The Best Baby Room Colors for Your Nursery

Curious about the best color to paint your baby’s room? From versatile neutrals to more colorful hues, there are a wide variety of nursery color palettes to choose from. Check out the eight best nursery paint colors to find the shade that’s right for you!

Eggshell White

Eggshell white is a great paint color for nurseries, as white walls reflect light, making for a clean and bright space. This neutral hue makes it easy to re-design the room as your kid grows. Additionally, white nurseries provide the perfect blank canvas for a high-contrast design, which is easier for babies to see and provides important enrichment for infant brain development. Create a cute, developmentally-stimulating baby room by introducing black-and-white nursery decor like a patterned accent wall, decals, or art to help your white walls pop.

Dove Gray

Elegant and soothing, dove gray is a great color for baby rooms. This neutral base works with a variety of nursery themes—whether you go with a minimalist nursery theme or design the baby’s room around a specific concept, like outer space. Gray’s high adaptability also makes it easy to adjust the room’s aesthetic as your child grows. Dove gray is fantastic for gender-neutral nurseries, as well.

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Like white, khaki and other earth-tone paint colors provide a base for high-contrast nursery decor. In addition to this, its warm tone helps produce a cozy feel. With khaki’s proximity to brown, forest and woodland themes are the natural choice to pick for your baby’s nursery design. You can go all out by decorating with forest animal nursery wall decals or keep things simple with a few houseplants as decor throughout your space.

Butter Yellow

Looking for a gender-neutral nursery idea with a little more color than your standard neutral hue? Butter yellow is a soft, warm paint color that boosts energy without making the space too vivid for your baby to relax in. Color psychology shows that subtle yellows can improve infants’ concentration, so a nursery in this hue will be a great space for your little one to learn and grow.

Blush Pink

Traditionally associated as a girls nursery color, pink is an uplifting shade associated with optimism and hopefulness—and looks great in any baby room. Blush pink is bright enough to make the room colorful and stimulating for your child during playtime, but subdued enough to still be a good environment for sleep. White and cream make great accent colors for pink baby rooms, as do metallics like gold or silver.


Colorful yet calm, lavender is one of the best nursery paint colors for sleep. Pale shades of this color create a serene environment, and also give off a magical feel. Therefore, fairy tale nursery decor or other whimsical themes will pair well with this color. Test out other colors in the violet family like lilac, iris, or orchid to bring more depth to your light and magical nursery color scheme.

Baby Blue

Light shades of blue, like baby blue, are often associated as a color for boys nurseries, but this shade can make a lovely backdrop regardless of gender. Not only does this paint color promote relaxation, but it also offers opportunities for creative decor. A mural of white clouds on the ceiling is a fun, whimsical nursery idea that works perfectly with blue baby rooms.

Sage Green

Interested in a more unique nursery paint color? Sage green is a trendy, gender-neutral option! Relaxing and chic, this shade creates a comfortable environment for the baby and is the perfect background for creative decor. For instance, forest or jungle-themed baby room decor will look right at home against this soft green backdrop.


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