfortable place to sit. A adjustable craft table allows you to configure it to your meet your needs at all times.

Write Down Ideas & To-Dos on a Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard in kids craft room. Photo by Instagram user @rockinmomjeans

Photo via @rockinmomjeans

You never know when a brilliant idea will strike. Installing a chalkboard wall makes it easy to write down ideas, to-do lists or simply give yourself some inspiration.

Leave Room for Expansion

Minimalist craft room. Photo by Instagram user @kinland.co

Photo via @kinland.co

Most craft rooms are a work in progress. Prevent future space constraints by leaving yourself a little wiggle room for new supplies and more storage space than you initially need.

These craft room ideas address the three key elements of design, storage, and organization. It’s all about the convergence of form and function. By focusing on all three aspects, you can create a space that’s inviting and conducive of optimal creativity!

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Woman working on crafts in craft room
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