Give Your Home a Farmhouse Makeover: 43 Interior & Exterior Ideas

Grab your white paint, get your shiplap, reclaim your wood, and incorporate your rustic metals because it’s farmhouse makeover time! Farmhouse is a popular home design trend that can give your home’s interior and exterior a sleek, minimalist look while also staying cozy and inviting. Whether you’re aiming for the refined rustic style of a modern farmhouse, the minimal look of a Scandinavian farmhouse, or the breezy style of a coastal farmhouse, here are 43 all-encompassing ideas for giving your home a farmhouse-style makeover!

Choose a Metal Roof

To really give the exterior of your home that farmhouse look, opt for a metal roof. They’re great for longevity, durability, and the environment. The reflective quality offers a great contrast to your siding, and metal roofs also help you get that trendy modern farmhouse look while protecting your home!

Add Board & Batten Siding

Photo via @clarkansaslove

Use board and batten siding on your home’s exterior for a classic farmhouse look! Thicker pieces of wood (boards) are alternated with thinner, narrower pieces of wood (battens) to create dimension and texture. The battens protrude from the board to create a layering effect that can also help your house look taller.

Go for the Classic White Look

Photo via @thegroenstead

Can’t decide what color to paint the exterior of your farmhouse? Keep it simple with the white farmhouse look! Pick a creamy off-white for a warm tone, or paint with a true white shade for a fresh, clean color. No matter what farmhouse style you choose, a white exterior has a timeless appeal!

Work in Some Dark Details

Photo via @linnanehomes

Incorporate black details in your design for a twist on the industrial and modern farmhouse exterior! Accent with black shiplap, paint garage doors and trim, or choose a dark stone for front porch columns. These black details add dynamic contrast to the more classic white farmhouse siding.

Consider Going with Full Color

Photo via @adhouseplans

If traditional black and white farmhouse exteriors aren’t for you, grab your favorite color and paint away! Coastal farmhouses often have green, blue, or turquoise exteriors, and some rustic farmhouses go for more of the classic barn look with red exteriors. The nice thing about farmhouse design is it blends well with pretty much anything!

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Upgrade Your Garage Door

Create extra exterior charm by making sure that even your garage doors match the farmhouse look! Add simple black hardware to your existing garage doors for an easy DIY project. Or choose garage doors with square windows and crossbuck wood panels for a traditional carriage house feel!

Accent with Traditional Barn Lights

A true farmhouse exterior isn’t complete without barn lights! Gooseneck barn lights add a unique farmhouse flair to your home’s exterior whether they’re on each side of the front door or illuminating your driveway. Looking for something simpler? Use an industrial guard wall sconce or one with copper and tin detailing!

Paint Your Front Door

Add a pop of color to your front door to create more contrast with your farmhouse exterior siding! Stick with classic colors like deep reds or navy blues, or add a bright pastel green or turquoise for a bright and cheery twist. You can even paint your screen door if you have one!

Use a Dutch Door

Including a Dutch door off of your mudroom or back porch can add 17th-century farmhouse charm to your home! These historic doors were originally used for keeping animals out and children in. Now, the split door allows for airflow and natural light to enter your home!

Incorporate Window Shutters

Little touches go a long way, so why not opt for the old-school look of farmhouse shutters next to your windows! They could be functional shutters that open and close, refurbished shutters you found at an antique store, or shutters you built yourself. Paint the shutters to match your front door, or go for natural wood shutters to achieve a more rustic style!

Opt for Black Doors & Windows

Follow the modern and industrial farmhouse trend by painting your windows and doors black! The high contrast of black windows and doors with white farmhouse walls provides an elegant look and serves as a way to frame and blend outdoor and indoor spaces.

Pick Neutral Wall Colors

Most farmhouse styles revolve around neutral paint colors to create a light open space, so pick a color that has similar undertones to the furniture and decor in your room. Decide whether you want a cool tone or a warm tone—cool undertones have blue and pink hues, whereas warm undertones have yellow or gold hues.

Design a Board & Batten Wall

Board and batten walls aren’t just for exterior siding! Alternate board and batten to create texture in a living room or dimension behind your bed in your farmhouse-style bedroom. Don’t be afraid to paint your board and batten wall either to really help it stand out!

