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10 Tips for Successfully Working from Home in a Studio Apartment

Working from home in a studio apartment? As a fully-remote or hybrid employee working from a small space, you’ll have to get creative with your home office setup. Check out these ten tips on how to successfully work from home in a studio apartment!

Set a Schedule

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Photo via @minimal.wohnen

To achieve work-life balance in a studio apartment, your remote work schedule should have clearly defined start and finish times. While you don’t have to follow a traditional nine-to-five workday, you should develop a routine that allows you to totally unplug from work. Consider using tools like Google Calendar’s working hours to remind you when you’re off the clock. Similarly, sticking to a morning routine can help you avoid a hectic start and increase your productivity. Writing daily to-do lists keeps you motivated and on-task, too. And your work-from-home schedule should also include regular brain breaks like going outside to maintain health and improve your focus.

Consider Your Roommates

A well-lit office space with a double desk and two offcie chairs. @thatlibbygirl

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If you live in a studio apartment with another person, it’s important to plan your day and apartment office with them in mind. Find a workspace that’s removed from high-traffic areas so you can maintain productivity as they cook, eat, watch TV, do laundry, and continue their day. If your roommate or partner also works from home, clearly define your work zones. That might look like individual desks divided by privacy screens or a double desk that converts into a dining table. If it’s not possible for you to both have your own area while working from a studio apartment, just be sure to communicate your schedules and establish cues—like using headphones—for when you can’t be disturbed.

Minimize Distractions

A neat living room area that is well lit through a window via sunlight, and has several potted plants throughout the space. @wallhang

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If you’re working from home in a small apartment, it’s important to minimize common distractions like your phone, TV, chores, and background noise. The trick to this is being proactive, and designing your studio apartment office setup under stairs or tucked into an empty corner or closet. Disable notifications on your social media apps while on the clock. Block out sounds with headphones, or opt for ambient background noise apps like Noisli, brain.fm, or Noizio that won’t steal your attention. Set blocks of time to tackle household responsibilities so these things won’t distract you while you work. And keep your pets occupied to avoid frequent interruptions.

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Avoid Clutter & Clean Often

One of the benefits of living in a studio apartment is that messes can never travel too far. Still, you should clean regularly so clutter doesn’t build up and distract you while working from your small apartment. A clean space—free of clothes piles and dirty dishes—also makes for a more professional backdrop while you take video calls. Follow a home decluttering method to purge unnecessary items and invest in studio apartment organization and home office storage solutions.

Designate a Work Zone

Designate an area in your studio apartment that’s used just for work—this is key to maximizing space in a studio apartment. Place your bed on one side of the apartment and your desk on the other to create physical—and mental—separation. Whether you tuck your workspace behind a bookcase or face it against a wall, your furniture layout plays a big role in separating your home office from the rest of your studio apartment. You can even use curtains, room dividers, or a pop-up office to further split your work zone from your living space.

Create a Multi-Purpose Closet

Your closet isn’t just for clothes! Add more shelving for small closet organization that can hold extra work supplies when needed. Store your laptop and other materials in the closet to easily detach from work and free up surfaces in your studio apartment. Or if you don’t need a lot of room for clothes, turn your closet into a small home office! Add a desk or use pre-existing shelving to create a closet office

Invest in Home Office Equipment

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Photo via @lifeofema_

Any home office setup needs quality equipment, and your studio apartment office is no different. While many people will use an accent chair or dining chair while working from home, this can be hard on your back. It’s worth it to invest in a foldable ergonomic desk chair that rolls under your workspace when not in use. If your job requires a dual-monitor setup but you’re limited on desk space, try a tablet or mini portable monitor. Invest in a wireless mouse and keyboard to help limit the amount of cable clutter, so your studio office always feels organized and distraction-free.

Make Room for a Desk

small bedroom office space with desk and storage photo by Instagram user @heytinatomato

Photo via @heytinatomato

Having the right home office equipment is crucial to staying productive while working from home. But because studio apartments have limited space, you’ll want to invest in a small desk with storage. A desk with drawers lets you keep all your work materials organized in one space. Depending on your floor layout, you might purchase an L-shaped desk to fit an empty corner or a floating wall desk that maximizes floor space. Or consider other small space furniture like a Murphy desk or folding desk if flexible apartment design and space for entertaining guests are important to you.

Get Creative with Alternative Furniture

bookshelves stacked up and used as a home desk photo by Instagram user @elinacolors

Photo via @elinacolors

You may not have room in your studio apartment for a small desk with storage. If that’s the case, there are already plenty of surfaces in your home that can serve as a workstation! Convert a bookcase into a desk, or utilize a dining table, coffee table, or kitchen counter as your temporary workspace. If you choose this small home office idea, consider investing in a standing desk riser to improve posture and increase productivity. And be sure to have storage solutions nearby to house your laptop, folders, and office supplies when you’re not on the clock.

Utilize Vertical Storage

Studio apartments have less floor space, and a great small space living hack is to take advantage of vertical space—something you can do for your home office! Hang shelves, pegboards, and folder organizers on your walls to free up your desk. Stack storage containers to organize your office supplies while maximizing shelf space. Consider buying a free-standing ladder desk, a renter-friendly home office design idea that gives you shelving without having to drill into your walls. And if you need to set up and take down your workspace every day, a rolling cart can be a great way to tuck everything away when you aren’t working.


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