How to Design Your Home With the Dark Academia Aesthetic

A popular home design trend recently on Instagram and TikTok—dark academia embraces a gothic take on the vintage aesthetic, conjuring images of old libraries, antique decor, and soft candlelight. So what are the origins of dark academia and how can you implement it? Here’s your guide to creating a dark academia home!

Understanding the Dark Academia Style

Dark academia imposes a more strict adherence to its guiding principles—unlike more relaxed design styles like bohemian and cottagecore—and is more formal in nature, incorporating natural materials, vintage furniture, and classical decor. At its core, dark academia is about creating a mood perfect for sipping a mug of dark coffee, personal reflection, or curling up with a good book.

What Are the Origins of Dark Academia?

Dark academia’s origins as a literary genre are often attributed to The Secret History by Donna Tart, a novel that offers a thinly veiled satire of an elite liberal arts education. However, as a social media subculture and style, dark academia draws widely from the muted appearance of Old World libraries and 1900s-era academic excellence. The aesthetic is influenced by European Gothic architecture—particularly from prestigious universities like Oxford, Harvard, and Yale. Dark academia incorporates elements from prep schools of the period and repurposes them in a darker, more modern context.

What Is the Dark Academia Subculture?

Dark academia arose as a cultural aesthetic and social movement among young adults on social media platforms like Tumblr, Instagram, and TikTok. The subculture romanticizes intellectualism and is focused on inward discovery and personal development. The dark academia aesthetic is broody, brilliant, and eccentric, and centers around a passionate pursuit of knowledge. Individuals embracing the dark academia lifestyle could be found engaging in activities like writing poetry, visiting museums, or learning languages. There’s also a wealth of literature commonly associated with the subculture, such as If We Were Villains, Dead Poets Society, and Ninth House.

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What Does a Dark Academia Home Look Like?

Homes that adhere to the principles of dark academia display a profound dedication to education and learning. You might find dozens of shelves lined with rows of old books and lit by warm candlelight. Dark academia rooms are romantic, mysterious, and cozy, taking advantage of deep hues and natural materials like mahogany wood and worn leather to create a comfortable mood. Using vintage decor, antiques, and wall art promotes a more traditional lifestyle, as well as a fascination with history commonly seen in the dark academia genre.

Designing a Dark Academia Home

After understanding the purpose and vibe of dark academia, you can begin to design your home with these basic principles in mind. Though dark academia is a more formal home style, there are still many ways you can decorate your space in a unique, engaging way while keeping things cozy. From lighting, to tone and texture—here’s how to design a dark academia home!

Apply Warm Lighting

One of the key elements to creating a mood with home design is finding the perfect lighting. Like gothic interior design, dark academia-style homes often make use of permanent fixtures like chandeliers, wall sconces, and fireplaces. If you want to stay consistent with the style in a budget-friendly way, consider adding smaller lighting options like antique table lamps or flameless candles. You can also use LED Edison bulbs in your light fixtures as an affordable, eco-friendly way of achieving a more vintage look. Use dark curtains or floor-to-ceiling window treatments to help manipulate the natural light and create a cozy vibe.

Use Dark & Dramatic Tones

Dramatic use of color defines the moody aesthetic of dark academia. The style commonly incorporates deep shades of blue and forest green, as well as natural browns, beiges, and blacks. Dark academia color palettes evoke images of traditional academia, including old collegiate campuses, sprawling libraries, and dense nature. While some of the typical colors are more striking and bold, others are more subtle and subdued. Warmer, autumnal colors like cream, gold, and burgundy can spice up your home interior design and help express your personalized vision of dark academia. Choosing the right paint colors that provide a balance between reflective clarity and emotional intensity is crucial to designing in dark academia.

Implement Classic Patterns

As a style that harks back to old architecture and fosters an admiration of classic design, the clever use of patterns helps subtly express the artistic side of dark academia. Hand-knotted or synthetic Oriental rugs provide an elegant feel—while furniture, drapes, and throw pillows decorated with damask, houndstooth, or paisley patterns can add a traditional touch to your home. Or opt for a more relaxed, studious feel with tweed and plaid blankets or floral prints and botanicals. And remember that patterns aren’t just for flooring or furniture—you can also spruce up your walls with elaborately patterned wallpaper!

Show Off Your Book Collection

Because this aesthetic is focused on the pursuit of knowledge and history, one of the central images associated with dark academia is a sprawling home library neatly lined with classic literature and historical texts. Even if you can’t dedicate a whole room to your dark academia home library, you can still achieve the same goal with bookshelves in your living room or bedroom. Keep the look consistent and scholarly by installing floor-to-ceiling bookcases and carefully organizing your book collection so you can always find what you’re looking for. There are also plenty of other ideas to consider when creating your dream library—from installing a rolling ladder to making a cozy reading nook amongst your shelves!

Incorporate Rich Textures

Dark academia interior design incorporates a blend of both rough and soft textiles, representing not only a place to study but also a space to relax. Dark natural woods like walnut and mahogany are common in the dark academia look. This shows up in everything—from furniture to wood flooring, paneling, and decorative crown molding. Velvet furniture is also a staple of dark academia. There are many types of velvet available, made from a range of natural and synthetic materials—including silk, linen, cotton, polyester, and nylon. Additionally, furniture featuring worn leather or leather alternatives can provide a vintage, scholarly look.

Spruce Up Your Home with Vintage Furniture

The style of dark academia shows an appreciation for the old-world look and includes substantial vintage elements—and vintage furniture is the perfect way to convey those themes! Buying used furniture from thrift stores or online marketplaces is an economical way to add an extra layer of authenticity to your home. Look for pieces that fit with dark academia’s focus on knowledge and education—like ornate curio cabinets, coffee tables, old secretary desks, reading chairs, and more. In addition to mixing light and dark colors, mixing modern and vintage home decor helps add contrast to your home design and reinforces the balance of Old World sophistication and modern sensibilities found in dark academia.

Invest in Antiques & Ornaments

There are endless ways to add a touch of character to your home by using knick-knacks as part of your dark academia decor. Shopping for vintage and antique home decor is a simple and affordable way to add unique touches to your dark academia aesthetic. Express your passion for learning with old globes, chess sets, typewriters, and magnifying glasses. Embrace a natural look by featuring a taxidermy collection or incorporating plants, dried flowers, and DIY terrariums. Strengthen old-world themes with quill pens, brass candlesticks, or old letters and papers. Get in touch with the ornate side of dark academia with antique mirrors, vintage tea sets, or etched crystal glasses and decanters.

Stylize with Dark Academia Wall Art

There’s no better way to tie together your academic hideout than with beautiful wall art. As with maximalism and many other design styles, gallery walls are popular in dark academia interiors. For the brooding, studious types, find botanical, animal, or astrological prints, or hang historical world maps on your walls. Aspiring artists can use black-and-white photos, old sketches, and oil paintings reminiscent of the Renaissance or Rembrandt styles. Whatever artwork you choose, finish off the vintage look with old, ornate frames.


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