Accent Walls with Shiplap

An easy farmhouse project you can do on your own is adding shiplap to walls or doors in your home! Turn a simple wall in a mudroom into a more stylized, farmhouse backdrop. Or add shiplap to a pantry or kitchen island for a little bit more texture in your kitchen!

Add Cozy Wallpaper

Photo via @sarahjoyblog

Incorporate farmhouse-style wallpaper with cozy designs into your modern farmhouse! Pattern options can range from florals and intricate vintage designs to even an exposed brick look, so there’s one to fit your personal style! You can wallpaper a whole room or add simply an accent wall to your entryway or bathroom.

Bring Barn Doors Inside

Redo your pantry or hide the laundry room behind a beautiful barn door! Turn it into a DIY project by building your own door, salvaging a vintage barn door, or choosing a modern shiplap barn door for a pop of color. Decorate your barn door by adding a wreath or unique metal hardware.

Install Open Shelving

Do away with cabinet doors and decorate your kitchen with open shelving. Display vintage serving pieces, decanted pantry items, or your favorite glassware! When you choose which items you want to display, look for a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures to create an eye-catching display.

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Use Vintage Appliances

For a vintage farmhouse look, add a Mid-Century Modern stove or a retro fridge to really turn the clock back on your kitchen. Not only are these vintage appliances a great way to add character, but they also serve as a great conversation piece when people notice that they aren’t just for decoration!

Display a Rustic Cupboard

Pick up a vintage dining room piece like a sideboard, buffet, or cupboard at your local flea market to style your rustic farmhouse. Use the piece to display and store items like serving dishes, fine china, or even simple seasonal kitchen and dining room decor.

Choose White Cabinets

Want a more traditional farmhouse kitchen? Stick with neutral white kitchen cabinets for a clean, modern look! White cabinets with matte black or gold pulls can both brighten and warm the space. And you can add color and texture to a white kitchen with flower vases, wood cutting boards, or unique cabinet hardware.

Include a Farmhouse Sink

Remodel your kitchen to include a farmhouse sink! Not only are these deep sinks visually appealing, but they’re also extremely functional compared to smaller double-sink options. The large basin style typically has a slight overhang, making it easier to wash large pots, pans, and baking sheets without water runoff!

Go with Wood Kitchen Islands

Instead of a traditional kitchen island that matches your cabinets, repurpose old wood to create a kitchen island that’s the focal point of the room! Customize your island to have extra storage space, and add textured panels for dimension. Or leave the center open for a more airy design that provides open storage!

Display Rustic Cookware

Use antique dishes and flatware, copper pots and pans, or farmhouse pottery as decor in your kitchen for that old-timey farmhouse look. Hang pans above the stove or on the wall with hooks, or leave your favorite pot on the stove with your kettle.

Get Creative with Lighting

Use eye-catching light fixtures in your farmhouse design to help bring rooms together! Hang a weathered iron chandelier for a more traditional look. Mount metal wall sconces to achieve the industrial farmhouse style. Suspend gold barn lights above your kitchen island for a modern twist. Or incorporate distressed wood lamps to your living room for a rustic look.

Sink into a Clawfoot Tub

Photo via @houseofmurphy

Design the ultimate farmhouse bathroom with a clawfoot tub as the centerpiece. The historic bathroom feature has been around for centuries, but the look of the tub has evolved over the years, making it easy to find all sorts of styles to fit your needs, from rustic to Scandinavian farmhouse chic!

Finish with Subway Tile

Although subway tile isn’t exclusive to farmhouse styles, the clean-cut look serves as a great way to achieve clean, smooth lines in Scandinavian, modern, and coastal farmhouses. It’s simple to install subway tile yourself on a kitchen backsplash, in your mudroom, or throughout your bathroom!

Design a Mudroom

An essential part of any traditional farmhouse design is the mudroom—especially since it served as a place to clean up after a long day of work! Design your mudroom to work for your needs by adding cubbies with hooks for coats and bags, using racks to organize shoes, and utilizing baskets for hidden storage options!

Incorporate Industrial Details

Go for the industrial farmhouse look by adding black details, metal furniture, and reclaimed wood into your home decor! Set up a metal entryway table, or consider adding metal bar stools to your kitchen island. Or find intricate metal industrial light fixtures that use Edison bulbs to hang in your living room!

