Maximize Space in Your Studio Apartment with These 19 Layout Ideas

Moving to a studio apartment and worried about space? To make the most of your new home, it’s important to map out a floor plan for a studio apartment. Check out these 19 studio layout ideas for inspiration!

Designate Zones

If your studio apartment is a large open space, you can help break it up by creating zones. Consider purchasing apartment furniture like a small bench with storage for shoes and a place to put your backpack to create an entryway drop zone. Designate a zone for dining, entertainment, work, and sleep by how you arrange your studio. You can break up the space while still keeping an open-concept floor plan to help your small apartment feel less crowded.

Design for Privacy

If privacy is important to you, keep that in mind while planning your studio apartment arrangement. Whether you want a private changing area or a sleeping area, the way you layout your studio apartment can help. Try putting up room dividers, flex walls, or curtains by your closet or by your bed to create the illusion of separation in your space.

Create Division with Curtains

If you want the privacy of a room divider without sacrificing floor space, try hanging curtains instead. These create a divide that can easily be pushed aside while adding color, personality, and privacy to your studio apartment.

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Split Your Studio with a Room Divider

Are you living in a studio apartment with a roommate? If you don’t want your beds on display all the time or want to create bedrooms, use room dividers. This studio apartment layout idea can help break up the focus in your studio apartment, making your home feel larger as well as more private, and can come in a wide variety of styles—you can even use hanging plants as a divider!

Divide the Studio with a Couch

Want your studio apartment layout to feature two distinct rooms? Use your couch to create a sense of separation in your studio apartment. Face it away from your bed, either at the side or foot, to split up your sleeping and living areas. This is especially great if you want to entertain guests, as your personal living space will be separate from your socializing space.

Separate Areas with Rugs

Rugs can be used to visually divide your studio without actually taking up any space. Depending on the size of your studio apartment, you can use smaller rugs to break up each area. Area rugs are also a great way to add color to your home decor in addition to creating a space to visually anchor your furniture.

Save Space With a Lofted Bed

When you live in a studio apartment, floor space is important. If you want to make the most of your studio apartment layout, consider adding a DIY loft bed. With a raised bed, you can create under-stair storage, as well as more floor space in your studio layout. And use the area underneath as another zone for your office, relaxation space, or more storage!

Open Floor Space with a Murphy Bed

If you don’t want to permanently take up space in your studio with a bed, consider buying a Murphy bed. This piece of furniture folds up into its own unit when not in use and quickly creates more floor space when you need it.

Tuck Your Bed Away . . .

If your studio has a sleeping nook, use it wisely. You can have a private, cozy place to sleep. If it’s not already in your studio apartment design, create your own with flex walls or curtains to give you more privacy.

. . . Or Have a Sofa Serve Double-Duty

If you would rather have more space than a bed and a couch, consider opting for one piece of furniture that can work as both! A futon, daybed, or sleeper sofa are all great options for making the most out of your floor plan for a studio apartment.

Shop for Space-Saving Furniture

If you’re shopping for new furniture for your studio apartment, consider space-saving furniture. Fold-out tables and desks are great for a dining and working area. A hideaway bed can open up a lot of floor space in your small apartment. And nesting side tables can be helpful while entertaining guests but are easy to pack away.

Look for Low Furniture

Does your studio have low ceilings? Create the feeling of higher ceilings and make your studio apartment seem larger with low-to-the-ground furniture. Look toward Modern or Mid-Century Modern pieces as their characteristic exposed legs create the illusion of a more open feeling.

Take Advantage of Vertical Storage

When you live in a studio, floor space is precious—maximizing the space in your studio apartment can be as easy as taking advantage of wall space. Installing floating shelves, hooks, or corkboards is a great way to create more storage without taking up floor space. Plus, this can work in other areas of your apartment like your entryway, kitchen, or office!

Use Open Shelving Storage

If you need help with studio apartment organization, floor-to-ceiling open shelves can create separation while providing a spot for storage and decor. Open shelves are a great addition to your space because items can be accessed from either side without walking all the way around it. Divide your studio apartment with an open shelving unit to easily access items in your living space and keep shadows to a minimum.

Save Space with Hidden Storage

Maximize your studio apartment’s space with furniture that can double as storage pieces! Hidden storage can come in the form of benches, coffee tables, and more. Consider adding an ottoman to your living area to store blankets, pillows, or other items. Attach a shelving unit around your bed for an attractive-yet-convenient headboard. If you’re looking for hidden bedroom storage ideas, consider storage mirrors, nightstands with drawers, and more.

Store Items Under the Bed

A fantastic hidden bedroom storage idea is to utilize the space under your bed to save floor space in your studio apartment. Choose a platform bed with built-in, under-bed storage for storing seasonal clothes, blankets, or extra bedding. Or, if your bed frame leaves space, invest in specific storage bins, bags, and more.

Make Use of Nooks

When living in a studio apartment, it’s important to work with the architecture rather than against it. If your studio apartment has character quirks like a closed-off fireplace, built-in shelving, or large window sills, use them to your advantage. Create a DIY reading nook, yoga space, or store items in and around them to best use each aspect of your studio.

Plan a Flex Space

Maximize your square footage with a flex space! Larger nooks that end up taking a corner of your small space or have slightly awkward dimensions could be a blessing in disguise—especially if you’re working from home in a studio apartment. Designate a small area for your desk or turn your dining space into an office with your needed equipment. Look for furniture that can serve multiple purposes or easily be tucked away, like a Murphy desk, secretary desk, or foldable desk chair.

Decorate With Design in Mind

Even though you have a small floor plan, decorating a studio apartment based off small-space design can make your space more comfortable. Explore different styles of home decor like trendy cottagecore and dark academia—or prioritize space with a Japandi or minimalist studio home design. And remember to take advantage of small-space design tricks like hanging mirrors to reflect natural light—large mirrors in a small space can help make your studio apartment appear larger.


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