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Living in a Studio Apartment with a Roommate

Can two people live in a studio apartment? Even with challenges of space and privacy, sharing a studio apartment can be done, and it can even be enjoyable! Whether you’re sharing a studio apartment with a friend, a romantic partner, or a total stranger, here are some tips for living with a roommate in a shared studio apartment.

1. Learn to Share Limited Space

Living in a studio apartment with a roommate means sharing small spaces. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can divide the apartment to provide more comfort for you and your roommate. Learn more about how to maximize space in a studio apartment below!

Create Privacy with Room Dividers

Divider Sectioning Off Different Parts of an Apartment. Photo by Instagram user @ideas.home

Photo via @ideas.home

Carve out privacy in a studio apartment with a room divider. Some room divider ideas for small studio apartments include dividing a living room from a sleeping area with a curtain, using bookshelves to create two bedrooms, or strategically placing area rugs to give a sense of different spaces. Large potted plants, hanging tapestries, and wooden panel dividers can also be used for area division.

Share Available Storage

Get creative when it comes to sharing storage. Along with sharing existing space like closets, pantries, and drawers, you can add even more options like hanging storage on walls and doors. Install mason jar holders in the bathroom or kitchen for small items, or hang overhead storage cabinets and shelves above sleeping areas. Find more storage tips and tricks for studio apartments here!

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Install a Fold-Down Table

Table That Folds Into Wall When Not in Use. Photo by Instagram user @wallytables

Photo via @wallytables

If your studio apartment lacks space for a large table, consider using a fold-down table. Not only will it give you and your apartment roommate a place to enjoy meals, but it can easily be folded up into the wall when not being used. This DIY mirror folding table is a great option for a dining table/desk combo.

Combine Your Interior Design Tastes

Deciding on the layout and design of a studio apartment is a good way for you and your roommate to bond. Pick out pillows, area rugs, blankets, and curtains together to incorporate a cohesive design you both love. If there are a few pieces you can’t agree on, rotate them out every few months to change up the space. Make sure to keep track of who buys what so you can easily split them up when it comes time to move.

Create a Vanity Outside of the Bathroom

Vanity Set-Up Outside of the Bathroom. Photo by Instagram user @dalyfashionfix

Photo via @dalyfashionfix

Living in a studio apartment with another person means sharing one bathroom. Cut down on arguments about hogging the bathroom by building a vanity outside. With a few floating shelves, storage boxes or baskets, and a mirror, you can create your own personal vanity and free up bathroom space to make getting ready in the morning easier.

2. Keep Your Living Space Organized

Organizing your studio apartment is key to making sure there’s always enough room for two people. Multi-functional furniture, smart storage, and reducing clutter will help your shared studio apartment stay as open and clean as possible.

Use Space-Saving Furniture

Lofted Bed with Futon Underneath. Photo by Instagram user @italformdesign

Photo via @italformdesign

In a studio apartment, every inch matters. Utilizing space-saving furniture will create more room in a small area! Furniture like expandable desks, stackable chairs, and nesting tables are perfect for studios. If you and your apartment roommate aren’t sure about bed setup, consider bunk beds, a sofa bed, or lofting one bed. A Murphy bed is also a great option because it can be folded into the wall when not being used.

Come Up with a Cleaning Plan

Dry Erase Board with Chores Assigned on It. Photo by Instagram user @osbofamily

Photo via @osbofamily

Small spaces make even little messes seem colossal. Be sure to evenly distribute cleaning chores by coming up with a cleaning schedule or placing a printed chore list on the refrigerator. Split the cost of cleaning supplies and store them in a handy shower tote that can be stored under a kitchen sink or in a bathroom closet.

Organize the Entryway Space

Mirror and Decorated Shelf in the Entryway of a Studio Apartment. Photo by Instagram user @medallion_corp

Photo via @medallion_corp

It’s easy to toss your things into a pile on the floor when you get home. Avoid the clutter by organizing a drop zone near the door where you can hang coats and bags and set down mail, keys, and umbrellas.

