17 Space-Saving Home Renovation Ideas

Looking for home renovation ideas to free up space and maximize storage in a small home? These 17 space-saving home remodeling ideas can help you utilize small spaces to the fullest potential!

Open Up Your Floor Plan

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Want a bold and effective way to freshen up the space in your small home? Make your main living area feel less crowded by creating an open floor plan! Eliminating unnecessary walls between the kitchen, dining room, and living room makes the area seem bigger and brighter.

Build Storage Under the Stairs

Start your small house renovation by adding storage under the stairs! Get creative with built-in shelving, cabinets, and drawers where you can store kitchen pantry items, seasonal coats and jackets, or kids toys. Don’t have enough room under the stairs? Turn a few steps into pullout drawers!

Install Built-In Shelving

Built-in shelves are a great storage addition for small homes that don’t sacrifice valuable floor space! Consider transforming the area around a TV and fireplace into built-in shelving with open shelves on the top for storing home decor and closed storage on the bottom for toys, books, blankets, and more. You can also add built-in shelving like window seats and bookcases in a hallway or bedroom!

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Build Benches Into Awkward Corners

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Have an awkward corner you don’t know what to do with? Build a storage bench! Custom-sized benches are the perfect home renovation for those tight spots, and they provide you with a convenient drop zone for shoes, coats, backpacks, purses, and more!

Revamp Your Laundry Room

If you’re thinking about upgrading your laundry room, why not turn it into a full mudroom? Install built-in shelves and cabinets for storing cleaning supplies, coats, pet supplies, and more. Add a sink with a hose. And maybe even set up a special spot for your pet!

Convert a Closet into a Laundry Room

Have an extra closet in your house that isn’t being used for anything? Turn a reach-in closet into a laundry room by removing shelving, putting down a floor protector, and installing the water and drain lines. If the closet is really small, opt for a stackable washer-dryer!

Utilize Space Better in Your Kitchen

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Remodeling a small kitchen takes careful planning to make sure every space is used well! If you’re looking for a kitchen renovation idea, build floor-to-ceiling cabinets—including cabinets around existing appliances—to maximize storage for cookware, dishes, and pantry items.

Modify Your Kitchen Island

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Need to create more space in a small kitchen? While you can remove your kitchen island to open up the room, you can also keep the island and simply remodel it so that it’s more functional for your needs! Change the shape of your island to free up walkways around your kitchen. Consider creating a nook in the island for your microwave or trash can. Or add built-in shelving on the sides of your island to get more storage space. There are plenty of ways to renovate a kitchen island!

Incorporate Banquette Seating

One space-saving home renovation idea that will elevate your kitchen is to add banquette seating! Not only will this kitchen seating help you save on space, but you can also include built-in storage drawers or shelves for storing linens, board games, and other essential items! Add banquette seating to your island or turn a cozy corner into the perfect spot for the family to spend time together.

Construct a Corner Pantry

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You may think you have no room for a large built-in pantry in your small kitchen. But you can always turn an under-utilized corner of your kitchen into a floor-to-ceiling pantry with some drywall and shelving! This awesome kitchen remodel idea can help you free up cabinet and counter space.

Move the Kitchen Sink

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Kitchen counter space is vital, especially if you don’t have room for an island. You can create more countertop space by moving your kitchen sink to a corner. A spot in the corner is ideal for a kitchen sink, as it’s out of the way and frees up tons of space for prepping and cooking—and you can potentially add an even larger sink since you’ll be able to fully utilize the corner!

Opt for Sliding Barn Doors

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to forgo all doors! A simple home renovation that doesn’t take a lot of time is to install sliding barn doors! These doors offer a functional and stylish take on a traditional pocket door. By being able to slide the door open, you can free up space normally taken up by doors that swing in or out!

Create a Loft for a Bed

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Do you live in a tiny home, city condo, and small house with high ceilings? Take advantage of this vertical space with a lofted bedroom! By building up, you’ll find increased floor space for other living spaces like your kitchen and living room. This is also a good idea for shared kids bedrooms!

Take Advantage of Garage Storage

When renovating a small home, don’t forget about the garage! This is one of the most under-utilized storage spaces in a home. Incorporate built-in shelves and cabinets for a garage mudroom, or build a track system for tools and yard equipment. Don’t want to sacrifice any floor space? Build overhead storage for items that aren’t used as often.

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Add Recessed Bathroom Cabinets & Shelves

Remodeling a bathroom? Add recessed cabinets and shelves for more bathroom storage space! These cabinets allow for quick, easy access to items and are deep enough to store toiletries, medicine, and other necessities. You can even build recessed shelving into the shower for storing shampoo and body wash!

Remove the Bathtub

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Swap out the bathtub for a shower when renovating a small bathroom! Adding a walk-in shower saves space while making your bathroom seem much bigger. This space-saving design also creates room for more storage options, such as recessed shelving and cabinets!

Save Room with a Pedestal Sink

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Have a small bathroom or half-bath you’re making over? Save room by installing a pedestal sink! This traditional sink comes in many different designs, so finding one that works for your small bathroom should be easy!


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