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bedroom space in studio apartment with a bed, nightstand and bookshelf

Tips & Tricks for Maximizing Space in a Studio Apartment

Do you love living in the city, but hate how cramped your tiny apartment is? Discover how to get more space in a studio apartment with these design, layout, and furniture ideas. No matter your preferred style or budget, we have tips and tricks for you to try!

Eliminate Clutter

small apartment space with bed and desk next to each other photo by Instagram user @karrrrst

Photo via @karrrrst

Spring cleaning isn’t just for spring! The simplest space-saving idea for small apartments is to declutter often. The fewer belongings you have, the larger your apartment will look! Before you dive into the layout and design of your apartment, start by purging unnecessary items.

Define the Space

Prior to decorating, think about how your apartment needs to function each day. Is hosting guests a weekly affair? Will you need your home to double as an office space? Depending upon your particular needs, adopt studio apartment layout ideas that dedicate the most square footage to your primary uses.

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Try Minimalist Design

Clean lines and zero clutter are staples of a minimalist studio apartment. Over-decorating will shrink your already small living quarters, so integrate this modern apartment design to make the most of your space.

Keep Furniture Against the Wall

Wondering how to maximize space in a studio apartment? Keep as much floor space open as possible! Arranging furniture against the wall will keep it from becoming a roadblock and leaves more room for activities!

Opt for Semi-Open Furniture

studio apartment space that uses semi-open furniture to separate rooms photo by Instagram user @hunkerhome

Photo via @hunkerhome

Don’t let dense, bulky furniture block natural light or movement! Bookshelves, dressers, nightstands, and other pieces that are partially open create expansiveness in your studio by leaving room for white space.

Use Mirrors to Widen the Room

Reflective surfaces create the illusion of a taller and wider apartment. Whether it’s to add expansiveness to your bedroom area or open up a cramped living room, mirrors will broaden your small studio apartment.

Choose a Few Statement Pieces

Trying to figure out how to decorate a studio apartment to make it seem bigger? Pick a couple of pieces that will really pop! A bold bedspread, retro couch, some potted planets, or an eye-catching light fixture can spice up your studio apartment decor without overwhelming your tiny area.

Buy Exposed Leg Furniture

small apartment with exposed leg chair and black furniture photo by Instagram user @ineslarsson

Photo via @ineslarsson

The best chairs and tables for small spaces have bases you can see through! This goes for couches, beds, and nightstands, too. Because exposed legs allow light to pass under your furniture, it prevents the room from feeling tight or cluttered.

Make Multiple Levels

apartment with multiple levels to separate bedroom from living area photo by Instagram user @elliekoleen

Photo via @elliekoleen

How can you make a bedroom stand out in a studio apartment? Create the appearance of separate rooms by adding levels! Build a platform with steps to your bed or use raised furniture for natural division.

Use a Murphy Bed

If you find yourself in a one-room apartment with reduced square footage, consider investing in a Murphy bed. Installing a bed that can be easily folded back into a wall, closet, or bookshelf will open up space for entertaining, working, and any other activities you can imagine!

Invest in Storage Furniture

bed with storage drawers underneath bed photo by Instagram user @juttakarihtala

Photo via @juttakarihtala

The best furniture for studio apartments is versatile. From bed frames with built-in storage to benches and ottomans that open up, choose multi-purpose pieces that do double duty.

Embrace Neutral Palettes

Not sure how to decorate a studio apartment? Keep designs light and airy with a neutral color palette! Using beige, ivory, taupe, and other subdued colors on walls will keep your space from looking cramped. You can also utilize an accent wall and statement pieces to draw the eye away from the lack of space!

Let Natural Light In

small apartment with lots of natural light and light colors photo by Instagram user @housediaries6

Photo via @housediaries6

Expand any room by inviting natural light in! Maximizing space in a studio apartment is as easy as leaving window space open and unobstructed. If privacy is an issue in your apartment building, opt for lightweight curtains that still lets sunlight into your studio.

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Utilize Long Curtains

small apartment with bed and balcony door open with long curtains on either side photo by Instagram user @fboukari

Photo via @fboukari

Visually creating depth by focusing on height is a simple studio apartment decorating idea. You can elongate your apartment with floor-to-ceiling curtains, shelving, and decor, making it feel bigger.

Add Furniture to the Foot of Your Bed

Don’t waste the space at the edge of your bed! When planning your studio apartment layout, use the foot of your bed to position a dresser, desk, bookshelf, or couch. This is also the perfect spot to place a storage bench that can double as extra seating!

Install Open Shelving

living room with large open shelves along the wall photo by Instagram user @zingdesignss

Photo via @zingdesignss

Storage furniture with drawers and doors can take up a lot of room. Master studio apartment organization while also creating a display for home decor with open shelves. Installing shelves of different lengths and heights allows you to customize apartment storage to your specific needs! If you already have a set closet space, you can create this same open and airy effect by removing your closet doors.

Buy a Room Divider

small room cut in half with a room divider separating bedroom from living space photo by Instagram user @themarkdallas

Photo via @themarkdallas

Add sleek decoration to your apartment while also creating division with studio apartment dividers. They come in all different shapes and sizes, so pick a style that matches your other decor!

Build Custom Furniture

homemade hidden desk installed on a wall photo by Instagram user @commedesepices

Photo via @commedesepices

One of the best small studio apartment ideas is to go custom. Building your own wall desk, shelving, or storage furniture to fit the unique dimensions of your flat will make storage and organization a breeze!

Maximizing space in a studio apartment is as simple as being thoughtful with your layout, design, and furniture. Looking for more ideas on how to make your small apartment seem larger? Explore these options for space-saving furniture!

Maximizing Space In a Studio Apartment

bedroom space in studio apartment with a bed, nightstand and bookshelf
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