Opt for Exposed Beams

A popular trend with rustic farmhouse design is exposed wood beams in living rooms and kitchens. Exposed beams draw the eye up and make rooms feel even larger, and they work especially well with vaulted ceilings. You can even paint or stain them to match your room perfectly!

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Choose a Wood Ceiling

Like the look of exposed beams but want more? Go for a statement wood panel ceiling! Hardwood ceilings are perfect for a rustic farmhouse vibe, while white paneled wood ceilings are great for anyone rehabbing a coastal farmhouse. Or if you’re looking for a more unique look, add shiplap to the ceiling!

Find Furniture with Rough Finishes

Photo via @downshilohroad

Complete your rustic style with weathered furniture finishes! Rough finishes often include chipped or white-washed paint so that part of the wood is visible. These pieces are a simple way to add character to your home if you can’t find vintage pieces to fit the old-style look. And best of all, you can DIY your own rustic wood finish!

Mix & Match Furniture

Rather than purchasing a matching bedroom set, mix and match your furniture by finding unique pieces to fill the room! Choose different textures, materials, and colors to create a space that’s interesting, unique, and reflects the farmhouse style you’re going for.

Reclaim Wood for Furniture

Photo via @thevettelfarm

Style reclaimed wood furniture throughout your house to add character. Highlight a rustic entry table, put a reclaimed wood table in your dining room, get a rustic reclaimed nightstand, or use reclaimed wood barstools in your kitchen. Any of these pieces bring charm to a farmhouse-style home!

Gather Around a Large Table

Create a warm and welcoming home by adding a giant farm table to your kitchen or dining room. These large tables are a place of gathering for family and friends with enough seats for all. Add a bench to one side or style weathered dining room chairs around it. Mix and match or choose chairs that are a different finish or color from the table to create visual interest and contrast.

Try an Industrial Iron Bed

If you’re turning your bedroom into an industrial farmhouse oasis, choose an iron bed frame! The goal of the industrial farmhouse style is to combine the big city industrial feel with the comfort of the country, and the iron look showcases that well. Add cozy quilts and patterns to achieve the perfect combination of the two!

Throw on a Quilt

Make sure you include cozy farmhouse details throughout your home, too! Quilts are classic farmhouse-style bedding and are easy to incorporate around your home. Toss one on an ottoman or over the back of a sofa, or fold one at the foot of the bed!

Get Wood-Framed Mirrors

Put wooden accents in small spaces to create more depth! You can add a framed wooden mirror to a small bathroom or in a tight entryway to reflect more light and be a focus piece. Choose a statement wood color that’s bold and stands out, or opt for the rough finish if you’re going for a rustic or traditional look.

Hang a Metal Sign

Photo via @homewithkrissy

Vintage farmhouse metal signs are another staple of farmhouse decor. These signs can be painted and distressed or laser-cut to match your style. Hang them to define sections of your house, or make a custom homestead sign with your family’s name for the entryway!

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Play with Patterns

Create the perfect coastal, traditional, or French farmhouse by using different patterns in your home. Mix plaid, Buffalo check, or gingham with florals or stripes. Not sure how to mix patterns easily? Just use throw pillows that match your home’s color scheme, and you’ll be set!

Decorate with Greenery

Photo via @sweetpickins

Bring the outdoors in by decorating with lush greenery and wildflowers in mason jars and vases year-round! These simple touches of nature help to brighten and bring life to your home. You can even find faux farmhouse plants if you’re lacking a green thumb!

Add Wicker or Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Design the ultimate farmhouse patio oasis with wicker or rattan furniture. Use rustic or natural finishes similar to what you used inside to create a seamless transition into your backyard. Get weather-resistant cushions to put on your patio furniture, and add side tables so you can set down a drink or book while you enjoy the outdoors.

Hang a Porch Swing

Looking for a classic farmhouse touch for the front of your house? Consider hanging a porch swing! The traditional look of a wooden porch swing with comfortable pillows on it is the perfect addition to any farmhouse design.

Relax in Rocking Chairs

Photo via @the_feminest

You can’t have a farmhouse without rocking chairs! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sunset in farmhouse-style outdoor rocking chairs. Add a gingham pillow or a rustic outdoor side table for a special touch!


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