3. Cut Down On Clutter

Two people often come with their own furniture, collections, and memorabilia. As much as you may love these possessions, decluttering is crucial to keeping your apartment open and clean. These simple decluttering tips will help your shared studio apartment stay organized.

Make a List of Your Items

Couch, Bed, and Shelves in Studio Aparment. Photo by Instagram user @littlecrafthse

Photo via @littlecrafthse

Before you move in, construct a list of what furniture items each person has and draw up a floor plan. Use the furniture that works best in your apartment and measure everything out to ensure it fits in the space. Anything that can’t be used can either be sold or moved to storage.

Remember Everything Needs a Home

Once you both go through your items and decide what stays and what goes, make sure everything has a designated spot in your apartment. This will help keep items from getting scattered throughout the space. Using furniture with hidden storage will also help maximize space in a studio apartment.

Spend a Few Minutes Each Day Picking Up

Spotless Kitchen with Granite Countertops. Photo by Instagram user @ausnuance

Photo via @ausnuance

Small spaces can become cluttered very quickly. Keep surfaces clear and items organized by taking a few minutes each day to pick up. A quick sweep through communal spaces like the kitchen and living room will help keep your apartment clean. Maintain cleanliness by sticking to routine cleaning like washing your dishes and keeping the bathroom wiped down, as well as storing shoes, coats, and bags neatly by the door.

4. Communicate & Live Comfortably

Whether you’ve known your roommate for ten years or ten minutes, there are a few ground rules that will help make life in a shared studio apartment more comfortable for both of you.

Set Boundaries

Decide from the very beginning who will be responsible for bills or grocery shopping. Adding a whiteboard or chalkboard to the kitchen is a great idea for leaving notes and reminders.

Get Used to Being Close

Small Studio Apartment. Photo by Instagram user @kaksinyksiossa

Photo via @kaksinyksiossa

No matter how many privacy barriers you add to a small studio apartment, you’ll have to be in close quarters. When you’re both home, try to give each other as much space as possible. When you can, go for a walk, hit the grocery store, or meet a friend outside the apartment to allow your roommate to have some alone time.

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Be Understanding of Each Other’s Lifestyles

Kitchen Cupboard Filled with Dozens of Coffee Mugs. Photo by Instagram user @kayla_made

Photo via @kayla_made

Obviously, not everyone shares the same interests and routines. Just because you like leaving your coffee mug on the counter doesn’t mean your roommate will appreciate it. Share your expectations for cleanliness, quiet time, guests, and bills right away—and try to compromise whenever possible!

Make a Plan for Overnight Guests

Overnight guests may seem nearly impossible to accommodate in a shared studio apartment. However, with some maneuvering, hosting guests can be done! If you plan to have people over somewhat frequently, consider getting an air mattress or investing in a futon. Just be sure to let your roommate know ahead of time so they can plan accordingly!

Invest in a Good Pair of Headphones

There’s no Netflix show too loud that a good pair of headphones can’t drown out. Earplugs, eye masks, fans, and white noise machines are also excellent items to have on hand if your apartment roommate decides to stay up late.

Try to Spend Time Outside

Diner Sitting at the Counter of a Coffee Shop. Photo by Instagram user @slapfacecoffee

Photo via @slapfacecoffee

Even after you’ve created a wonderful shared apartment, don’t spend too much time inside! Explore neighborhood bars, restaurants, cafes, and shops. If you work remotely, try working a few days at a coffee shop or a shared workspace. You could also take up a few new hobbies or join a fun book club. Anything that gets you outside will help you appreciate your cozy home even more!

Living in a studio apartment with a roommate is challenging, but it can be done! By following a few simple ground rules, both you and your roommate can share a small space comfortably and have fun.

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Living in a Studio Apartment with a Roommate

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