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A green painted room with furniture to complement the well lit space

17 Mood-Boosting Paint Color Ideas

Looking for the best interior house paint colors to improve well-being in your home? Using room color psychology in your home design can nurture a more comfortable environment for you and your guests. Here are 17 mood-boosting paint ideas to choose from!

Best Paint Colors to Feel Relaxed

Your home is your sanctuary, and some areas should be dedicated to relaxation and recharging. Here are calming paint colors perfect for keeping bedrooms, bathrooms, and cozy reading nooks soothing, relaxing spaces in your home.

French Blue

Calm, comfortable, and relaxed are some of the emotions blues evoke, making it one of the best colors to paint a bedroom. Although there are plenty of blue shades to choose from, the standard hue is perfectly suited for cozy room design in non-bedroom areas like reading nooks, home libraries, and more.


Lighter tones of purple are great to use in bedrooms, nurseries, home theaters, and other cozy sitting rooms. Considered a color of love, lilac is one of the best stress-relieving colors to paint a room. Because purples are a marriage of blues and reds, lighter hues of violet have the calming effect of cool colors tempered with the warmth and invitation of warm colors. In particular, a pastel lilac is a great purple to use as an accent wall!

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Mint Green

Pleasant to the eyes and used by hospitals to keep patients calm, a light, mint green can help ground yourself in a space and relax. As a color closely associated with nature, painting areas like the living room, bathroom, and bedroom mint green can help you feel closer to nature and enhance your mood. Studies show people who feel that connection benefit from better attention, lower stress levels, and improved mental health.

Burnt Umber

Similar to green, shades of brown—particularly burnt umber—are often experienced as neutral or warm colors that help ground you. One of the best stress-reducing colors, homeowners can increase feelings of warmth and safety in their homes by painting rooms like the bedroom, dining room, home office, and more a warm, burnt umber.

Best Paint Colors to Feel Happy

Invoke feelings of joy by utilizing happy paint colors in your home! Check out how warm paint colors like light orange, pink, and more can increase feelings of happiness in your living room, kitchen, playroom, and more.

Butter Yellow

One great interior design idea is to use cheerful yellow paint where you prefer to host people—so everyone can stay attentive and upbeat. The right amount or shade of yellow can be used to increase energy and help create a warm home design that’ll grab the attention of anyone who walks into your space. While pastel yellows can be more energy-boosting, opting for a mustard, butter, or muted yellow allows you to embrace the warmth of the color in areas like an art studio, kitchen—or as an accent wall in a living room to encourage social interaction.

Flamingo Pink

There’s more to the color pink than love, compassion, and kindness. Working well in a variety of home decorating styles from Modern to cottagecore, different hues of pink are often used to invoke feelings of joy and happiness. Be sure to stick to lighter pinks, like blush and flamingo—rather than painting entire rooms aggressive shades like neon pink.


Peach is a warm and inviting color of comfort, giving you a variety of similar orange tones to create a happy home environment. No matter if it’s a pastel peach or a bright apricot, this color of happiness has been shown to stir a variety of feelings like friendliness, vitality, and encouragement. You can pair peach with colors like cream, gold, mint, and blue to create a space with mood-boosting elements.

Light Blue

Reminiscent of clear blue skies or swimming in clear waters, light blue is a go-to interior house paint color to boost your mood. A lighter blue works perfectly in living rooms, writing nooks, home offices, and kitchens to encourage wellness in home design.

Best Paint Colors to Feel Energized

Often colors of action, a warm palette often holds the best energy-boosting paint colors—but there are other tones that can help motivate you, too! Read more about how you can use paint color to increase energy in your home.


Known to increase blood pressure, metabolism, and even giving the energy to act, red is the best paint color for rooms you need high energy for—like a home gym, kitchen, guest bedroom, or living room. Despite the several benefits of red rooms, too much of this primary color within a room can be overwhelming and increase feelings of aggression. So, use red sparingly as a mood-enhancing paint color in your space and opt for more subtle shades of red to enhance energy and warmth in your home.


Orange is an attention-grabbing color that combines red’s energy-boosting qualities with yellow’s happiness into one! Several different hues of orange like light orange, tangerine, and carrot are common colors used in marketing and sports to increase enthusiasm levels—making them an excellent paint color to boost energy. Orange is one of the most social colors and is best used in areas like the living room or kitchen to create a sense of warmth and make the space more inviting to visitors.


Ever wonder why performers wait in what’s called a “green room” before they go on stage? While modern versions of these waiting rooms aren’t usually green, the term still applies to the emotions evoked by the color. Multiple shades of green are known to have a calming effect, but rooms painted emerald have been shown to make people feel refreshed and organized when used for entryways, kitchens, living rooms, home offices, home bars, and more.

Dusky Pink

Pink is one of the most recognizable colors that makes people happy and is culturally tied to ideas like love, innocence, optimism, and femininity. While pink is thought of as a happy color, the deeper the pink, the more energy it gives you. Darker shades of pink have similar emotional effects as the color red and are sure to give you that extra boost of energy you need. Dusky pinks are best used in social spaces like kitchens, living rooms, and entryways.

Best Paint Colors to Feel Creative

Even the best artists hit blocks to creative thinking. One simple way to spark productivity is to paint your creative spaces in bold, evocative colors.

Deep Purple

The color of royalty and majesty, a deep, rich purple is a great interior paint color to use if you’re looking to spark creativity. Deep plums and violets can also bring a sense of balance into your space. Consider adding a wall of deep purple to areas where you want drama or connection, like your office, craft room, or writing corner.

Pastel Yellow

Most think of yellow as a warm color of happiness, but it’s also been shown to increase energy levels and enthusiasm and has the ability to help you concentrate. Pastel yellow is the perfect hue to use in sunrooms, kitchens, libraries, and more because of its non-aggressive and delicate appearance compared to darker shades of yellow.

Coastal Blue

Searching for a room color to inspire creativity? Vibrant blues are a staple of coastal home style because their depth provokes thought, while still being light and eye-catching. As a room paint color, coastal blue can assist people with creative endeavors by opening their minds to new ideas. So, it’s best used in your home art studio, favorite reading window, and other areas in your home where you brainstorm your next masterpiece.

Fern Green

Bring the outside in with fern green, a great natural color that can bring the many health benefits of the outdoors to the comfort of your own home. No matter if it’s the living room, kitchen, or bedroom, this shade of green—along with other green colors found in nature—allows you to focus on whatever task you’ve been stuck on.

Terra Cotta

As a shade of orange, terra cotta is one of the best colors for the kitchen and is linked to whipping up creativity while also remaining grounded. During your next kitchen remodel, consider adding terra cotta for a splash of color that will warm up the room and get your creative juices flowing. Or inspire a happier, creative mindset in transitional areas of your home like hallways, an entryway, or bathroom.


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