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small living room inside a studio apartment with small love seat and chair

15 Studio Apartment Organization & Storage Ideas

Not sure how to organize a studio apartment? Organizing small spaces starts with careful planning and decluttering your home! From storage furniture to space-saving tips, give these 15 studio apartment ideas a try to make the most of your tiny living area!

Minimize Clutter in Your Entryway

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You don’t need a lot of square footage to create storage solutions for small apartments. With a few hooks, a tiny coat rack, or a storage bench for shoe organization, you can easily sort and arrange your studio apartment for coats, boots, keys, mail, and more. Consider building a DIY entryway organizer complete with storage baskets and trinket trays. This will help you catch items before they clutter your apartment.

Purchase Bedroom Storage Furniture

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Searching for apartment bedroom storage ideas? There are many types of space-saving storage options to consider when selecting your bed. Loft beds and Murphy beds free up floor space, while a sofa bed or ottoman bed is great for guests. Since your bed is likely the largest piece of furniture in your small apartment, don’t miss out on hidden storage opportunities like built-in storage headboards and drawers. These are the perfect spots to hide extra bedding, blankets, towels, and other linens. You could also use your footboard as a TV stand or a nightstand!

Make More Under-Bed Storage

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Buying new furniture to optimize space in your studio apartment isn’t always necessary. Creating under-bed storage is a simple idea for storage for a small apartment. Install risers onto your existing bed frame to give enough space for clothing, shoes, books, and more. From under-bed boxes to shoe organizers, there’s a variety of hidden storage options here, too. Or you can build your own rolling under-bed storage to master DIY apartment organization!

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Get a Room Divider with Storage

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One excellent studio apartment design idea is using room dividers. These come in all shapes and sizes—but when you’re trying to maintain a tidy living area, it’s best to opt for a divider with built-in storage that isn’t bulky and won’t block natural light. Use dividers to create distinct rooms for your bedroom, living room, small kitchen, or anywhere you need extra privacy. Or go for a budget-friendly option and repurpose an open bookshelf to break up the area or add extra storage.

Utilize Storage Cubbies

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Storage cubes are a flexible and affordable studio apartment storage idea! They work great as organization solutions for small spaces because they create a home for bins and baskets. Put storage cubes in your living room for a convenient place to keep blankets or books. Use plastic cubbies for hidden shoe storage in the entryway. Or create small bedroom storage for your clothes with canvas bins.

Capitalize on Vertical Space

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Creative storage ideas for studio apartments can be as simple as expanding up! Install floating shelves above your couch or bed as a DIY storage solution. Invest in a tall bookshelf and arrange belongings by frequency of use. Add built-in shelves for a similar, yet more permanent apartment organization idea. Hang pots and pans in your kitchen. Utilize over-the-toilet organizers to make the most of your studio apartment bathroom. Just remember to keep the items you use most within reach!

Install a Fold-Down Table

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A built-in dining table is a great small apartment kitchen idea to save space in your studio! Fold out your table when it’s time to eat, and tuck it away for more space to walk around. Whether you purchase a premade Murphy table or build your own vintage-inspired drop-down table, you can use this workspace as a desk while working from a studio apartment. For space-saving seating—to match your dining table or Murphy desk—consider folding chairs or stacking chairs that stay out of the way until you need them.

Add Storage Furniture to the Kitchen

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Looking for kitchen storage ideas for your small apartment? Think outside the box with space-saving studio apartment ideas! If you find yourself without hidden storage in your kitchen, install a toe-kick drawer, double drawer, or pull-out pantry. Other small kitchen storage ideas include shelving, adding a bar cart, or using a bookshelf to display glassware, dishes, cookbooks, and more!

Opt for a Rolling Island

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Whether in the kitchen, living room, or bathroom, a rolling island is a creative storage idea for small spaces! This storage hack allows you to get more storagein tight areas. Find a tall rolling island for food prep in a small kitchen. Opt for a cart with multiple drawers, so you can move craft supplies around your studio apartment. Rolling islands and bar carts can also be used for displaying decor, holding makeup and skincare products, or housing your plants and gardening supplies.

Save Space with Tables & Ottomans

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Maximize space in your studio apartment with coffee tables or nesting tables! If wall-mounted nightstands or end tables aren’t an option for renters, nesting tables are the perfect solution for starting small apartment organizing. Buying a storage ottoman is also another great idea for storage solutions for studio apartments. This multi-purpose furniture offers a versatile way to keep extra blankets, pillows, and magazines out of sight. When you have guests over, they can also double as seating or even as a makeshift table, which can make a huge difference when entertaining in a small home.

Create a Closet

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Have an extremely tiny closet or no closet at all? Create a DIY closet storage solution! Install a custom armoire or build storage shelves with hanging racks and cabinet drawers. Put your fashion statement pieces on display with an open closet. Whether open or closed, organize your closet with storage bins, boxes, and other storage solutions to keep off-season clothing out of sight. If you don’t have the space for a full closet, go with a budget-friendly garment rack instead!

Hang Accessories

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Using your accessories as decor is a clever small apartment storage idea. Simply add hooks and trays around your home to show off your favorite hats, necklaces, scarves, bags, sunglasses, or shoes. This way, you’ll have a DIY storage solution that also functions as apartment decoration. Consider utilizing a cork wall or pegboard to hang your favorite jewelry beside art and sentimental photos.

Get Cozy with Empty Corners

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It’s easy to forget about corners as storage options for small spaces. But the best studio apartment layouts put all corners, nooks, and crannies to work! This is a prime location to place a corner desk, large potted plant, makeshift closet, or shelving for your book or record collection. When in doubt, fill your empty studio apartment corners with a pouf or portable seating for guests.

Don’t Forget Behind the Door

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The best storage solutions for small spaces are ones utilizing otherwise wasted areas! Find hidden storage potential in your studio apartment by hanging a rack or hooks on a bathroom or closet door for compact storage. Coats, hats, headbands, jewelry, and towels can all find a convenient home in over-the-door storage solutions. You might even use an over-the-door caddy in your pantry for extra produce storage.

Close the Curtains to Disguise Clutter

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When you think you’ve run out of clever DIY storage ideas to hide belongings, install curtains! If you can’t display your belongings as decor, use curtains to close off your closet, home office, or other untidy areas. This is also a great idea for making a bedroom in a studio apartment because it provides some separation from the rest of your living space. If you want to let natural light in your space, grab sheer curtains.


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