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Renovated bathroom with glass-walled shower and stand-alone bathtub.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas: 15 Ways to Upgrade Your Space

Bathroom remodels are one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to update your home. Although the average cost of a bathroom remodel ranges from $6,000 to $17,000, there are endless renovation options for every budget and personal style. Here are 15 bathroom remodeling ideas to help you get started on your next home improvement project!

Maximize Natural Light

Natural light never goes out of style and letting in the sun can even help you lower your electric bill! Enlarge and brighten your bathroom without creating privacy concerns by installing a skylight, a great modern bathroom design choice. Tempered or stained glass windows are also excellent options to make getting ready easier while ensuring your bathroom fits your style.

Improve Bathroom Ventilation

white modern bathroom with floating sink and bathtub. Photo by Instagram user @ventairfans

Photo via @ventairfans

Proper bathroom ventilation is a logical way to make sure water vapor on your mirror and walls diminishes quickly after a steamy shower—and help prevent water damage and mold issues. Installing a bathroom exhaust fan helps get rid of excess moisture and improves indoor air quality. You can also naturally ventilate your bathroom by opening windows after you shower.

Swap Out Old Flooring

soaking tub in bathroom with chandelier and new tile flooring photo by Instagram user @nicolegerulat

Photo via @nicolegerulat

What’s the best flooring for a bathroom remodel? If creating a home spa is your dream, give marble a try! Or show off your unique taste for less money with mosaic bathroom tiles. Redoing floors with tile is a great opportunity to incorporate bathroom heated floors for cold mornings! While an advanced DIY master could install in-floor heating, fixing an installation issue can be expensive, so hiring an electrician is usually worth the price tag.

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Freshen Up Your Bathroom Walls

One simple way to change your bathroom’s look is to rethink your bathroom wall space. Create a striking atmosphere with geometric wall tiles, an oversized painted mural, or patterned wallpaper. Or simply change up your color scheme with a new bathroom paint color to create your desired ambience. You can also add bathroom wall decor like framed art or hanging plants!

Incorporate Built-In Shelves

Including recessed or built-in storage is a bathroom renovation idea sure to give you the extra space you didn’t know you needed! Options like recessed medicine cabinets and built-in shower shelves offer sleek bathroom storage solutions. Plus, built-in shelves can be customized to your specific height and width needs. Consider doing a DIY recessed shelving project to save money on this bathroom upgrade!

Update Shower Walls & Floors

blue subway tile in shower with towel hanging photo by Instagram user @fireclaytile

Photo via @fireclaytile

Getting rid of a fiberglass shower is a popular choice in modern bathroom design. Tile remains the go-to for shower wall and floor remodels. Looking for shower tile inspiration? Matte finishes, steel gray colors, funky geometric shapes, and textured tiles—which have the added bonus of creating traction on shower floors—are all ways to make your shower pop! Remodeling an old shower is also a great opportunity to swap out shower curtains for sleek glass doors.

Include a Shower Bench

Make your walk-in shower stand out with custom seating. A built-in shower bench is a great way to improve the luxury of your bathroom while also getting more in-shower storage. It also makes your bathroom more accessible for future buyers. Have your built-in shower bench match the surrounding tile, or add a patterned tile to make it a stylish and functional bathroom accent piece!

Reconsider Your Bathtub

Depending on your preferences and lifestyle, there are a few different approaches to consider when remodeling a bathroom. Create a luxurious, spa-like experience in your master bathroom remodel with a freestanding soaking tub. Save space with a corner tub or Japanese soaking tub—which is deeper but not as wide. Or if you don’t really use your tub, consider eliminating it altogether and opting for a free-standing shower instead!

Put in Low-Flow Fixtures

white tile shower with multiple gold shower heads photo by Instagram user @alannadunn

Photo via @alannadunn

Use your bathroom renovation project as an opportunity to go green in your bathroom! Installing a low-flow faucet, shower head, and toilet means you will use a lot less water than you would with traditional fixtures. You can still incorporate luxury with this eco-friendly bathroom idea by installing multiple spouts, body sprayers, or a waterfall shower head in low-flow models.

Opt for a Floating Vanity

White floating vanity with double sinks and storage baskets. Photo by Instagram user @akerinteriors

Photo via @akerinteriors

A floating bathroom vanity is an awesome small bathroom remodel idea! Not only is this a popular design trend, but a sleek vanity that doesn’t stretch all the way to the floor will visually open up your space as well. The space beneath your vanity can be used for open storage in a bathroom, from a step stool for kids, or storage for towels, toilet paper, and other small items.

Repurpose a Dresser into a Vanity

If you’re searching for cool DIY bathroom remodel ideas, try upcycling an old dresser into a bathroom vanity. Converting a vintage dresser into a vanity gives life to old furniture and saves you money on buying new cabinets to install. Plus, this bathroom upgrade allows you to personalize it with color—which can play a huge role in getting your desired atmosphere effect. For instance, you could opt for a soft blue or olive green for a calm and soothing effect, or black and charcoal gray for a more sophisticated feel

Choose Double Sinks

his and hers sinks on a floating vanity and stools photo by Instagram user @tlcinteriors

Photo via @tlcinteriors

Looking for master bathroom remodel ideas? If you currently have only one sink, add another! Having a double sink vanity will create more counter space, helping eliminate some of the morning chaos that comes with a shared bathroom. This bathroom renovation can also add value if you decide to sell your home!

Install New Countertops

A modern bathroom vanity counter is a great way to improve the look of your bathroom while boosting your home’s value! Countertops can help you pull together the different elements of your bathroom—like the colors of the walls and floors—and add to your chosen aesthetic. Consider laminate or ceramic bathroom countertops for more affordable options. Check out wood bathroom counters, which require frequent maintenance but are perfect for a cabin-chic look. Or choose from popular natural stones like quartz, granite, or marble countertops for a luxurious bathroom design!

Add a Tile Backsplash

Tile isn’t just for your bathroom shower or floor! Showcase your personal style and protect walls from damage by adding a bathroom backsplash. This bathroom upgrade is budget-friendly and a good DIY bathroom remodel idea. You can make the installation process extra simple with peel-and-stick adhesive tiles!

Upgrade Bathroom Hardware

A simple bathroom update is to replace the hardware. Light fixtures, faucets, and drawer knobs can all be changed out to keep up with current design trends. And by installing better and brighter bathroom light fixtures, you can really transform the look of your bathroom space! Brass finishes used to be the standard, but now stylish gold accents are in demand. Brushed metal, stainless steel, and nickel are also popular choices.


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