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Blue Accent Wall with Geometric Shapes Added to It

18 Ideas for Creating an Accent Wall

Accent walls are a great way to create focal points in your home, make your home design feel more cohesive, and even add visual dimension to rooms. Check out these 18 accent wall ideas!

Opt for Dark Paint Colors

Black Accent Wall with Wine Bottle Holders. Photo by Instagram user @gina.keilen

Photo via @gina.keilen

If you want a more dramatic contrast in a dining room, bedroom, living room, or home office, consider using dark paint colors! A charcoal gray, black, or deep navy can create a bold statement in your home, and it can even make wall art and other home decor in the room pop!

Add Energy with Vibrant Colors

Brightly Colored Bedroom Accent Wall. Photo by Instagram user @annalysejacobs

Photo via @annalysejacobs

Don’t be afraid to use bright colors, especially if the accent wall you’re creating is in a family room, kitchen, home office, or playroom! Paint colors like red, orange, pink, and yellow can invite happiness, excitement, confidence, and enthusiasm into your living space.

Pick Out Printed Wallpaper

Accent Wall Using Fun Wallpaper. Photo by Instagram user @greydock

Photo via @greydock

If you’re looking to add a feature wall to a room but don’t want to fully commit yet, try peel-and-stick wallpaper! Easy application and removal are two of the major reasons why printed wallpaper is popular—plus, it’s budget-friendly and works well in rental homes where you can’t paint!

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Create a Mural

A mural accent wall instantly draws the eye because it’s a custom work of art! Whether you’re covering the whole wall or only half, you can experiment with colors and create your own designs. Consider drawing abstract murals with geometric shapes in a bathroom or painting a jungle scene in a kids bedroom!

Go with a Geometric Design

Geometric designs with multiple colors are another option to go with if you want to make a bold statement with your accent wall. A unique geometric pattern can introduce fun into a kids playroom or act as a focal point behind your desk in an office. You can easily create a DIY geometric feature wall with some paint and stencils!

Paint Stripes on a Feature Wall

Bright Stripes Painted on an Accent Wall. Photo by Instagram user @rowans_rainbow

Photo via @rowans_rainbow

Vertical or horizontal stripes are an excellent accent wall idea for confined areas like hallways or stairways, as they add visual depth that can make a space feel larger than it is! You can vary your striped wall design to be a single strip, jagged lines, or colorful stripes. You can also mix-and-match paint colors or pair together popular color combinations like black and white!

Use Wall Panels

With wall paneling or wainscoting, you can design an accent wall in your home that feels more minimalist. Wall panels are often used in modern home design with wooden, and they can be painted to match a room or contrast against an existing paint color.

Utilize Board & Batten

Board and batten accent walls are common in farmhouse interior design and can be installed on accent walls in a living room, bedroom, or dining room. When used as an accent wall, bold paint colors like dark green or black can give the space a little character without being too dramatic. If that’s too overpowering, you can also paint board and batten with neutral earth tones like beige.

Install Shiplap

Kids Bedroom with Shiplap Accent Wall. Photo by Instagram user @three_plusme_

Photo via @three_plusme_

Shiplap is an accent wall idea that can be added around a fireplace, along a stairwell, as a feature wall in a bedroom, or in the kitchen. By using vertical or horizontal shiplap panels, you can design a unique focal point in any room. Not to mention, a shiplap accent wall pairs well with farmhouse, rustic, and cottagecore design styles!

Experiment with Tile

Accent Wall behind Bathroom Vanity Using Tile. Photo by Instagram user @stefmturner

Photo via @stefmturner

Want a sleek accent wall in your kitchen or bathroom? Use tile! Ceramic tile is durable, easy to install, and offers a lower price point, whereas porcelain tile creates an elegant finish that’s low maintenance. Can’t install tile in your rental home? There are plenty of peel-and-stick tile options!

Incorporate a Wood Accent

If you want a more rustic feel in your home, design a wood accent wall! Adding a wood feature wall is a budget-friendly DIY project, and you can personalize it with a herringbone or diagonal design—especially if you’re working with multiple wood types!

Use Materials like Brick

Brick accent walls are trendy and pair well with almost any style! Whether it’s in the kitchen, living room, or master bedroom, installing brick can transform your overall space, adding texture and a unique urban vibe. You could even paint your bricks for some additional flair!

Go with Stone

Stone Accent Wall in a Bathroom. Photo by Instagram user @pella_dallas

Photo via @pella_dallas

A stone accent wall is ideal for a backdrop behind a TV in a living room or a wet bar. Natural stone brings color, texture, and detail into a room that feels too plain—and stone is durable! You can even experiment with different color combinations of stone like gray, white, black, and brown.

Photo Gallery Wall in a Dining Room. Photo by Instagram user @twoqueenshome

Photo via @twoqueenshome

For a completely customizable accent wall that’s easy to incorporate into your home, design a gallery wall! This feature wall idea lets you showcase your favorite photos, posters, prints, and more. Consider a mix-and-match approach with your gallery wall items so that the presentation isn’t too uniform!

Plant an Eco Accent Wall

Houseplants are popular home decor, so why not incorporate them into your feature wall? You can create a living plant accent wall anywhere in your home! Choose plants like moss, Boston ferns, succulents, air plants, and more to add color, texture, and depth to a room!

Apply Wall Decals

Kids Room Accent Wall Using Stick on Decals. Photo by Instagram user @jordandunaway

Photo via @jordandunaway

Applying wall decals on an accent wall is a simple way to make your room more stylish, and decals can be effortlessly swapped out as your interior decorating tastes change. Popular wall decal designs include floral patterns, honeycomb patterns, geometric patterns, or rustic wood patterns. You could even experiment with seasonal wall decals to get into the holiday spirit!

Accent Your Wall with Neon Signs

Accent Wall with a Let's Dance Neon Sign on it. Photo by Instagram user @zephs_house

Photo via @zephs_house

Want to introduce playfulness into a living room, kitchen, or game room? Hang neon signs on your feature wall! Not only do neon signs add vibrant pops of color to an accent wall, but you can even find neon wall art with funny sayings or quotes that can add personality to your living space!

Let Your Ceiling Make the Statement

Statement Ceiling Using Wood Paneling. Photo by Instagram user @aarnmee

Photo via @aarnmee

Don’t forget your ceiling can be an accent wall, too! Statement ceilings can incorporate paint, wood, shiplap, tile, and other textured materials for a truly distinctive look. Another fun idea is to paint a mural on the ceiling—this can be especially fun in a children’s bedroom or playroom! For more living room design ideas, check out our 2023 Home Decorating Trends for inspiration!


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